Internet Fubar

Today’s workout was CANCELLED thanks to spending the entire morning troubleshooting internet issues. I’m feeling really pathetic right at this moment.

No official workout but I do sort of feel like I got a stairmaster workout considering the number of times I’ve been up and down the stairs, basement stairs included. We’ve got all matters of hubs, switches, modems and routers on all three levels of the house – and I’ve gotten to know them all quite well today.

The first line of support, my Network Administrator (Zak) was helpful but distracted. That damn pesky job always getting in the way of what’s “really” important.

Well, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. It’s everyone woman for herself. I’ve narrowed the problem down to our wireless router, and have schlepped myself, my laptop, camera and USB cable into the bedroom and have plugged the laptop directly into the DSL modem that lives in our closet.

Internet Fubar

“I wouldn’t advise that”, said the Network Admin. No router between me and this little thing we call the world wide web isn’t “safe” – and I don’t have the time or inclination to mess around with the firewall built into Windows at this moment.

Oh well, I’ll be fast. I wrote this post offline, publish and unplug! oooo maybe I’ll check my email real fast, oh look at google reader! Oooo Google Reader – just a quick peek.

When I wasn’t cursing at the network this morning I was licking my internet wound with a tongue coated in watermelon juice and contemplating how humanity ever survived without the internet.

watermelon soother

I think this internet condrum confirms my plans for to escape the confines of our house and go enjoy someone else’s air conditioning today; namely the Museum of Play. Tonight the Network Admin can give us (me and the internet) his undivided attention and can get us back up and running as usual – and I don’t have to risk life and hard drive that some one is going to hack into my sweet, innocent, firewall-less computer and do lord know what with all of my uninteresting data on here.

Time to disconnect and pack lunches – got my fingers crossed to squeeze in some yoga or bike ride tonight! Fingers are also crossed for internet normalcy tonight too. But I think I already conveyed that message, no?

What do you do with yourself when the internet goes down? I may need ideas.  (Kids?  What kids?)


14 Responses

  1. No Mama’s Weeds?! ?! What?????

  2. I hate internet trouble. such a pain in the booty! I just munched on some watermelon myself! it was so juicy! so yum!

  3. I would be LOST if I didn’t have my in house Tech Support…. if you need help with SOFTWARE…Im your gal….but HARDWARE…. just givesme a RASH!

    sorry you are having Technical Difficulties!

    Make Zak the BIG juice today!

  4. I whine and say “I’m bored” over and over. Sad but true!
    I need a life.

  5. Cry! 🙂

  6. How are you going to read these ideas if your internet is down??

  7. BAH SORRY ABOUT THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. crap i just realized i was typing in caps and i am too lazy to retype. although i could have by now since i typed this long explanation! it is pretty gnarly to think how dependent we all are on technology these days, what ever did people do before it?! although i must say, i am glad i was a kid in the pre-internet days. i had quality times like kick the can and flying kites. now my nephews and nieces want video games and cell phones…

  8. A day without Internet… What to do? Not sure… Well, I’m sure you are planning/writing your next post in your head (or offline) as I’m writing this… So I’m sure the blog is still with you… 😉

    Hope everything is fixed soon! I hate having Internet problems… Makes me want to throw a little temper tantrum… But when I sort of do, the toddler just looks at me and shakes his head… Yeah, as if he has never had one…

  9. I cut up my whole watermelon and it’s no where as beautiful or as color saturated as yours. Do you have melon selection tips?

  10. That watermelon looks beautiful. Sorry about internet troubles 😦 I freak without the internet. I usually call someone one to complain to 😦

  11. Ack. Hope it gets fixed soon.

    I went to the Museum of Play when I was a kid (I think it was just called the Strong Museum then)…I loved it! Hope you had fun!

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