Water Snacks and Pink Shoes

We had an errand to run this morning, and fortunately it landed us very near the library, so we stopped in for a visit. First stop: the bird cages.

Checking Out the Birds

Be sure to check out Maxine’s self selected ensemble. I just got those shoes for her at a thrift shop ($2!!) and no other shoes have been worn since. I kid you not that she threw a complete fit last night when I told her she could not wear them to bed.

Maxine's Ensemble

Home from the library, I was thrilled to get the mail and find the new Runner’s World waiting for me!

Runners World Oct 2009

I’m especially excited about this issue though because yours truly is mentioned in one of the articles this month! Do you get Runner’s World? Be sure to check out the article “Run for All” article by John Hanc. When I attempted to train for the marathon in 2007 I had to stop because I wasn’t ready, but I still volunteered at the race that year and it made me more determined than ever to do it in 2008. The article is basically about how running can do much more for you than just shedding some pounds.

Breakfast was so late this morning that I wasn’t really hungry for lunch, but I felt like I should eat a little something and cut up a (Washed! TWICE!) apple for a mid day snack.

Big Apple

Later in the afternoon while I made a late lunch for myself the girls were ready for a “snack”. This would be Ava’s recipe, hold on to your hats.

Water popsicles.

Water Popcicle

They were so excited for ice cubes on a stick it made me wonder why I ever buy them cookies. Ava made these a while ago but found them today when the snacks I offered (an apple, a banana) were unappealing to her.

Someone remind me why I spend so much money on organic food.

Magenta Popcicle

During water popcicle fun, my I enjoyed a sun filled salad with the left over white bean dip smeared on a piece of Ezekiel toast.  My beast of a salad was comprised of red leaf, spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, mushrooms, broccoli and carrots.

Sunny Salad

After water snacks Ava and I sat down on the couch together to read a book about volcano’s and Maxine crawled up into my lap to listen, but apparently we bored her to sleep.

Sleepy Max

Tonight for dinner I was in the mood for something new. I was going to try one of Brendan Brazier’s pizza recipes but when I realized it was getting kind of late and the pizza recipes in his book take 45 minutes just to BAKE (not even including prep time) I decided to save it for another night and went with a new spin on black bean burgers instead.

Tonight’s All Star Ingredient? Why sun dried tomatoes! Thanks for asking!

Sundried Tomatoes Mini Prep

I put about a 1/2 cup of jarred sun dried tomatoes packed in oil into my mini prep and chopped them up to mix into the can of rinsed black beans that I had mashed up. I then chopped up about a 1/2 cup or so of sunflower seeds in the mini prep and stirred it all together. I added a little minced garlic on a whim, formed into patties and cooked on each side for about 4 – 5 minutes.

New Burger

Sun dried tomato burger on an Ezekiel roll with pickles, mustard and red leaf lettuce.  This turned out so great and held together the best of all my veggie burger experiments yet!  Served with steamed broccoli topped with Nutritional Yeast. I usually use parm but Brendan talks about the benefits of nutritional yeast in Thrive and I’ve had some in the cupboard for a while now, not knowing what to really do with it.   I whipped it out tonight for a broccoli topping and it was good. It’s got a very nutty, almost cheesy flavor and is a good source of protein. I liked it and will use it again.

And now I better prepare myself to fight the Pink Shoes Bedtime Battle again tonight, I’m sure. Wish me luck.


23 Responses

  1. I love little kids, they are so hilarious. Water popsicles? They come up with the craziest stuff. Oh and the pink shoes are awesome. I’d want to sleep in them too.
    The burgers look delish. I love sun dried tomatoes.

    Congrats on being famous!!! How did they hear about your story?

    • I saw a call for stories about doing some good with your runs on the RW forums. I replied to the writer with how volunteering for the marathon inspired me to train again and with more determination the next time and turned out it was just the sort of story they were looking for with the article! 😀

  2. Look at you, in the magazine!!! Very nice! It seems everyone in the blogosphere received the new RW in the mail today except me.

    Your girls are a delight!

  3. Sun dried tomatoes is always my go-to ingredient for a tasty and tangy flavor. How many patties were you able to make with 1 can of beans and 1/2 can of sun dried tomatoes? The patty does look like it held up really well. Scrumptous.

  4. hey superstar – magazine mentions – cool!!! i love maxine’s outfit.

  5. I used to love water popsicles when I was a kid! and here I thought I was the only one!!

  6. Water Popsicles! you ROCK…they’re hydrating, they’re cheap and if the kidlets love em… woot!

    that and pink shoes and the floral theme is perfect! Lil Maxine knows here fashion style!

    nice job on the magazine mention! superstar!


  7. OMG you’re a famous lady!! I’ll so check out that article. Is it sad that we get so excited over RW in the mail? NAWW not at all.

  8. I love nutrtitional yeast. I put it in salads and wraps and make sauces…endless possibilities! I think it’s the cheesiness that I like.

  9. Maxine’s taste in fashion puts Paris Hilton to shame! 😉 Also, water popsicles? I’m stealing Ava’s recipe. She’s gonna be creating fab stuff by the time she turns 7!
    Oooh, you’re famous.

  10. How many times can I say that I adore your blog and that your life reminds me so much of mine that it is eerie?

    One more time, I guess.

  11. Sun Dried Tomato burgers sound awesome! Your girls are adorable!!!

  12. Those black bean burgers sound delicious! I think I may try making some of my own, it looks so simple. You and your girls are so cute together 🙂

  13. If I had pink sparkly shoes I would not take them off either! And the pic of your daughter asleep on you is too cute!

    I found a vegan mac and cheese recipe using nutritional yeast on Oh She Glows and made it on my blog with added veggies. It was perfect healthy comfort food.

  14. That is SO cool that you are in the new Runners World! I am totally stopping by B&N today to pick one up! ah! Your kids crack me up- I am lovin Maxine’s outfit- you tell her I am a pink fan as well! Rock it! Owww sundried tomato burgers? I’m so in. Have a great one

  15. I’m always excited to receive runners world in the mail, but now I’m really excited. How cool is that? I can’t wait to read the article… 😀

    Oh, and I love Maxine’s fashion sense. Those shoes are adorable…love ’em! 😀

    Happy Hump Day!

  16. Ah love the water popsicles! How was the first day of school?

    Mi madre made butter with the little one. Something tells me you did not do the same.

  17. OMG my daughter threw a fit this morning because she wanted to wear her shoes with no socks. She’s 19 months old. I see the clothing wars won’t end any time soon huh?? Oh and water popsicles?!?!? GENIUS!!!!! I’m totally hooking that up when I get home!!!!! I really really really love your blog…. and now I’m finding out you are a celebrity?!?!? You’re in a magazine article! CONGRATS!!!! That’s awesome! 😀

  18. O maxine is such a cutie pie! Love the outfits that Diva picks out! 😉

    and who new water popsicles would be such a hit? gotta love those cuties!!!!

    Congrats on being featured in the Runners World Article!!!! This girl is so proud of you!!! have a good day!


  19. Gabbie brings shoes to bed all the time. Sometimes she will at least settle for holding them, and not having them on her feet.

    Congrats on the Runners World mention! I would be super excited.

    I have had Nutritional Yeast in my fridge for a few months….I forgot about it! I may try it on some broccoli today. Your salad looks so good as always. I can’t wait to get my Thrive book so I can see some of those recipes.

  20. hahahaha water popsicles?! that is priceless. she will be happy when she is older that there is this blog post documenting such fabulous events. love the sparkly shoes 🙂

  21. That picture of Maxine in her pink shoes is adorable!!! Too funny about her wanting to wear them to bed. (haha)

    The picture in your post of your salad is really neat. I love the lighting in that pic.

    Water popsicles??? (hahah) I’m not sure what to say about that. Very clever. 🙂

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