Friday Snack Attack

Per our usual Friday routine, the girls went with Aunt Ellen today. I ran errands after dropping them off and was positively starving by the time I got home.

My latest trick – A LA Natalia Rose – is to snack on carrots while I prepare lunch/dinner if I’m really hungry. This keeps me from overeating when I finally do sit down to eat and it keeps me chewing my arm off or chewing anyone’s head off because I’m hungry and grumpy. Lucky for everyone, I was home alone and the only one who got his head chewed off was the carrot.

Chewed off carrot head

I made a giant salad with just about every vegetable I could find in my personal farmer’s market of a refrigerator.

Friday Salad

Red leaf, green leaf, carrots, red onion, green pepper, raw corn, a giant tomato, mushrooms. Consumed at my desk because I like to eat with my friend the computer when I’m home alone.

Although my salad was roughly the size of my head, I was hungry again within an hour. I moved on to an open container of 2% Fage that was about 75% full. I poured a little maple syrup on top and then crumbled a few Island Vanilla Kashi mini wheats on top.


Again, consumed at my desk.

And again, within about an hour the bottomless pit was empty again. I’d even had a couple unphotographed dates and almond butter and I’m fairly sure there was a small piece of G&B in there too. And it was only small because it was the last of the bar and now we’re out. Out of dates too.

I then moved on to something else I could smear AB on. A slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast.
Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel with Almond Butter

With a few banana chips too.

Banana Chips

And finally, I quelled the savage beast.

On somewhat short notice my running bud Shawn and I decided to do some speed work on the track tonight at the fitness center near the house. We warmed up and jogged the mile to the track.

The Track

We ran 400 meters (once around the track) at 5K pace (fast) and then 200 meters (half way around the track) at recovery pace (very, very slow). We did this 5x and by the last time I was just about ready to die.

Dead on Track

We jogged the mile home and then another mile cool down. We ran about 5 miles total and were gone a total of 50 minutes, but I didn’t stop my watch for walking and water breaks.

Home and totally wiped out, I was entertained by Ava who danced, flung and twirled around the family room to Backyardigans music downloaded from iTunes. If you’ve got kids and/or know who the Backyardigans are, you can’t deny that their songs are pretty cute and clever with a good beat. I won’t lie, I get my dance on when I hear Buffalo Girls & Boys. Ava does too.

Ava the Dancing Machine Ava the Dancing Machine
Ava the Dancing Machine Ava the Dancing Machine

Maxine and I just tried to stay the hell out of the way.

Max Stayed Out of the Way

And no dinner. I think my massive snack attack this afternoon was dinner. Running late in the day always kills my appetite. I am totally whooped am completely out of fuel to come up with any sort of clever closer here.

I’m still trying but I got nothing. Boring.


13 Responses

  1. That picture of Ava dancing and twirling and flinging…that was the PERFECT ending, right there!


    what a BLAST! we rock to backyardigans quite often too.

    I am so glad you posted a pic of your running form! and here I was jogging STANDING UP

    I regularly want to lay down …. I think Monday I will….


    seriously tho! raw carrot sticks give me SERIOUS hiccups. no can do.



    and your huge salad looks like my daily office lunch! made me jealous I skipped one today.

  3. Your salad looks amazing!!

  4. you do the same thing i do. this evening i got home being gone literally the entire day. i was past starving, so what i did was pull out the carrots while i prepared my meal so that i wasn’t to snap at anyone, or to mindlessly eat anything else! its such a good trick!

  5. I LOVE the pics of Ava… πŸ™‚

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder to buy some more carrots! πŸ˜‰

  6. hey i just barely ate a container of fage! haha, love the photo of you laying on the track. oh man, those dancing photos of ava rule. hope you have a greeaaattt weekend!

  7. Dancing Queen Ava, work it! I like to turn on music and dance with my daughter also. Don’t you love how they don’t worry about what anyone thinks of their dancing? They just love to dance and have fun! It’s like a grown woman after a few drinks at a club.

  8. hahahahaha the pics of them dancing around are HILAR! love the fage + maple syrup…good call!

  9. The Ava action shots are simply great.

  10. nice job with the speed work! and aweosme idea with teh carrots… i think ill take that suggestion. so many times i pick on the meal i am preparing or other things in the house before dinner and then im not hungry but then i eat anyway haha anyway i made a breakfast cookie this morning- i love your combo- i wanna try a new combo too though…check it out i made a happy face with it πŸ™‚

  11. Great idea with the carrots – my go to is usually tortilla chips!

    Love the pictures of your dancing girl!

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