Stay At Home Thursday

This morning I was ready to whip out my young coconut meat. Although that might be misconstrued as something inappropriate for those under 18, really it’s just me getting the scraped out guts of my young coconut from yesterday out of the refrigerator. Sorry to burst your dirty mind bubble.

Let's make mama a smoothie

I first learned about the wonder of young coconuts from The Raw Food Detox Diet.

Note that a young coconut is something different than a mature coconut – the brown hairy thing we all know and love. One of the beautiful things about a young coconut is the coconut water. The water turns to “milk” as the coconut matures. Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes, has more potassium than you can shake a banana at – it’s like all you could want from a sports drink and more.

After you slurp out the water, you are left with a relatively thin layer of soft coconut meat that you scrape out and can do a variety of fun stuff with. A smoothie seems like the best option in my mind, mainly due to the fact that I am unsure of the other “fun stuff” I speak of.

With my coconut meat booty, 1 banana lightly frozen, a little vanilla almond milk and a blender that wishes it was a VitaMix, we got down to business.

coconut smoothie goodness

Holy goodness in a glass. You are reading the words of the human vacuum who sucked up every last bit from the bottom of the blender with that there straw once my glass was sucked dry.

Moving on.

Lunch was the last of the leftover lentil tacos, but this time as an actual taco instead of taco salad.

lentil taco

A whole wheat tortilla, 1/4 of a sliced avocado and some mango peach salsa.

With my favorite side of carrots and oh yes, more salsa.

carrots and salsa

After lunch we had some company – my girlfriend Sharon entrusted me with her first born while she ran some errands. During a lull we popped up some cheap entertainment.

Popcorn Fun

Popcorn Excitement

And had a popcorn party. Apparently Max was the only one who read the invitation closely enough to notice that it was a Pink Tutu Affair.


Sitting at the table is highly overrated.


I received a look of utter disgust when I asked Maxine if she wanted to be a doggie too. I was promptly lectured on where the popcorn is supposed to be eaten.

Where the Popcorn Should Go

My share, that I didn’t dare eat anywhere but the table lest I be lectured again.

My popcorn

Mid afternoon I was feeling the urge to eat but wasn’t actually hungry – so I continued on with Operation: Use Up Stuff in the Cupboard and remembered this Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla White Tea Chai.

Sweetened with a tsp of agave nectar and a splash of 1% milk – because it’s chai!


Salad for dinner is actually code for “Zak’s going to be late and I’m sick of eating leftovers”.

Salad Tonight

Red leaf, green leaf, feta cheese, a diced granny smith apple, extra firm tofu chunks, raw cashews tossed in miso dressing.

I had to snap this picture fast so I could quickly lick up that almond butter drip before it fell and I’m labeled an AB Abuser.


No almond butter was harmed in the photo shoot of the Green and Black 70% Dark Chocolate. What happened AFTER the picture was taken? Well yeah, that got pretty ugly.


19 Responses

  1. hahahahahahahaha…..Pink Tutu Affair. Maxine gets the big picture.

  2. your girls are the cutest thing ever! i love reading and looking at their pictures every post! 🙂

  3. Maxine is such a trip! Now I want a popcorn popper too! My first boyfriend’s family had one of those when we were in high school and I LOVED that thing – reminds me of being at his house and eating way too much popcorn (and I’ll stay PG for the purposes of this blog, and because your mother posts on it 🙂

    I’m going to try to find a juicer this weekend. I’ve been checking craiglist and the closest juicers are apparently old Jack Lalanne’s in Boston. So Operation: JuiceFest ’09 is in full effect.

    • Good luck finding a juicer, and a popcorn popper too you dirty girl! Ours is actually the same one I used as a child, I dug it out at my dad’s house and it still works like a champ. LOVE air popped!

  4. Hi – I stumbled here while I was looking for ways to make banana smoothies and ice cream. Oh wow, your smoothie looks amazing and I’m intrigued by the addition of some coconut meat. I’ll have to make a mental note to buy one when I’m at WF next.

  5. My little one would love to be on the floor gobbling up that popcorn with the girls! You are almost ruining my day with that choc. pic but I will be strong!!!


  6. Have you read anything about the coconut water you can buy at WF and other places? Operation young coconut looked very interesting, but I’m not sure how often I would do it. Just wondering if you know of any cons and/or pros. I know it’s pretty expensive but I assume a young coconut isn’t cheap either (but a coconut is of course less processed/handled/packaged)…

    • I bought a container of coconut water in the spring from our natural food store and it wasn’t anywhere nearly as flavorful as the stuff from the coconut itself. And you’re right, this seemed more fresh/less processed. The container I bought was pretty expensive for how little coconut water came in the package. I paid 2.69 for the young coconut this week, I’m not sure how that compares around the country. Probably not something I’ll be doing regularly either but something I could imagine buying a couple times a month, whenever I was in the mood basically.

  7. Ow! I want to try young coconut- sounds healthy and delicious (bonus!). Your lunch looks fabulous….I think I could drink salsa (is that weird??). The look on your kiddos faces when that popcorn is being made is priceless! How fun!

  8. i love green and black dark chocoalte- so good! and that coconut (or whatever that may be haha) smoothie looks good

  9. “Young coconut meat” mwahahah.

    Green&Blacks = perfection. Love the stuff! Haven’t had it in aggges either.

    Your kids are outofcontrol ridiculous in the best possible way. I wish I got to stomp around in a pink tutu eating popcorn. Ace!

    And, um, yeah, “holy goodness in a glass” is right – that looks absolutely amazing! Gah – why don’t I own a blender?!

  10. Little girls are so fun. Did you ever imagine that you would let your kid eat popcorn on the floor of the kitchen… Don’t worry, my daughtert shares her spelt pretzels with the chihuahua

  11. Haha…Maxine knows what formal dining is all about. 😉

    I used to love eating off the floor as a kid..ha. If my mom ever washed the kitchen floor and it was still wet by lunch, we’d set up “picnic” style on the living room floor. Loved it!!

  12. I wasn’t sure what type of post I was in for when you started out talking about whipping out your young coconut meat. (haha) Too funny!!! You did burst my dirty mind bubble.

    That smoothie looked DELICIOUS!! Wow! I love coconut so I can only imagine.

    The girls looked like they had a lot of fun. I love the picture of them eating like doggies. (haha)

  13. lmao at the first sentence. thanks for the coconut info, that cup of goodness looks so creamy and perfect. i must find some motivation to replicate that. goodness gracious, your kids are adorable. more of that business in the future please!!

  14. coco-nanner HEAVEN!

    so makin’ Me some today!

    (after my breakfast cookie no doubt)

    good times Mama!

  15. WOW!! This banana/coconut smoothie looks absolutely amazing.

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