The Feather

I got up this morning thrilled to find we were back online almost business as usual, thanks to Zak working his late night his magic when he got home. It was like we had a visit from Internet Claus. After playing a little online catch up this morning I headed out for a run.

I ran just over 4 miles in about a half hour. It was such a refreshingly cool and comfortable morning I thought I’d take a cool down ride on my bike around the neighborhood.

My running buddy Shawn, who is training for a triathlon, has told me about this training approach they call The Brick. As part of your training for the back to back events and preparing your body to go from one event to the next, you ride your bike X miles and then you run for Y miles. X and Y would vary depending on how far your triathlon is and what you are hoping to accomplish. As the values X and Y increase your levels of sanity decrease.

Apparently it is called The Brick because, in short, riding and then running leave you feeling like you’ve hit brick wall.

Oh boy where I do go to sign up for that?

I was thinking about this on my post-run bike ride this morning. It is not at all hard to run and THEN ride, but I can easily believe it would be a lot tougher to ride 15 miles and THEN run 4. But running and then riding? Yeah, I think we can call that The Feather. A hot sweaty run and then coasting around the neighborhood streets while the cool air dries your sweat and you get to enjoy the breeze? Sounds like sleeping on a feather bed to me. At least compared to the idea of hitting a brick wall.

But then my cool down ride took a turn from down comforter to pillow fight as I ended up going 11 miles and another 45 minutes. The air felt just too perfect to turn around head home already so I kept going. Feathers and bricks aside, running and then riding is a fun and easy way to get a longer workout in. I highly recommend it.

“Hungry” is one way to describe how I was feeling when I got back. “Diving head first into a bowl of watermelon and cantaloupe” is one way to describe the first thing I did when I walked in the door.

Post Workout Melons

Note that I said ALMOST business as usual with these internet shenanigans. The wireless networking is still not working but my hopelessly devoted husband scrounged up an extra long network cable so that I can have “wireless” access in my office, except with a wire for now. I’ll take it!

from the bedroom into the classroom to my computer

A breakfast cookie while sitting at my desk and being online?

Thursday Breakfast Cookie

What more can a girl ask for? A feather bed would be nice, but I’m not going to push my luck.


13 Responses

  1. HA! that cable brings back memories for ME…at our last home it’s how we connected everything

    XBOX…COMPUTER…Surround system

    If I needed to “plug in” I had to find this GINORMOUS cable and find a sitting place and PLOP plug in!

    we were always tripping over the dang thing!

    so glad we figured that one out!

    so I am office breakfast minus my a la cookie this am. boo

    but i got my am jog in … new maserati style
    I don’t have my routine down yet but I am working on it

    like your jog bike combo…KILLER for sure!

  2. riding and then running is indeed like hitting a brick wall! i did a mini triathalon a few years back and the run was brutal. anyways- the feather sounds more like my sty- i will have to try that out one day!!! maybe on saturday (since my run is only a 3 miler!) anyway… tomorrow after my run I am going to make a GREEN JUICE! what combo do you suggest? and all you do is stick the entire (fruit, veggie, whatever it is is) right in?

  3. I’ve never tried riding then running, I’m not sure why not… oh, maybe it’s because I don’t have a bike! But it sounds fun, in the painful way. One of these days I’ll get one, maybe after my next marathon.

    Haha I have a cord like that running through my upstairs hallway. In my infinite unhandy-ness, I can’t fathom how one might run a cord through the walls of a house, so the cord remains out in the open.

  4. Glad you’re back online!! Huzzah for bike rides in the summer – one of my favorite things to do, hands down. Never done it straight after a run though, sounds like a plan stan.

  5. Can i have some of that breakfast cookie. i swear i gotta make myself one for reals! I have to find the recipe on your blog ASAP!!!!!!!

    Hope the internet shanans figure themselves out asap girl!!!!

  6. I’m glad the Internet Claus came and things are almost back to normal… 😉

  7. Oh lady, the ‘feather’ method sounds fab. I am much more prone to go for a feather than a brick.

  8. the brick sounds gnarly and intense. i much prefer the feather 🙂

  9. yes a feather bed WOULD be nice wouldn’t it?

  10. I wish the Internet Claus would visit me!!! It sounds like you had the perfect feather workout. Brick workouts aren’t really that bad. 😉

  11. your breakfast cookies always look soooo purty 🙂

  12. thanks for the juice info on my blog! as i am green-juice challenged- i of course have a couple of questions. how much ginger root do you use? and do you stick the whole lemon in or squirt the juice manually? and thats all the stupid questions i have for ya! haha im actually going to make this on saturday morning instead!

    • I stick the lemon right into my juicer! I do cut the skin off but that’s only because my juicer is old. I bet with the Breville you can shove the whole thing right in but check the instructions/ask your dad because I’m not sure.

      I probably use an inch or so of ginger? Depends on how spicy you like it. The more ginger you add the zippier it will be on your tongue! A little goes a long way, I’ll say that much.

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