The Candy Man Can

Coffee! After my run! Wheeeee!

Coffee Morning

Thanks to a little big cup of coffee I was able to hold out for some granola to bake and add to my breakfast.


Sprinkling granola on top of overnight oats is the stuff dreams are made of.

Chocolate Overnight Oats

Yes, there really are overnight oats buried under Mt. Banana, Almond Butter River and Granola Land Mine.

From the side

I have to say, I’m really enjoying doing the fruit/green juice for breakfast and then later on the morning having oats for brunch. Who doesn’t want to spread breakfast across the whole morning and you get to have BOTH of your favorite things for breakfast? And it pushes lunch back well into the afternoon and basically eliminating an afternoon snack. I’m enjoying the change. Am I a food nerd or what?

A couple hours later it was time for some green fruit and blue fruit.

kiwi Blueberries

According to the Raw Food Detox Diet, when you eat fresh fruit on an empty stomach (or about 3 hours from your last meal) it moves from the stomach in about a half hour. This is ideal and definitely seems to be the case for me. Eating fruit throughout the day also seems to help curb my sweet tooth and I don’t feel like a Cookie Monster so much anymore. With the exception of oatmeal (because I just love bananas on oats!) I try to follow the “eat fruit alone or leave it alone” rule.

Once I felt hungry again, it was time to reheat some pizza in a pan – take a peek.

Best way to reheat leftover pizza

Leftover pizza with the salad I shunned last night.

Pizza Lunch

Zak and Ava were off on their own little adventure today while Maxine and I stayed home inside the air conditioned house. The day was much less whiny and cranky for all of us.

So what did Maxine and I do with ourselves today?Β  Why we visited the Land of Candy!

Let's Play Candy Land

Place your bets. My money’s on yellow. Always bet on yellow.

candy land

Max was not at all interested in a lecture on proper Candy Land form and decorum, so I just took pictures of the scenery –

Candy Land

– and let her do her thing.

Maxine Style

Maybe we’ll try again in a month+, hmmm?

Candy Land Age 3 and Up

After making my way through Lollypop Woods and scaling Gumdrop Mountain I felt like it was time let my golden hair hang down from Green Tower.

My appetite squashed by the green tower (crazy stuff man, I swear!) I enjoyed a little comfort food in the form of sesame Ezekiel toast, garlic hummus and salsa with Zakman and Avagirl while they ate their dinners.

Favorite Comfort Food

And now, it’s time for sweet dreams.


10 Responses

  1. I get way too excited when I see pictures of blueberries.

  2. the ever popular candy land. gotta love it! πŸ™‚

  3. hey! i just got all caught up on your 3 posts. so this comment may be a long one! first off i love that bowl your oats are in, and how clever to add granola to ONO<–(palindrome!), crunchy and creamy! mm. i admire the length of your runs. i wish my knee let me do that! the chocolate bfast cookie looks decadent and i love the idea of curried chickpeas. mmm cold stone. stop it. and cute cute kiddos as always!!!!! xo

  4. Candy Land when I was little! So fun! I can’t wait until Snuffy is old enough to play

  5. What happened to the old Cand Land images and cartoons from the 80s? I guess everything must change in time. I’m not use to the big eye cartoon characters, but I guess that is what is “in” at the moment.

    Did you reheat your pizza slices in a pie pan on top of the stove? Just wondering if that was your technique.

    • Oh I know, the Candy Land characters do look different! My dad actually bought this game for Ava for Christmas or her birthday and he was given specific instructions to get NON-TV show/princess Candy Land. I didn’t was Dora Candy Land or Disney Princess Candy Land – I wanted the real thing. So yeah, big eyes and all, but we’ll take it.

      I use to love My Little Pony as a kid and even the MLP eyes are bigger too! Must be an evolutionary thing. Maybe the ponies with small eyes who couldn’t see well couldn’t find a mate a to reproduce? πŸ˜‰

      And YES reheating pizza in a frying pan on low with a cover is the BEST way to reheat pizza. It reheats slowly, melts the cheese, firms up the bottom a little bit. 100x better than reheating it in the microwave!

  6. Candyland was always my favorite game!! That and Mousetrap. πŸ˜€

    Your overnight oats look wonderful! Why do I never sprinkle granola on top when I make it cold? This needs to change. πŸ˜€

  7. I am so behind on the Weed family! Must go catch up, but I wanted to say hi!

  8. Gosh…CandyLand brings back memories

    your granola topped breakfast cookie looks AWESOME


  9. I’ve got to try making my own granola… looks so good!

    I used to play candyland with my kidos when they were little….brings back some great memories.

    Salsa and hummus on Ezekiel toast…..brilliant! I think I’d like it with guac and salsa too….lol can you tell I”m starving right now? Need…. food…. now………. πŸ˜€

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