And the Award Goes To

Lots of awards to hand out today, let’s get right to it.

The award for today’s Best Accidental Lunch goes to:

Dates and AB

Dates with Almond Butter! We’re going to need four awards, one for each of them.

The award for the Most Unoriginal Snack goes to:


Watermelon. Boring.

The award for the Messiest Watermelon Eater:

Messiest Watermelon Eater

Oh! That’d be me! I’m honored. I don’t even have a speech prepared.

We’re presenting the Barbie with the Craziest Hair and Worst Tan to:

Barbie Award

The one on the right. She’ll also be accepting the award for: The Barbie Mom Always Has to Play With

The award for Best Drama Series goes to:

Dinosaur Attack!

Dinosaur Attack

The Award for The Snack Most Closely Resembling a Brain:

Let's Snack on a Brain, Shall We?

Turkish Apricots. Wow. I never would have guessed that one – I surely would have thought they were going to get The Snack Most Closely Resembling a Scrotum. Yes, I realize that’s a pretty risque award but hey man I can’t make this stuff up.

The Most Uninspiring Dinner Award goes to:

Salad for Dinner.  Again.

And Hummus with Salsa too.  Again.

The ever popular Tossed Salad and Hummus on Ezekiel Toast with Salsa Duo. Are you surprised? They win every time!

And finally, the award we’ve all been waiting for…

Who’s Gonna Clean Up this Mess

(oh I’m so nervous)

Clean Up This Mess Award

Yet to be determined. (Oh wow, what an upset!!) Rest easy my friends, I’m fairly confident it’s going to be one of the actresses featured in this picture.


16 Responses

  1. You are so funny. i love this! diner looked delish! i like

  2. Oooh hummus and salsa on toast?! Not tried that one! Yay for new ideas!

  3. Oh my god, so funny. The scrotum picture and the last one, definitely my favorites – maybe not in that order.

    I really need to try the hummus and salsa stat. I’ve been craving hummus for weeks and have yet to make it! I’m doing it tomorrow. There. I said it.

  4. haha your posts never fail to brighten my day! and your comment on mine did too! “the barbie mom always has to play with”–not gonna lie, i always gave my mom/sister/dad/rando neighborhood “friend” a very similar looking barbie…

  5. Haha love the barbies.. and the watermelon!

  6. most entertaining post of the evening goes to: alison! thanks for the laugh, as per usual. lmao at the scrotum part. so true.

  7. award for the most creative blogger: YOU. please accept this comment as an award. it’s all i have 🙂

  8. Hahahah your awards are amazing. But if you are the messiest watermelon eater and that’s all you have to show for it, you have a family of mighty clean watermelon eaters.

  9. Thanks for my Barbie fix! 😉

    And, I’ll have to defend your watermelon; watermelon isn’t boring at all!

  10. I miss my Day-To-Night and Peaches-N-Cream Barbies….

    For some reason my blog reader stopped subscribing to your blog. Grrrr….no worries, I’m back!

  11. Haha…love it! Although I have to say your hummus with salsa is very *inspiring.* 😀 I’m dying to try it out for myself!

  12. haha…a scrotum looking apricot. Too funny. How come your Barbie is stark naked?

    Where do you find those huge dates? I have to say I’ve never had a date before. 🙂

  13. hahahahahahahahaha.

    You are so freaking funny!

  14. Funny, my daughter has the same pink couch, purple chair and mess. I also gonna have to say that your eats are almost identical to mine.


  15. I agree with Andrea…. I have never even purchased a Barbie… I had my own…many moons ago …(they were probably FARBIES…not real BARBIES…but BARBIE-LIKE…but dolls they were!

    no naked dolls in my trucks and Dino laden play room!

    JJ does steal my makeup brushes sometimes…and “paints his face, you know…like Mommy”

  16. LOL there’s always that ragged, ugly haired Barbie that the parental figure/babysitter always gets stuck with. Blah.

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