Friday Funk

I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was that I get up 5am this morning but I have been walking around feeling like a zombie all day today. I. Am. Tired. I’d love to take a nap but I think at this point I’ve crossed the line from “taking a nap” to just “going to bed”. Do I know how to have a rockin’ good time on a Friday night or what?

For lunch I reheated some lasagna. That’s it. No salad, no side of steamed veggies. Just lasagna.

Just Lasagna

I finished up some things around here and then decided to eschew yoga this afternoon in favor of an impromptu shopping trip. I did that “swipe the debit card” pose. You know the one.

I was starving when I got home and dove promptly into the bag of carrots.


That carrot + about five others. I’d wished it was a piece of cake slathered with frosting but alas, it was just a carrot. Gotta love those didn’t-get-enough-sleep sugar cravings.

So it was just me and my carrot. I did however remember dark chocolate a short while later. Chocolate makes me happy. The fact that it was the end of the bar is the only reason that wasn’t a picture of 24 squares instead of just 6.

Chocolate makes me happy

And for dinner tonight? Hold on to your hats.


I feel like that I’m in one of those a bad commercials for Healthy Choice frozen dinners and I’m them chick who says “I had popcorn for dinner last night” and the other chick smirks and rattles on about her fabulous sounding Healthy Choice meal. What a bitch.

Why aren’t these kids tired yet? Don’t they know it’s 6:30? Why isn’t Zak home from work yet? Doesn’t he know it’s 6:30? Why aren’t I in bed yet? Look at the time! It’s 6:30!

Hurry home honey! It’s popcorn for dinner tonight!


13 Responses

  1. Aww feel better!! I love that you had popcorn for dinner! I hope you added hot sauce!

  2. Was tonight not the longest night ever? I am just waiting for the phone call from my husband telling me his flight has landed so that I can go to bed….I guess I am not so much fun to come home to.

  3. hahahaha love you! funks all around the blogosphere…i say take er easy tonight lady. and popcorn makes a fabulous meal. i say what the hell, go pour on some butter!


  4. Thanks for making me laugh! I agree with Holly, funks all around the blogosphere today. At least its Friday!

    And can we please just have cake with frosting already?

  5. Wow you sure know how to do a Friday up don’t you? Haha. Oh well, we all have those days, and Friday nights can’t always be fun. (Or I wouldn’t be reading blogs at 9 pm.)

    I actually got up at frickin 3:30 this morning because of a huge thunderstorm that woke me up for good. Bedtime can’t get here soon enough.

    Have a great weekend! (And thanks for the black bean burger recipe!)

  6. Some days you just need popcorn for dinner. Just like how I could just have banana whip for dinner!

  7. i was up a half hour after you! we should’ve played scrabble together online!

  8. you can bet your sweet buns it was not MY idea to get up at 5 AM! no way jose. is it just me or is leftover lasagna better than fresh?

  9. Chocolate makes me happy. – 100% agree. Not enough sleep makes me sugar crazy, too.
    LOL about that new yoga pose! πŸ˜€

  10. Popcorn (or more likely ice cream or tortilla chips + salsa) dinners happen to me more often than I would like to admit. πŸ™‚

    By the way, I’ve been kind of off the radar this week so I haven’t been commenting much, but I loved your biking post. I love bike rides/runs/walks that remind me of how simple and beautiful life is.

  11. Leftover lasagna is the best. Oh, and popcorn for dinner is totally acceptable. I have the same popcorn popper that you have and I’ve been enjoying it a lot lately.

    I did that yoga pose a little too much yesterday. Feeling the pain today. Also, chocolate! My new favorite: Endangered Species 72% with blueberries. OMG, sorry G&B but I think I am cheating on you officially.

  12. hahahaha you crack me up with your commercial reference.

  13. I hope you got some rest… πŸ™‚

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