The Secret Code Is:

After my post this morning the girls were ready for breakfast and said they wanted waffles. Ummm, alright. Alright would be code for I just cleaned up the kitchen but sure, why not.

Waffle Day

They love to stir while I read the recipe and measure out ingredients for them to add in. Add in is code for play tug of war with a cup of milk.

We used the waffle recipe straight out of the waffle box. The drops of syrup on that recipe is my proof.

2 cups of all purpose flour is code for 1 cup of white flour and 1 cup of whole wheat flour.
3 tablespoons of sugar is code for 2 tablespoons of Agave Nectar.
1/4 cup of vegetable oil is code for 1/4 cup of canola oil.

Waffle Recipe

That’s right Black and Decker I totally cracked your stinkin’ code!

Maxine, waiting patiently.


Maxine, impressed!

Maxine is Impressed!

Ava said these were the best waffles she’s ever eaten. Shhh, don’t tell Kashi we upstaged them.

Ava Is Too

So while I don’t get the wedding gift waffle maker out regularly, sometimes I am motivated. Motivated is code for begged. That recipe made 4 waffles, so there were plenty left over and these are great to pull out and toast up in the toaster oven for a couple more breakfasts and snacks.

Waffles Up Close More for Later

I didn’t have one, I was still happily digging my magenta juice and cantaloupe buzz.

And lesson learned, don’t accidentally leave the far-from-cheap Grade A Maple Syrup unattended while you turn your back for just one second. Turn your back for just one second is code for run off and check your email.

Don't Check Your Email

Now we know.

Waffle mess and syrup covered children cleaned up, it was time to make a big salad mess.

Salad Mess

Red leaf, spinach, carrots, tomato, cuke, sprouts, shredded zucchini and a PURPLE pepper straight from the garden. All ingredients in a large bowl, a little dressing…. Shake, shake, shake… shake shake shake… shake my salad! Right JanethaB? That’s the only way I roll. Roll is code for tossed.

I worked around the house and then it was time to set the kids free of the confines of the house and meet up with my dad at the yacht club for a little pool time.

But first, a snack! And this is where things started to turn eerily familiar.

Snack of Shriveled Stuff

Hmmm, didn’t I have that same salad for lunch yesterday? And I think that shriveled snack of dried apples, raisins and walnuts is a repeat too!

Hey man, if it ain’t broke…

Snack time and then pool time. Pool time would be code for Mama’s undisturbed reading time.

Reading Time

We ended up staying pretty late. My dad was out sailing and it was nearly 7 by the time I convinced them we were packing it up and getting the show on the road. Convinced them is code for drag a reluctant Maxine out of the sandbox and giant play Pirate ship while trying to let her think she’s in charge by giving her the option of going down the slide or walking the plank.

Boy that was some code. But yeah we cracked it! High Five! And she chose to walk the plank in case you’re wondering.

We stayed so late I completely underestimated how hungry I was and how long the car ride home was. In fact, to say I was hungry would be putting it mildly.

My favorite Natalia inspired Hold Me Over snack while I waited for the microwave to do it’s thing. That’d be carrot sticks while waiting for leftovers to heat up, baby!

Carrot Snack

Not pretty but I don’t care. I was hungry! And hungry would of course be code for STARVING.


Did you know that food tastes better when you are hungry? True story. Well, I think it’s a true story, I don’t have a link to any sort of prestigious study to send you to but I know I’ve read that before. Basically it has to do with your hunger hormones, ghrelin probably. As I understand it, it’s nature’s way of encouraging you to eat MORE. If you are really hungry when you sit down to eat your body thinks food is scarce and wants you to tank up. Food tastes better, therefore you eat a lot. Reason #561 not to go too long without eating.

Luckily for my waist line this leftover beauty was pre-portioned out and therefore portion control was built right in.

While I’m not willing to wager a small child on the validity of that little tidbit, I’m fairly positive it’s true. But I’m no RD, I just read a lot. I’m mentioning all this is because I was thinking about that as I was eating the best chili EVER. It certainly seemed true tonight because I was STARVING by the time we got home and this tasted about 100x times better than it was last night. And it was good last night!

It was the best chili I’ve ever eaten.  Shhh… don’t tell the Alison of Christmas Past that I upstaged her.

And now it’s time for bed. No, bed is not code for anything.  I’m just going to bed.


No Rest for the Weary

Today is a rest day. I swapped exercise this morning with work on my never ending to-do list. Over the years I’ve signed myself to volunteer for various non-profit groups and organizations – all in my quest to keep my brain from turning to mush as a stay at home mom. It’s all good, but sometimes things pile up and out of no where I realize I’ve got a million of things to do when all I’d really like to do is curl up into the fetal position with Halloween costume catalog and pretend my biggest concern is what Disney Princess I want to be for Halloween.

Disney Princess Costumes

Between tasks this morning I’ve of course been in and out of the kitchen about half a dozen times already.

Garbonzo beans soaked for about 8 hours and cooked for an hour ready to meet their food processor maker. My guess is hummus will be made. And that’s a pretty good guess considering I’m the cook around here.


Magenta Lemonade, his and hers.

Magenta Lemonade for Two

Who says you can’t make lemonade from romaine, cucumbers, apples, beets, lemons and ginger? Not Natalia, that’s for sure.

More work at my desk, I swapped out my coffee break for a cantaloupe break.


Somehow I’m still finding time to slowly but surely work my way through Thrive. I’m feeling naturally drawn to only juice and fruit until lunch time lately. I have to say the things Brendan Brazier has to say about raw foods and a vegan lifestyle are pretty convincing. I love so much of what I read in the Raw Foods Detox Diet by Natalia Rose, Thrive has felt like a natural progression. It’s the athlete’s raw food bible in my mind. He gives such a great explanation as to why raw foods are so good for you and what they can do for your body. It’s hard to argue with what he writes. He’s filled in some of the gaps from Natalia’s book. I feel like I’m putting together the pieces of the puzzle for the perfect diet for me, grabbing a little from here, a little from there coming up with what works for me on both a nutritional level and an emotional/psychological level as well. It trickles down to the kids and Zak, even my friends and family who seem interested and will listen to me rattle on. Not to mention you fine people too! That’s what this is really all about though, right? Sharing what we learn and live with the people we love.

I’m going to write a real review on Thrive as soon as I finish it. I’m aiming for some time before I’ve got to make my final decision on being Ariel or Cinderella for Halloween. Here’s hoping.