Intuitive Eating Refresher

Today has totally felt like a Saturday. Monday? Really?

My little juice prank went off without a hitch this morning you’ll be glad to know. He’s a good sport and shares my crazy sense of humor. He laughed at the lid on the juice and said that it was definitely one joke that could have gone horribly wrong, but he would have been more sad over lost juice than a messy fridge.

After juice jokes, I changed into bike riding gear and had a little kiwi for a snack before heading out.

Pre Ride Kiwi

Home again 56 minutes and 14.5 miles later I snacked on carrots and salsa as I made lunch for everyone.

Post Ride Snack

Veggie sandwiches for me and the man. Who needs cheese and mayo when you’ve got avocado? Nature’s creamy goodness if you ask me!

Don't Pout Little Sprout

Don’t pout little sprout, it’ll all work out.

Veggie Sandwich

And a little handful of raisins and almonds for dessert.

Post Lunch Dessert

Notice there has not been much Green and Black dark chocolate love these days? After reading Thrive I’ve been inspired to go without it for a while. Coffee too. It’s been over a week since my last cup of coffee. I had one day of a mild headache but I’m feeling free of any caffeine addiction. Brendan Brazier talks about caffeine being a stimulating food and if you can cut stimulating foods out of your diet (other stimulating foods include refined grains, refined sugar, processed carbs) you can eliminate food cravings. I’m giving it the old college try because why not. So far I’m having good luck with it. I’ve by no means eaten my last piece of chocolate and am not swearing off coffee forever. I do enjoy a little experimenting though and right now I’m feeling motivated.

Later in the afternoon Zak took the girls to the playground and I headed off to buy groceries all by myself. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Free to browse, read labels, go from one end of the store to the other and back again on a whim! No stops at the bathroom! Any check out lane I wanted! Wheeeee I stood on the back of the shopping cart and sailed down the aisles singing “She’s a Maniac” as I threw dried apples into my cart with reckless abandon.

Apparently I did a little too much browsing and savoring of my solitary shopping trip because I was positively starving by the time I got out of the store. I ripped open the bag of crispin apples as I was loading up groceries and chomped down on it standing right there in the parking lot!

Post Shopping Snack

This was not an organic apple and I did not wash it before eating it. I have no idea if this in my head or what but immediately after eating this apple my lips and the tip of my tongue felt slightly numb! Seriously. It’s been 3 or 4 hours now and I’m still feeling it even if I forget about it for a while. Am I nuts? Don’t answer that.  I can see the newspaper headline now:

Psychosomatic Lip and Tongue Numbness from Conventionally Grown Apples Sends Woman to Loony Bin

That’s one story I’m definitely gonna read.

The apple helped curb my hunger but I totally munched on (washed!) grape tomatoes as I unpacked groceries. I bought these from a farm stand on the way home and they are the best tomatoes I’ve had all season.

Tomato Snack

I was sort of late getting home and Zak had made some tofu veggie stir fry for for dinner.  I had a little of that while I was trying to figure out what I really in the mood for.

Veggie Stir Fry

Talk about dinner randomness. Even after an apple, tomatoes and some stir fry I was still feeling like I needed something more and whipped up the White Bean Dip recipe I saw in Health magazine this month.

Steal This Dish

Steal This Dish? Don’t mind if I do.

The recipe called for fresh sage but I didn’t have any. I do however have rosemary growing in the garden and used a sprig of that.

I warmed a little extra virgin olive oil in a pan and added some minced garlic and chopped rosemary.

Rosemary Rosemary and Garlic Saute

After they sauteed together for a little while and everything had soften up I stirred it into some rinsed and mashed cannellini beans.

Mixed and smeared onto some toasted Ezekiel bread. I actually see a lot of possibility with this dish.  I need to use cannellini beans more often. I have to remember this one!  It was a tasty, fast and easy meal. Or part of a 4 course meal apparently.

Smeared on Ezekiel

I was definitely feeling full after the beans and toast. Intuitive Eating and a little reflection makes me think I didn’t eat enough for lunch today and therefore lead to feeling insatiable this evening. I’m feeling normal now though, especially after a cup of tea. My choices were healthy but I still feel like I over did it. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

That new day being Tuesday, right?


14 Responses

  1. love your day of intuitive eating and free lady shopping.
    How sweet of Zak to make veggie stir fry for you too!
    we cooked as a family all weekend…. so loved that!

    i stole your recipes all weekend! but they are mine now because I tweaked em so bad you probably wouldn’t want to claim them anymore!

    actually they all turned out AWESOME, so thanks for great recipes.

    I have been chugging the coffee lately AND eating chocolate. boo
    (but only because I want to….hahahaha)

    actually the coffee is cuz I am not sleeping well and tired and then coffee and than not sleeping well…. and over and over.

    I should work on cutting back
    Happy Monday to ya

  2. Alison i wish i could cut coffee…and had your motivation. get it girl! maybe one day…

    When i get to hungry like that, everyone better stay clear! you made healthy choices so it was all good girl! 🙂

    i feel like tomorrow is thursday? ha i wish 😉 nighty night!

  3. It defenitely does not feel like Monday, and I actually worked today…go figure! That is really weird how your tongue went a bit numb after eating that apple. I like your munchy food dinner. I have nights when I just have no idea what I’m craving, so I kinda snack on a bunch of stuff. Have a happy Tuesday!

  4. So brave of you to cut off stimulating food! I know it’s true for me that when I eat processed carbs and sugars, my cravings intensify. I don’t know how to keep off baked goods though. How do you do it?!

    Too funny yet scary about the apple!
    Your white bean dip looks sooo good! I can’t get enough of beans these days.

    • There is definitely a transistion period – a time where is sucks but then you come through it and the cravings and taste for it is gone! No joke!

  5. I got to go grocery shopping alone this weekend too! I love having time to browse at Whole Foods…but it could get dangerous very quickly!

  6. “Wheeeee I stood on the back of the shopping cart and sailed down the aisles singing “She’s a Maniac” as I threw dried apples into my cart with reckless abandon.” ????

    You are a nut

  7. I saw that white bean recipe too, glad you liked it! Grocery shopping looks like is was adventure without the little ones, I should’t take that for granted b/c kids are on my agenda soon:)

  8. YUM! That bean dip looks so yummy!

    What kind of bike do you have? Just wondering 🙂

  9. I’m definitely feeling that way today – yesterday was a crazy long work day and I didn’t eat enough in the afternoon and didn’t have time to eat dinner, which led to being a crazy snack lady when I got home. Which led me to consume a cookie this morning and now I don’t really even want breakfast. What!? Craziness. At least in tracking these things and being conscious of them, we can self correct.

    I plan on chugging at least my entire body weight in water today, in attempts to self correct 🙂

  10. shoop girl…i had a day like that yesterday. it was weird…i feel like i ate too much but then calculated and it wasn’t that bad, and argh, whatever. today is a new day, and yes it is tuesday. thanks for the reminder, i needed it.

    happy almost humpday…woowoo!

    p.s. tomatoes = total gorgeousness.

  11. One of the recipes that I have to give you is a white bean dip. 🙂 Too funny. It’s different, though, so I’ll send it to you.

    So do you still get cravings and if so, for what? I saw that you stopped the chocolate and coffee so I was wondering what cravings you are getting that you decided to try that? Dark chocolate is really the only chocolate I can have because I can only eat a square or two at the most and I can actually walk past it for days without touching it. 🙂 Milk chocolate, however, would not last a few minutes. (haha)

  12. Mmmm dippy. The other day I skipped lunch too, and ended up so ravenous for dinner that I ate and ate and fullness didn’t hit until a bit later. I realized that even though I wasn’t super hungry during the day, I needed to fuel my body with SOMETHING!

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