Corny Dinner

Be amazed as I make a veggie sandwich appear and then disappear right before your very eyes!

Lunch time magic.

step 1 step 2 step 3
step 4 step 5 step 6
step 7 step 8 step 9
money shot step 10 step 12

Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I minored in sandwich sorcery in college.

Plus a little protein and dessert tied up into a fun package; the last of a container of 2% Fage, a little pour of maple syrup and a sprinkle of homemade granola.

fage 1 fage 2 fage 3

A little snacky as I finalized my list before heading out for some groceries late afternoon.


OK I’m kind of grossed out/embarrassed that “toilet cleaner” is visible on this list. Ew.

But first, a quick playground stop.

action action we want action

And a little breather as they waited for me to check out.

books at check out

Dinner tonight was a blog inspired.

First, I felt motivated to try a new recipe from a fellow vegetarian, runner and blogger; Matt at No Meat Athlete.

For all the times I’ve looked at recipes and meals on food blogs and said to myself – “I am totally making that” today was the day I really meant it. Matt’s corn cakes looked like something we’d definitely eat here and given I had nothing planned for dinner tonight I was all over this.

I followed Matt’s recipe pretty closely – I even used (low fat) buttermilk – something I’ve never used before. I subbed canola oil for butter but beyond that I didn’t veer from the recipe. Corn cakes also meant I got to have some fun with my DuPont Flip It! pan.

Corn Cakes

Oh say can you see, corn pancakes embossed with an American Flag? My pancakes tis of thee!

I decided I was going to make black bean and corn salsa to top the corn cakes, enter blog inspiration #2.

I remembered Mary and Tina both commenting about a corn/jicama salad they made once and I decided to snag a jicama to add into my bean and corn salsa. YAY more fun with a jicama.

Black Bean, Corn and Jicama Salsa on top of Corn Cakes

Dinner turned out great tonight on both the corn cakes and salsa fronts! I was so hungry for dinner I ended up eating two of these guys – Zak happily gobbled his up as well. A big thanks to Matt, Mary and Tina for all the inspiration tonight!

Now I’m off to say the Pledge of Allegiance and hit the sack.


17 Responses

  1. that black and white plate is so pretty….

  2. Cracking me up once again Alison! veggie sandwiches are the bomb!!!!

    I totally read Matt’s recipe on his blog too today, and i thought the same thing you did, except you beat me too it! ha. atleast now i know its totally easy and super good! Thanks for reviewing! LOVE!

    🙂 hope ur having a good night

  3. Heheh! You have fun with your pics 🙂

  4. Your sandwich trick is cool. But now can you figure out how to actually hand me that sandwich so that I can eat it. That would be REALLY cool! 😉

    Your dinner looks awesome! I still haven’t gotten around to picking up a jicama; it’s been years…

  5. Oooh jicama in black bean corn salsa sounds great! That’s such a good idea for a nice crunch.

  6. Look at those good little girls waiting so patiently! How DOES she do it?

  7. you’re always so creative with your posts…i love it!

  8. I totally put those pancakes on my meal list for next week! They look so good. Love no meat athlete!! Great lunchy too.

  9. Love the lunch time magic…haha! 😀 And the plate is beautiful…love it!

  10. Just wanted to say love your blog, always makes me laugh! Also a question, do you use a watch while running to measure distance, heart rate,etc. and if so which one. Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren! Thanks. 🙂 I use a regular stop watch for timing my runs, and then use to figure out how far I went, and with my time and distance I can figure out my average pace. I’d love a garmin 305 or 405 to make it easier but for now this works and is a lot cheaper too! 😉

  11. love that plate – and your pics are obv gorge! i need to upgrade and stat so i can do pretty things like that too!

    gotta love blogger inspiration – dinner looks fab, just like you! love the kids reading under the table b/c that used to be me with my mom 🙂

  12. hahahaha, sandwich sorcery! 😀

  13. Yay for both being up on the corn salsa last night! It tastes rocking doesn’t it? Tastes like summer to me now I’ve had it so many times. Yum.

    Nice flag action too girl, impressive. You’re a true American. Word.

  14. Cool plate I must say! I love funky dishes like that :). You dinner looks great. Corn cakes, I am gonna have to check that one out 🙂


  15. salad on a sandwhich! WAY PERFECT

    and your corn cake dinner is MAKING me crave burritos…and i ADORE corn bread.

    adding this to MY list of eats to make

    and I totally stole your home made granola recipe to my flash drive….. THAT I have to make!


  16. you are giving mister copperfield a run for his money! i saw the corn cakes on matt’s blog and thought the same thing. yum! and jicama salsa is so great, i love the crunch it adds. props on that meal!

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