Don’t Rock the Boat

After breakfast this morning we set out to run a couple of errands and stopped at Zak’s mom’s house before heading home. We were there under the guise of “visiting” but really it was all about torturing chickens.


Do you see Ms. Maxine in there?

Visit Chickens

Maxine, the girl who doesn’t like to get dirty.

Not Shy

Ava, in her own words, setting “chicken traps”.

Chicken Traps

Chicken Traps = a sea of corn so they’ll be so busy eating they won’t see Maxine coming. Yes, Maxine, the same girl who won’t throw a rock with sand on it.

Pick Up Chickens

I just love to see them scheming already. Why do I have a feeling there will be “Mom Traps” set in the future? Except instead of piles of corn it will be piles of Green & Black dark chocolate and jars of almond butter.

This would be Farrah, named because of her fancy “pants”.


After the chicken shenanigans were through, we enjoyed the perfect summer day in the country.

Golden Rod

Chicory Black Eyed Susans

Sea of Queen Anne's Lace

More Queen Anne's Lace More Queen Anne's Lace

Some Purple Flower

View from the hammock.

View from the Hammock
View from the Hammock

And we got to snag these beauties from the garden on the way out of Dodge. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Two Zucchini's and some cukes

Zucchini and cucumbers? I smell dinner and JUICE!

After Kath’s house we stopped to have lunch at the Barbie Cafe.

Lunch at Barbie Cafe

Fortunately I brought my own salad.

Salad for Lunch

But I decided to get some yogurt and granola from Barbie’s place.

Yogurt Granola

Boy, what a bargin for Fage! A little steep for the granola though, especially considering it seemed a lot like something I could just make at home.

0% Fage with homemade granola


Oh look, I’ve got the exact change. How handy.


Shop with Me Barbie

Thanks Barb, you’re such a doll!

For dinner tonight I had big plans to sail away on zucchini boats.

zucchini boats

Because they were so honkin’ big I decided to slice them length wise, seed them and stuff them. I used the same quinoa stuffing recipe I use for stuffing peppers, only today I used green peppers and mushrooms in place of spinach.

Baked at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes, I took them out once I could easily stick a fork in the zucchini ship.

No Side Dish Needed

The best part about these? No side dish needed. Beans, quinoa, veggies stuffed in a veggie. Everything you need is right in the boat baby!

I won’t lie. There was something starting with “Green” and ending with “Black” consumed after dinner. I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t another vegetable. Although it did start from a bean I suppose. You get three guesses, but the first two don’t count.

And it wasn’t a mom trap either! At least I don’t think it was?

18 Responses

  1. Oh, I’ll take a Mom Trap with piles of Green & Black chocolate… πŸ˜‰

    I love that Maxine picked up a chicken! My grandma had chickens, but I was WAY too afraid to pick them up…

    Oh, and I got my Barbie fix again today… πŸ˜‰

  2. I was totally thinking what you were thinking.

    And your Barbie register is about a million times cooler than our Disney princess one.

    Hope you got all the chicken stank off the little ones!

  3. I love your blog! I know I’ve told you that before but I think you’re absolutely hilarious. And the pictures of the chickens and your kiddos are priceless!

  4. it’s chocolate!!!! haha
    those boats look delishh

  5. Haha, for a quick second I thought you really did go to barbie themed cafe for lunch. I thought “wow how cool for little girls!”. Hey, it’s early.

    I love how Max picked up a chicken! No fear! When I was here age I was afriad of my own shadow.

  6. I love that the girls are so natural around the chickens, because I was totally afraid of them at that age and used to run screaming and crying into my mommy’s arms. In fact, I still have an aversion to them. I’m a weirdo, I guess.

    Barbie is definitely trying to rip you off. She’s been spending too much time at Whole Foods, I guess.

  7. such adventurous girls you have! haha.

    those zucchini’s looked amazing, when there that big, you totally have to do something such as what you did. they looked so good!!!!

  8. oh my gosh i love that first photo! it is frame worthy, the colors are so vibrant. i have a weird fascination with chickens.. they are cute. so i love this post. not gonna lie, at first i thought you were going to post about chopping their heads off and letting them run around (bad flashback to what my neighbors did to their chickens as a kid) i am glad that is not the case. the flower photos are stunning and haha, that barbie game had me laughing.

  9. Loving those chickens! So pretty there. I love the country. Such great pics of the flowers as well. Nothing like home grown veggies! Those zucchini boats look great. Checking out that stuffing recipes now πŸ™‚


  10. Barbie Cafe… LOVE IT. Cracks me up.

  11. The first chicken pictured and the hairy legged one are just beautiful. Are they making hen fruit yet?

  12. OH I am sooooooo glad JJ is not the only Chicken Hugger out there! What a great day out in the country! and I ADORE you tree pics… I have to take pics from that angle or don’t bother! My husband laughed! You have a SISTER out there… who takes tree pics too!

    and YES , thanks for the BARBIE fix.
    THAT AND YOUR STUFFED Zucchini ! Y.U.M!!!!

  13. i had that till when i was younger!!!! :D:D:D

  14. Maxine is adorable! Love the picture of her holding the chicken. Your pictures are so pretty, really. And the zucchini boats just made me hungry!!

  15. I love the picture of Maxine holding the chicken! She looks like she’s about to plant a wet one on his head.

  16. Haha…brilliant minds think alike! πŸ˜‰ Funny how we both decided on stuffed zucchini. I’m thinkin’ the quinoa must have been *awesome* in there. πŸ˜€

    I’m definitely shopping where you do for that fage…maybe there’s a Barbie Cafe where I live too?? πŸ˜€

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