Question and Answer

What happens when you make juice but you take too long snapping pictures of it?

Green Juice Zak can't wait

It gets snatched.

What do you call a Chocolate Breakfast Cookie eaten at 11:30AM?

Chocolate Brunch Cookie

Chocolate Brunch Cookie.

What time to do you eat your curried chick pea sandwich and steamed veggies for lunch if you eat a Chocolate Brunch Cookie at 11:30AM?

Curried Chick Pea Sandwich Steamed Veggies


What do you take out the door for a snack so you don’t grocery shop hungry and buy everything and anything that looks good?

Out the Door Snack

Walnuts and Craisins.

What do you say when you get in the little brown truck at Wegmans?



Why are there hot, wet towels over those bowls?

Pizza Dough Rising

Waiting for the pizza dough to rise.

What do you say when you see your dough has risen nicely?

Good Stuff

“Awww yeah baby come to mama…”

What do you use for sauce when you don’t feel like tomato sauce?

Bone Suckin' Sauce

BBQ sauce.

What do you top your BBQ pizza with?

BBQ Pizza

Onions and mushrooms sauteed in BBQ sauce pictured above. And pineapple too except you didn’t have any. And then you were sad. But you ate it anyway.

What goes good with pizza?

Cooked Pizzas

Tossed salad, as pictured in the background.

What do you replace your salad with when you realize you’re not in the mood for salad?

Pizza and Grapes

The last little bottle of stomped grape juice from a couple weeks ago.

What happens when you drink from a wineglass in front of your 5 year old?

rice milk wine

She wants her milk in a wine glass too. Of course.

And after pizza and wine for dinner, what’s the next logical step?


Obvious. Sweet cream with a brownie smashed in from the new Coldstone Creamery that just opened up YESTERDAY right down the street!

Can you say WOO HOO?

Yes. Yes, I can. I did.

What do you do when it’s late and you’re in a wine, pizza and ice cream brain fog?

Write a post full of questions that you answer yourself.


16 Responses

  1. Wow your pizzas came out nice. They look so professional!

  2. What did I say when you said “COLD STONE”?


    Hmmmm….should talk hubs into taking me there….. we still have errands to run!

    Your Pizza looks FABULOUSO!

    I made salmon cakes today…. but Pizza sounds so good!

  3. bone suckin sauce is good! you gotta try annie’s natural smokey maple though- its greattt

  4. What do you call that BBQ veggie pizza?

    Damn fabulous!!!!

  5. Too cute that Maxine has to take a bag of whatever to the store. She’s a real woman in the making.
    The pies look great!

  6. Those pizzas look AMAZING!!! Did you make the dough from scratch or buy it? Stupid question, right? (haha)

    That ice cream is looking good! Mmmmm. I had Coldstone Creamery last weekend. I was good, though, and just got a kid’s size. 🙂

  7. mm your home made pizza looks amazing. using bbq sauce is such a good idea!

  8. Is it bad that when you asked “What goes good with pizza?” my first thought was “Beer”? I suppose salad works, but I like the wine option better. 🙂

    • hehe yes, beer does seem like the obvious answer to that question. Salad seems nutritionally nerdy, especially on a Saturday night! 😉

  9. All these comments totally made me laugh, you guys are so much fun to play with! 😉

  10. I love the brown car in front of the grocery cart. The toddler would want to go to the grocery store every hour if we had them around here…

    The pizza looks great! Hubby would LOVE onions and mushrooms sauteed with bbq sauce… Have to remember that one…

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  11. Girl, that is some SERIOUS pizza going on there! TDF!

    I remember drinking milk from a wine glass when I was little. I also used to pretend that a crayon was a cigarette….haha That was when smoking was thought of as “glamorous” Blek!!

    Loved the self answered question and answers…lol, very ingenious 😀 😀

  12. Love this post! I am fiending for ice cream today and it seems like every blogger is at it…must…find…now….

  13. Heheh, I love that milk in a wine glass. And YUMMIE pizza :)! Cute post!

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