Sunday Rides

After a long run yesterday, a Sunday Ride was in order for today. The weather man said it was supposed to rain this morning but fortunately he is A LIAR.  I rode 13.5 rain free miles this morning in just under an hour. In YO FACE Weather Mack Daddy!

On my ride I was thinking about how it seems like something has been “missing” lately. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly, but something is definitely missing. *think*think*think*

And then it dawned on me.

Missed Cleaning the Juicer

Oh yeah, I haven’t had to clean the juicer for a few days. That settled it.  Today was officially Get Your Juicer Dirty Day.

Tearing fruit and vegetables to shreds lit a fire under to me prep every bit of produce yet to be prepped in the fridge. Cantaloupe, broccoli, cauliflower and watermelon. In fact, I made a new kind of “bar” this morning. Watermelon bars! You don’t even have to pre-heat the oven for these babies.

Watermelon Bars

I’ve been keeping Sarah’s Breakfast Challenge in the back of my mind this week – that is, to have something new for breakfast every day for a week, which started Thursday if memory serves me correctly. Today I realized I’m either a Breakfast Challenge Failure or Breakfast Challenge Cheater.

I had overnight oats for breakfast yesterday, but I them for BRUNCH today.

Sunday Brunch

It’s ok, you can say it. Alison and the Breakfast Challenge? FAIL. Alright alright I DO plan to try to make it up with some new breakfast idea before the week is up!

I swear these were some of the best chocolate overnight oats I’ve ever had too. I’m pretty sure they were tastier because I was being crazy and reckless with the Breakfast Challenge, hoping to squeeze by on a technicality.

On whim we pawned off the girls asked Zak’s mom to watch the girls while we escaped for a couple of child free hours.

Let Freedom Ring!

Let Freedom Ring! Let Freedom Ring!

We used our time to hit up a couple of stores, the farmers market and stopped for some groceries too. At Wegmans Zak said he was hungry and asked for my input on a snack. I suggested a Larabar, unaware at the time that he’d never had one before.

This was the only picture I captured of his maiden Larabar voyage.

Zak's First Larabar

He tried to help and make for a more interesting photo.

A Real Funny Guy

A nice try but forget it. It’s too late. You scarfed it. The moment has passed and there’s no bringing it back. Your first Larabar is a BIG DEAL!

I had a couple of sips of the juice he bought as part of his snack attack.

Acai Juice

Born Dia? Bom Dia? I can’t tell what that says! But it was tasty, that I can tell.

And while I had the camera out, snapped a pic of my Farmer’s Market finds.

Farmer's Market Loot

We picked up the girls and made our way home. I had a little snack attack myself upon our return.

Fruit Snack

Given we’ve got a fridge full of leftovers, I’ve declared today a non-cooking day. For dinner I chose a leftover zucchini boat and a huge salad. This would be one of those “eyes bigger than my stomach” moments because by the time I sank the Zucchini Battleship I could only manage a couple of bites of salad. I even said yesterday that these didn’t need a side dish. Hello? Do I even read my own posts?

Eyes Bigger than my Stomach

Dinner was early tonight so I’m fairly certain I’ve got a date (wink wink) planned with some almond butter!


11 Responses

  1. Pretty produce! ANd I love the pic of your husband with the larabar wrapper…my husband is always trying to get in my blog pictures, too 😉

  2. Love the picture of Z. How did he like it?

    Bom Dia! It’s made by Bolthouse Farms. Yummy stuff.

    Those are the best looking blueberries I’ve ever seen. Now I want blueberry pancakes?!

  3. what flavor did he have? when i have my first lara ill be sending you photos!!!

  4. He had the Cashew Cookie! He said he liked it. (But he also said it looked like a turd.)

  5. haha, first larabar is a big deal! too bad the moment came and went so quick. love the purchases and that net bag they are in!

  6. I hope you enjoyed your date. 😉

  7. Some time without the kids is nice… 🙂 I just love Farmers’ Market produce… Soooooo beautiful….

  8. i don’t think i could eat something new for breakfast every day! my hubby tried larabars before me. i find that hard to believe, considering i’m the food finder in the family!

  9. yay for pawning the kiddies off and having some adult time! LOVE that pic of the lara behind zak’s ear…hilar.

    looks like you had a fab weekend – lots of love to you on this monday!

  10. Haha…don’t worry. Those overnight oats are worth cheating for. Besides…technically speaking, like you said, they were for *brunch.* 😉

    Looks like a wonderful weekend!! 😀

  11. hehe. hot date indeed! You know I am jeals.

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