Sweaty Oats

I enjoyed a pre-run peach waiting for my bud Shawn to show up to run long this morning. I had my mind on 10 miles but was up for going with the flow and running less if necessary.

Pre-Run Peach

We set out to do a 6 mile loop and as soon as we started I was feeling pretty tired. We took it easy and maintained 9 minute or so pace and I started settling in and feeling better after we had a couple miles behind us.

We were back 55 minutes later, making our average pace about 9:09/mile. We stopped the house for water and I enjoyed a little snack.

Dried Apple Fuel

These dried apples look a lot like what my legs were feeling like, but I still went out to finish up 4 more. I really wanted to hit 10 today and felt mentally prepared to go the distance, so off I went.

Shawn opted to stay behind because his knee has been bothering him and hung with Zak and the girls while I slugged out the second loop. Those apples must have been laced with something because I felt fabulous for the last 4.19 – that I did in 37 minutes, making my average pace for the second loop 8:49/mile.

After cooling down and a quick shower, I was observed like a lab rat while enjoying my overnight oats.

Oat Stalkers

1/2 cup of oats soaked in LF vanilla yogurt and unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, topped post-run with ground flax, organic blueberries (frozen, thawed) a small sliced banana and shredded coconut.

Sweaty Oats

Looks like it was my oatmeal’s turn to be all sweaty!

13 Responses

  1. yum i bet shredded coconut tastes wonderful in overnight oats. thanks so much for introducing me the green juice… you should come up with a fun name for it (like how angela named her concoction the green monster haha). you really could not taste the green in it at all- the lemon/ginger/apple over powered it. i was just searching online on amazon and there are a few juicers out there that arent as crazy in price as the one my dad has. perhaps ill order one…. hmmmmm

    • Well, they sort of is a name for it already, Green Lemonade! That’s what Natalia Rose’s name for this recipe is in the Raw Food Detox Diet book. 😉

  2. this sounds weird: those sweaty oats look delicious.

  3. Your oats look amazing… I think they were eyeing your oats… Watch out! 😉

    Great job on the run! I had such a hard time running at the gym today; my feet were glued to the treadmill again….

    Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! 🙂

  4. Oh yummm!

    And thanks for your comment – I’m so excited to get faster!

    Way to go on 10 miles. You are my running hero 🙂

  5. happy national eat a peach day! good job on celebrating!

  6. Yum alison those oats look so yumtastic!

    and awesome job on the run! 🙂


  7. Great job on the run chica! 10 miles! Amazing. I want to get there

  8. Yay for that run lady! That’s an awesome pace! Nicely done. I have just been eyeing your cake from the last post as well and now am completely hankering after some! I’m blaming you entirely!

  9. oh by the way – in response to your comment on my blog about the buns on the toaster – while i was doing that last night i thought to myself, “did i just invent this?” great minds think alike, lady!!!

  10. Woohoo!! Great job on the run! Sounds fab! 😀

    Oh, and in answer to the “trans fat and Matthew” question, haha, that’s due to him always claiming he looks for food that only contains a ton of trans fat. Thankfully it’s only meant to tease me, and he doesn’t actually fill up with trans-fat laden foods. 😉

  11. Good posting.

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