Diamond in the Rough

All this green juice has gone straight to my head, no?

I woke up sort of late this morning, after 6:30! Days are getting shorter + a new bedroom on the west side of the house = a room that isn’t filled with morning sun. Conclusion: I’m going to have to start setting the alarm.

This morning’s run was 5.28 miles at a comfortable pace, I was home again in 42 minutes. I had to listen to an old episode of Jillian Michael’s radio show this morning, I miss her wisdom.

Post run I busted out the rest of my cantaloupe from yesterday.

Post run cantaloupe

And a little more fruit on fruit action.

Kiwi Action

When I felt hungry again, I got up close and personal with my juicer and its mean green stream.

Juicer Action

My diamond in the rough. I can’t get enough of this spinach, romaine, cuke, apple, lemon, ginger goodness.

diamond in the rough

After days full of running around this week, I’m stoked to have a day at home to get caught up on all things house and life. Maybe I’ll find a diamond at the bottom of the laundry pile.


9 Responses

  1. HAHA i hope you find that diamond 😉 tehe. I hope you have a nice relaxing and productive day!

  2. Have fun! And let us know if you find that diamond… 😉

  3. How Fun.. Think I may have to try your Green Juice recipe if Mr. Vita-MIx is up for the challenge…

    OH, I can’t imagine you sending it back after 30 days by the way… ha ha…

    AND… Ahem… I finally broke down and got some Green/Black Chocolate….My new try for the week… I should have stayed away… that stuff is dangerous!

  4. Ahhh I’ve been loving your kiwi pictures lately. I love seeing the details and all the little seeds!!

  5. i personally adore the glass you drink your juice in. have fun playing catchup! hopefully there is a prize at the end of it all.

  6. 5.28 miles in 42 minutes? GIrl, you are FAST. I’m completely impressed.

  7. It’s so nice to have a day to just catch up sometimes, isn’t it? 😀

    You made me crave kiwis, by the way, so I bought a ton of them today at the grocery store…haha. 😀 Love ’em!

  8. That juice makes me thirsty every time I look at it…lol Num num!

    I’ve not tried eating the fuzzyness of a kiwi before, always peel them.

    Gonna have to start calling you Miss Speedy Gonzales..ha!

  9. I bet you will find a diamond at the bottom of your laundry pile!! Or a pea under your mattress.

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