It Is My Duty

I keep waiting for the watermelon to stop tasting so good –


but alas, that time has yet to come. I guess I’ll just have to keep testing the watermelons until I’m sure watermelon season is over. It is my duty.

So as luck would have it my mom had a technological snow day of sorts and was able to leave work early – thus I was able to get my run checked off the to-do list much earlier than I anticipated.

Midday sun + warm but not too hot air + slight breeze = perfect running weather.  It was my duty to run.

I did my 4.76 mile loop in about 39 minutes. Home to change and throw together a quick Ezekiel bread veggie filled sandwich, we then whisked away to a play date with Ava’s future classmates and a little “getting to know you” meet up.

Light and Dark Sandwich

After our meet up, I got to know this beauty.

Red Delicious

I introduced myself to a new Larabar too.

New Larabar

It is my duty to report the facts.  If you like Pistachio nuts (I do! I do!) then this Larabar is for you. It’s like eating a giant, soft, slightly sweet pistachio nut.

I was slightly amused at how GREEN it was. I’m hoping this is just fluorescent green because it’s made from pistachios and not because the ingredients were grown near Chernobyl.

Green Larabar

I dawdled getting dinner ready tonight and before I knew it was dinner time, I was starving and annoyed that dinner did not magically appear before me.  This calls for fast and easy – i.e., the food processor.

Homemade garlic hummus and cut up vegetables sticks for a little tasting plate.

Veggie Tasting Plate

See that zucchini in the bowl of the background there? Take note of that. It’s a bit of foreshadowing.

As I’ve been reading Thrive I keep peeking at the recipes in the back and have been drooling into the binding over Brendan Brazier’s large collection of raw and veggie centered recipes. I decided to try his zucchini chips tonight.

Before I made hummus I used my slicer attachment to let my food processor do some slicey dicey magic.

Sliced Zucchini Chips

I misto‘d a cookie sheet with olive oil and spread the nicest slices out on and sprayed with more olive oil and a little salt. Preheated the oven to 300 and baked for about 40 minutes before I decided I was too hungry to let them cook any longer.

Zucchini Chips

Some were crispy. And some were not.

Not Crispy

For Round 2 I used up the less-than-perfect mixed thickness zucchini slices. This is where those slices pictured in the bowl above come into play.

Round 2

Round 2?  FAIL.


I can’t say I’m surprised they turned out this way, Round 2 was more of an experiment to see if the paper thin ones would crisp up perfectly.  Maybe they did but I didn’t keep a close eye on them so it’s my fault.  But don’t get me wrong, these tasted great! Especially the few chips I got to crisp up perfectly. Even the mushy limp ones were good.  (Yikes, don’t read that sentence out of context.) I just need to find the perfect chip width to hit the zucchini chip sweet spot.

To fail or not to fail, there is no question.  I will attempt these zucchini chips again!  It is my duty.


19 Responses

  1. oh nice! i have pistacchio flavor…very interested in trying it out! so i bought 2 cantaloupe today for 5$ and thought hmm what juice combo will work with this….i have cantaloupe, ginger, lemon, orange, romaine, cucumber, granny smith, and carrot…..what combo do you think i should try!!! im thinking cantaloupe, giner, orange, romaine and cucumber? hm…
    and 😦 to watermelon season being over!

    • Ohhh boy I’m not sure! So many possibilites, you could definitely swap out the apple if you use cantaloupe because it will be sweet. Can’t wait to see what you try!

  2. or almost over anyway…

  3. That’s so funny that you made the zucchini chips today. I just placed them on my list of foods to make this week. I’ll let you know if mine turn out to be edible.

  4. ‘I’m hoping this is just fluorescent green because it’s made from pistachios and not because the ingredients were grown near Chernobyl.’ – LMAO!

    I also attempted the zuke chips and was greeted with similar results. I ate them anyway.

  5. no watermelon in my house this week…i guess i’ll just have to feed off yours!!! 🙂

    zucchini chips look amazing, even those burnt ones. for some reason burnt is the way to go. i know you’ll find that perfect thickness for sure! 🙂

    enjoy your evening Alison! 🙂

  6. I think I am going to forgo the zuchinni chips. I have a lot of fails in the blog world. Well now that I think about it I am pretty sure I did try it and I burnt them to a crisp. Oops! Your hummus looks great. Recipe?


  7. Making chips is fun! I made potato chips the other day that looked very similar to your second batch… But they were delicious! 😉

  8. i love me my pistachios too girl…that lara is delish. mmmm zucchini all the green (radioactivity?) going on in this post!

  9. You are kind of amazing…you do so much and make so much wonderful food! You are like wonder woman!!! I’ve never had that lara…it is one of the few…I loooooove pistachios so I’ll have to check it out.

  10. sorry your zucchini chips didn’t chip it up….i am determined for the both of us, as i have never made them….

  11. i had to test a watermelon today. still good. i will keep testing as well. ok so i am glad to hear the pistachio gets an A+, i almost bought it but then bought the coconut one instead. yes i am a cheap ass and buy LBs one at a time. haha, love the zuke experiments!

  12. haha if you’re on watermelon testing duty, I am DEF on cantaloupe testing duty. We will continue to make sure fruit is safe for the world….its a tough job 😉

    Glad you got in a great run and that sammy looks REALLY good. Reminds me of a favorite sammy of mine I get at a local restaurant. May need to visit this weekend.

    Sorry about the zuch chips. I always just cut mine thicker and bake them. I kind of like them a little mushy

    Hope you have a good Tuesday chica!

  13. I thought about buying the pistachio larabar last night, but didn’t want to risk not liking it! Now I want to try it since you liked it and I love pistachio nuts!

  14. I remember trying zucchini chips one time, but I became impatient after 15 minutes which meant they were just soft and limp. This is why I could never be a bread maker…no patience whatsoever! But I’m intrigued that some of your chips became crispy, so I’m determined to try it out once again—with more patience this time! 😀

    Oh, and I had no idea that soaking dates would help them blend into a smoothie. Who would know? (well, maybe a lot of people, but not I…haha)

    I do dig the chunks, but I’m still determined to try letting them soak too. 😀 I’m kind of obsessed with chewiness. It all started as a kid when I would harden the gummy bears in my hot fudge sundae so they would be super chewy. Weird, but true.

    But I’ll call it my duty to try the soak & blend version too. 😉

  15. Even the soggy chips look good to me! If I were there I would have gladly taken them off your hands (and put them in my mouth)!

  16. So, I finally got around to making the zucchini chips yesterday. I made the flavored version with/ thyme, oregano and basil. The were pretty tasty. I used thick slices and baked for 45 minutes on 350. Next time, I think I need to up the heat a little. Let me know if you find out the key to getting these guys crispy. Mine were so so on the crisp-o-meter, but were a 9 in the taste department.

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