Let’s Switch

The girls were with Aunt Ellen today and my mom happened to have the day off from work. We decided to take the opportunity to have a little mother-daughter day together. We headed out to eat at a small, local restaurant called Aladdins Natural Eatery. Their menu touts fine, fresh ingredients to make delicious, healthy meals. Well what do you know, I’m all a-tout that myself.

Aladdin's Natural Eatery

Aladdin's Menu

We decided to split the babaganoush for an appetizer.

Baba Menu

I’ve made babaganoush but was never quite sure it turned out like it was supposed to either time. It was like a mystery waiting to find out what this was actually supposed to taste like.


This was great! I think I put too much tahini in mine – it was nice and subtle here. I was very ready for lunch by the time we sat down and between the two of us we easily made this disappear.

We sat on the upper level and enjoyed watching city life go by while we chatted and noshed.


For our lunch, mom ordered the Melazangna.


She shared a (very generous!) bite with me, it tasted just as good as it looks!

lasagna Cesear Salad

I choose the Spanakopita. This is one of my favorites and I also like to try and order things in restaurants that I wouldn’t normally make for myself at home.



After our fabulous meal and conversation, we were off to catch Julie and Julia!

I don’t get to the movies often these days, so if there’s any movie I’m going to see this summer it’s got to be the one about a food blogger!

Julie and Julia

It was a really cute movie, Meryl Streep was so convincing as Julia Child! I of course had to come home and find Julie’s blog. If you’ve seen the movie, have you found her blog yet?

Plenty full from lunch we didn’t need anything to eat in the movie theater. I snacked on this guy that my mom brought me to try when I got home.

sesame bar

She said it tasted like peanut brittle but with sesame seeds – and that’s exactly what it was like! It was interesting and I liked it.

Home just in time to head out again for the next thing on the schedule – a family picnic at Zak’s mom’s house to visit with some family who were visiting from out of town.

From the looks of what’s on my camera, I was too busy carrying around a shy Maxine to take pictures of anything but food.

Dinner was a bun-less veggie burger (with Nances mustard!) and pasta salad and tomato, cucumber, basil salad.

Picnic Food

I had my eye on other carbs and was willing to spare a roll for my veggie burger.

Chocolate Cake

Maxine ate a few bites of her child sized portion of cake and then eyed my piece and said “how about we switch?”

*Blink blink*

My cutie girl

It’s a good thing you’re cute, kid.

She didn’t mess around here. She spun my slice right around and dug straight into the frosting and chocolate shavings on the back of the cake.

Let's Switch

Way to keep it real. Why even mess around with that cake part, it’s all about the frosting!

I passed on any wine tonight and stuck with water because I’ve got a long run planned for the morning. Got the carbo loading all taken care of though, lots of chocolate goodness to fuel my run in the AM. That’s how ya do it.

If cake is your thing, what’s your favorite part? The cake? Or the frosting?? I’m definitely a frosting girl myself.


18 Responses

  1. frosting. especially the flowers and crap….

    i loved “julie and julia” but i didn’t check out the blog yet. why am i so lazy?

  2. Ugh so yummy! That Maxine is quite cute too.

    I love me some cake! I’d say that it depends on the frosting and the cake – I hate the too sweet/store bought kind. But the chefs in our office make a meannnnn frosting. So good.

    I actually wanted to read her book when I found it in Borders two years ago – it’s been on my to read list ever since. That is the saddest sentence I’ve written all day….

  3. What a nice day… A good grown-up lunch and a movie sounds nice… And soooooooo far away….

    Have a great run tomorrow; after the chocolaty carbs, you don’t have an excuse… šŸ˜‰

  4. i love everything about that restaurant! the seating arrangements, the menu, the fooood. thanks for a link to the blog, i havent checked it out yet but i am going to! mmm that chocolate cake. divine. i hate frosting.. so you can have my frosting if i can have your cake!

  5. Frosting all the way baby.

  6. Sounds like you had a great day! Frosting if I had to choose one, but I really believe that you can’t have one without the other.

  7. That restaurant looks awesome. Mother/daughter days are so fun – especially if my mom is paying šŸ™‚ In all honesty, I am not much of a cake person — I think that stems from years of eating so-so bakery cakes that were dry with overly sweet and chemical-tasting (due to food coloring) frosting. My birthday carrot cake, however, was moist and delicious. I think I like the cake better if it’s moist, but frosting if it’s creamy without being too sweet. Great, I just had my morning juice and now I want CAKE. Darn you, woman.

  8. it looks like the mom/daughter outing went well! so fun!!!

    I’m not sure i can choose when it comes to chocolate cake. i normally dont like cake but when chocolate is involved i say yes to the entire piece!


  9. not going to lie…i’m not a cake fan and even less of a frosting fan! but if i had to choose, give me the chocolate cake part.

    yay for mom-daughter bonding – sounds like a fabulous afternoon. loved that movie and thanks for her blog link, i just spent the last 20 minutes checking it out!

  10. I’m a frosting girl here too! Especially a rich, deep chocolate frosting. šŸ˜€

    I’ve never tried those sesame bars, but I’m tempted to, now that you gave them a good review. If they taste similair to peanut brittle, I think I’d love ’em. šŸ˜€

  11. that restaurant looks so cool! im glad you enjoyed julie & julia. i dont think it was absolutely amazing but definitely entertaining and cute! and thanks for sharing the blog-link…i didnt even think about trying to find it haha.

    i dont discriminate between my cake and icing haha… i do enjoy chocolate cake with buttercreme icing though šŸ˜‰

    p.s. head over to my blog— there is a nice surprise for you (okay maybe not a surprise but you will still be happy haha)

    • I like that you are appreciate the rights of both parts of the cake, you are an excellent role model for us Tina. Down with separating frosting and cake! Better together.

  12. What a wonderful day! !! so jealous!
    That restaurant makes nice looking food!

    and Maxine’s face is sooooooooooo sweet! Better than the cake!

    I like what you said about fueling your run…I’ve been letting myself have creative lisence when it comes to my food….it’s a little un nerving…to TRUST your body knows what it needs but my 2 part jog/walk was an hour and I feel GREAT

    gonna make a HUGE batch of “instant” breakfast cookie for the new week (and tomorrow) later.

  13. I have to say I do enjoy both, although more frosting the better. I always go for the corner pieces. šŸ™‚

  14. Aladdins. Cake. Cute kids. You have all my favorite things.

  15. ohhhh frosting for sure!

    the heavy sugar stuff or the light whipped kind you ask?

    i don’t discriminate, i go for either… or both.

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