Just Beet It

Long run this morning – long for a week day anyway. I wanted to run 7 miles at my (hopeful) half marathon pace (less than three weeks baby!) Which meant anything less than 8:30/mile would make me happy.

I was easily able to maintain a 8:00/pace for the whole run, which I think was due in part to not having run for the last two days. 7 miles in 56:31 made me want jump up and down and say “Let’s have BEETS for breakfast this morning!”

So beets it was.

Another idea inspired by Heather, I put beets in my green juice this morning. Turning my Green Lemonade into Magenta Lemonade.

This morning was the usual gang. My good friends romaine, spinach, cukes, apples, lemon and ginger. The newbie: beet.

A splash of purple

Lots of ice because if it was gonna taste awful, awful things taste better cold.


But alas, it was far from awful! Of course it was! Actually, I couldn’t even taste it. Zak, who was lucky enough to score himself a glass said I was nuts and it definitely tasted like beets. If you’re complaining then hand over your glass and I’ll finish it. But he drank it. And so did Ellen who was also lucky enough to arrive in time to get a glass too.

I finished every last drop. What BEETS a milk mustache?

beet mustache

The answer to that question is staring you straight in the face.


22 Responses

  1. Yay!!! Nice run! You’re gonna rock that 1/2!

  2. SUPER awesome run Girl! sooo excited for you. I’m jumpin up and down for you!!!!!

    I need to start becoming more adventures with beets, seeing as i dont like them unless they are pickled! but this looks stellar, and if it leaves with me a mustache after, then i’m in! 🙂


  3. What a great run…

    I used to dislike beets a lot when I was little. Now I actually like them. Not sure I would put them in my juice though… BUT, I LOVE the color of you juice… So maybe!?! And you are right, nothing “beets” your mustache…. 😉

    Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Wow, good job on the run!! I’m quite impressed with your pace. It always amazes me to see how fast other bloggers are. I’m a run/walk runner, considerably slower but a race finisher nonetheless.

    If you don’t mind sharing, which brand of juicer are you using? I’m in the market for one with a quiet motor and am just checking out the various brands. Thank you in advance!

    • My juicer is an old, old, old Acme Juicerator – it was a handmedown and it ancient! But it works. I was going to buy a Breville before this one fell into my lap. The Breville seems to be best one out there.

  5. Oh yes I always crave beets after a long run. 😉 great run! I love breaking certain blocks of time ( aka 1 hour)

  6. hahahaaaaaaa. Love the mustache. 7 miles at an 8:00 pace? You go sista. Fo’ real.

  7. Love the mustache! You should do a ‘got beets’ commercial

  8. haha that beet mustache is awesome. you know you are a health blogger when….you have a beet mustache, not a milk mustache. we should make a list of these 🙂

    happy day!

  9. Hey! I have been following your blog for a while and I thought I just have to comment on this Beet juice. I guess I am not as brave as you, but it does look good with all that ice in it. Beets always remind me of Dwight from the office.

  10. You are reeedonkulous and I love it! Sexy beet-stash! Amazing that you still look pretty under that thing…haha.

    Umm, and you are WAY fast chica! Phew!

  11. Hey!!

    Yum! Sounds fabulous! I loves me some beets!

  12. Thank you for the Breville recommendation. It’s soo expensive though, but probably worth it. I bought a cheaper model online but am not happy with it as the motor started making really loud sounds after about a year.

  13. hahah nice stache! also i got your comment about your husbands aunt who lives close to baltimore- definitely let me know when you go visit!

  14. Ohhh my fav is carrot, celery, beet Cuke…. apple and or ginger

    GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT for pms type bloating!

    and the carrots and apples cover the earthy beets (i use small ones thought)

    LOVE the STASH!!!!

    Beet is your color!

  15. hahaha. lovin the stache. and i hate facial hair, but i love beets!

  16. You are hilarious! And absolutely adorable. Lovin the beet ‘stache. Lovin it!

  17. Ha. Nice stache! Love the green and pink colors together!


  18. hahahhahahhahaha First off- congrats on the run! That is freaking awesome. Two- how hilarious are you?

  19. This post convinced me that I need to get a good blender that can blend up some beets!! 😀

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