We Put the AZ in CrAZy

If you pay close attention, you can pretty much figure out exactly when I figured out the title to any given post. Sometimes it’s at the beginning. Sometimes it’s at the end. Sometimes I pull random crap out of the air and slap it into the title. Nonetheless, you should at least be able to determine WHEN I pulled crap out of the air.

Anyway. I’m not so sure about this “vegetable” thing. I mean how good can they be for you? Really now.

Monday Lunch

Toasted sesame Ezekiel bread, mustard, red leaf, 1/4 sliced avocado, tomato, banana peppers. Carrots sticks with salsa. I clapped my hands together and squealed before I ate it.

All together now

After I got over myself, we lolly gagged around until I finally decided it was about time we ruffled some feathers at the library. But first, a pre-library pear snack. Eaten as it was sliced.

Pre-Library Snack

Might as well call it our second home, because we played, read books, had issues with sharing and used the bathroom before left.

Ava Library

Maxine Library

After mom’s favorite section (produce) we stopped at Ava and Maxine’s favorite section (the sunglasses display).

Ava with sunglasses

Disclaimer: I did not pick out Maxine’s clothes. I never do – she won’t let me. She is nearly 3 and very persnickety about her wardrobe. If it’s my suggestion she’s not interested. And she. Loves. Those. Pants. She also demanded to wear those ballet shoes. Hey man, whatever gets us out of the house.

It’s also worth noting that Ava asked which flip flops she should wear. Her purple ones or turquoise ones. I said the purple ones would match parts of her shirt. She chose the green ones. Oh I see. Disregarding mom’s advice basically begins at birth.

And here’s where things started to get a little out of hand.

Ballerina Coolio

Exhibit A: Why I Take My Camera With Me Everywhere We Go.

more_max_dance max_dance

Exhibit B.

Sunglasses Dance

Exhibit C.

OK One More

We moved on to check out at this point, because I didn’t want to risk being escorted out of the store before having a chance to pay for my Green and Black Dark Chocolate and replenish my stash at home.

Before dinner we snuggled on the couch while we read and snacked on some of the last of our Newman’s Own Organic stash.

Newman's Own Organics Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps

I must say, these Cinnamon Sugar Soy Crisps were really good. Both kids loved them too which is no small feat. I don’t see myself buying these just because they are processed soy, but there’s no denying they were tasty and as far as snacks go, there are certainly worse things we could eat. (That’s some review, huh? “Certainly worse things we could eat…”)

Dinner tonight? Vegetable Frittatas!

Sauteing onions, green pepper, garlic in EVOO, and a handful of fresh spinach thrown in at the end.

Frittata Veggies

I scrambled up 6 eggs and added S&P and a splash of buttermilk because I still had some left from the corn cakes last week.

Frittata Before

Topped with shredded colby jack cheese and popped in the oven under the broiler for about 5 minutes.

Frittata After

I don’t know if it was the cheese or the buttermilk or that fact that I used the broiler this time instead of the stove top (with a lid on the pan) but this turned out great tonight.

Frittata Dinner

The eggs were perfectly fluffy and the combination of flavors was great.

Side View

Zak said: “Quiche is so good”.

A: “This isn’t quiche. It’s a frittata.”

Z: “What the difference?”

A: “I don’t know. Quiche has crust!”

Z: “I think this is quiche and you just forgot the crust.”

Did I say Frittata’s for dinner tonight? Sorry, I meant Crust-less Quiche.


23 Responses

  1. Your girls are adorable times 3! The frittata looks so good!! I have to make one soon!

  2. wow i thought it couldn’t get any better after the looks of that sandwich…but then there was the pear! and then there was the frittata/quiche! yummmmm. and don’t worry, it looks like maxine and ava actually have style…unlike if you had seen what i looked like when my mom let me pick out what to wear. picture neon leotard and 80s scrunchie socks.

  3. your daughters are beyond cute. i like the way maxine dresses, by the way…

  4. seriously loving these girls right now. I love the fact that Maxine picks out her own clothes, its sooo adorable.

    Lunch= amazing in my book. i spy carrot sticks which = total yum! 🙂


  5. Your “frittata” looks great. Love the girls at the store – so cute! I already have trouble remembering my girls at that age (unfortunately it was before the time of blogs 😦 ).


  6. who doesnt love the sunglasses display?! haha, i think of my titles the same way you do. i figure it will come to me eventually. same with my questions. my niece is 3 and changes her outfits 7 times a day! not kidding. mmm whatever you want to call that egg on a plate, i like it.

  7. Your crust-less quiche looks great! 😉

    Love he pics of the girls. I want to go grocery shopping with you guys… 🙂

  8. Ahhh that car rug brings back MAJOR memories. I used to spend hours playing “house” with cars on that thing.

  9. I am in LOVE with your kiddos! They look absolutely precious. I love how they were dancing! So cute.

  10. I gotta remember not to look at your frittata pics when I’m hungry. Either it’s the camera or the food itself (or both), but those shots are great.

  11. I am definitely going to start taking my camera to the supermarket! I have so many of these funny moments with my 3 year old.

  12. That sandwich looks amazingggg. And the quichetatta (new word!) looks awesome too.

    You know what’s even more awesome? The fact that Maxine looks like a baby Elvis in those two middle shots there. “Ah thank ya! I have to give a special thanks to my Moms for letting us always play by the sunglass rack in the grocery store.”

    Also – I got a juicer. Tried it this morning. I think I am now high.

  13. Those sunglass pictures are so cute! You should sign Maxine up in a dance class. 🙂

    Love those pepper rings on your sandwich. I eat those on most everything. 🙂

    What an easy and yummy dinner!

  14. All your father can say is that the weeds didn’t fall too far from the wheelbarrow! Ava is a born entertainer and that pix reminds me of the ever changing shows you and your little pals blessed our house with at that age. “White Rain” comes to mind…did you get that title from the shampoo bottle? And Maxine picking her own clothes? Hmmm…seems I remember early AM “discusssions” about your wardrobe even as the bus was in sight! Best of days! Welcome to your childhood revisited. I LOVE IT!

  15. Maxine has her own sense of style and I LOVE it! 😀

    The frittata—or crustless quiche!!!—looks incredibly delicious!! I always forget about making them, but they’re so good. I need to remember this recipe! 😀

  16. Your veggie sammie and carrot sticks look fab. Mouth is watering!! Haha Look at your girls go!! I bet there were people like why is this lady taking pics of her girls dancing down the grocery isles? haha!! I would have liked to see that. Us bloggers are rebels 🙂 Soy, ya, not a big soy fan here. Crust less quiche is looking yum!


  17. hahaha, the kids are too cute in those fashionable outfits. Having the lil sis, I totes know where you are coming from. Often times I have caught her in ensembles that I am certain she dug out of the trash, but alas, what is one to do? Fight with small children? Certainly not.

  18. Man you guys are healthy over there. Food looks so good!!! Did you dance around the store with your girls?

  19. I so hope you bougth Ava that Hello Kitty cup! My mother thinks all my “problems” in life are becasue I am bitter she didn’t buy me “hello kitty” as a kid; so on her behalf…. get Ava the cup so you don’t have a bitter adult daughter on you hands!

    they are so dang adorable!

    and your eggs /quice/frittata/ whateverthehecktheyarecalled look YUM

    I am actually a little nervous at what goof ball traits JJ is going to pick up thanks to his nutso mama!


  20. Aww, love the pics you took of your girls…precious, just precious 😀

    that fritatta looks TDF!

  21. I made your frittatas tonight for dinner and had to tell you it was absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful dish.

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