Oats By Any Other Name

I set the alarm for 5:30 this morning so I could get out early and beat the heat. It was still dark I ended up tinkering around and didn’t get my butt out the door until 7.

I spent what felt like an hour sawing my slightly more ripe peach off it’s pit.

Hacked Peach

A muggy but not-too-hot run this morning for 6.24 miles in 53 minutes – just a nice and easy pace considering the distance and air thickness today.

Back home, Zak asked if I was going to make juice. I think he’s hooked.

Hers and His.

Hers and His

Yes, that’s mine on the left. I got the The Look and filled his glass to the top from my giant glass. Alright, alright settle down! I suppose I don’t really need to drink a gallon of it.

Today’s juice would be one of the giant heads of romaine I scored on Saturday, plus one and a half cucumbers, two lemons, an apple and a boat load of ginger. Ginger makes it SPICY!

Our green lemonade traveled to the deck where we sat and were able to chat in child free peace and serenity like two normal adults.

Enjoyed on the deck

Now the man is off to work and the children are up and it’s time for an official breakfast.

Chocolate Overnight Oats – or maybe I should call them Chocolate While I Run Oats since I threw these together this morning before I left. I find that they really only need to soak for an hour to soften up.


Or maybe we could just call them the Adult Version of Cocoa Crispies – I loved that cereal as a kid! Although I’d hate for that to come off sounding pornographic. X-Rated Oatmeal? Nice.

Today’s mix was my standard 1/2 c rolled oats, about a 1 tsp of cocoa powder, 1/4 LF vanilla Stonyfield Farm yogurt and about a 1/2 c of unsweetened chocolate almond milk. Stirred and popped in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Oat Mess

Or better yet let’s just call it an Oat Mess because that’s exactly what I made with the toppings this morning. Ground flax, sliced bananas, almond butter and granola. For once a mess I don’t mind cleaning up!


14 Responses

  1. im going back home tomorrow- im super excited to whip out my dad’s juicer and make a nice green juice 😉 and how funny…we had very similar breakfasts this morning! you added cocoa powder though and i added PB. still, similar nonetheless haha….have a nice day

  2. okay i just realized you also had vanilla yogurt (and i had plain) and you added AB and granola. oaky well at least our oat, flax, banana, and chocolate almond milk are similar! haha

  3. yumm those oats look delicious! i’ve ventured as far as the breakfast cookie but these cocoa crispies/cook while you run oats/oat mess look even easier!

  4. wow omg your oats look AMAZING!

  5. Oh, I’ll help you clean up your mess, your Oat Mess that is… 😉

    Have a great day, and I hope it’s not too messy! 😉

  6. Those oats look amazing! Chocolate, banana, and AB?! YUM!

  7. GRRRRR….I JUST realized we made a grocery run last night and I DIDN’T pick up more oats!

    well…maybe a trip to Sprouts at lunch is in order.

    MAN that stinks!

    am totally out of any kind of oats! and you had to go and post THAT beautiful batch.

    I make his/her juice batches like that too…. the look I get is more relief than HEY SHARE!
    maybe in time! HE DOES like my Carrot Apple Ginger one.

  8. I must try these overnight/run/mess Oats.

    Gotta tell you, this chocolate you speak of and picture so nicely… I got some and like it, and the Hubby Doesn’t!! Score… something that is all mine.

    I don’t even have to hide it… thank you for posting all your yummy treats.

  9. Ummm the chocolate oats look ridiculous. And I am completely obsessed with peaches at the moment! So ripe and juicy! I am officially amazed that people can get up so early to run. 6.00am basically kills me! Go you!

  10. That “oat mess” looks mighty fine! I need to get more creative in the oats department that’s for sure. I made the overnight pumpkin crockpot oats yesterday that are yummy…but I’ve been realy craving chocolate lately, so your breaky this morning made me drool…haha!

  11. your oats look like a fancy dessert! and i am sure they tasted just as decadent. i loved cocoa crispies too!! haha, takes me back.

  12. That yogurt/oat mess looks so amazing delicious that I think I need some ASAP. I hated yogurt when I ate dairy, and so I’ve been unimpressed by soy + coconut yogurts, but I think overnight oats might change that. I’m going to try some coconut milk yogurt with that soon.

    Also, being sick has me craving weird things, like kid cereal. I walked past the PB Cap’n Crunch a million times before finally giving in and buying the Envirokidz PB Panda Puffs. Mmm, organic sugar-y cereal. So delicious.

  13. Great job on the run! You make me want to run faster!!! Love that green juice. I haven’t been able to get my husband hooked yet…yet!

  14. […] does Alison make that doesn’t look good?  But I do believe this bowl of goodness may top the […]

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