Half Brained Half Marathon

I’ve felt so swamped this week I keep *forgetting* that the half marathon is on Sunday. Last year at this time I was gearing up to run my first full marathon and it was of course all I could think about. I began checking the weather forecast day 10 days out. I laid out my clothes and mixed and matched outfit possibilities in my mind figuring out what would work best. I checked the race website for updates multiple times a day. Re-read emails from the race director again and again, making sure I knew every last detail and didn’t miss a thing.

I was thinking about this today during my morning run and realized that oh yeah, the half marathon is just 3 days away! Sure, it’s only half the distance I ran last year but sometimes I need to pinch that soft fleshy skin under my arm between my elbow and my arm pit to make sure this is me who’s out there running most mornings. I think back to the person I use to believe I was. I was that girl who said I could never be a runner. Running hurts. It’s bad for my knees. My boobs are too big, I might give myself a black eye.

The right goal and some determination can do amazing things. Running’s a great way to lose weight? Hmmm, ok, maybe I’ll try it. I needed a goal and tried to train for the full marathon in 2007 but had no idea of the commitment, dedication and conditioning it took to run 26.2 miles. I told myself I just wasn’t built to go long distances. Some people can do it and some people can’t. I guess I’m one of those who can’t.

It’s funny the things we tell ourselves and believe to be true. These words and phrases we use to define ourselves and how it can hold us back from our full potential. Running is my personal example but it could be anything. Painting. Yoga. Underwater Basket Weaving. If you want it, reach for it.

After my 4.76 mile run this morning I wanted overnight oats so I reached for them. It’s been a while since I’ve had oats and I was in the mood yesterday so I knew overnight oat prep was in order last night.

Oats for breakfast makes me want to reach for coffee! But oh yeah, I’m not drinking coffee right now. If I dig a little deeper it’s not that I want coffee, I just want something warm to drink with oats.

Tea it is!

Honey Vanilla White Tea Chai

Oats, ground flax and unsweetened shredded coconut soaked overnight in unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, some mashed banana and a scoop of almond butter.

Overnight Oats

Topped this morning with sliced banana. I sweetened my chai tea with a tsp of agave nectar and a splash of 1% milk. Funny that I don’t need sugar in coffee but I do need something to sweeten my tea a little bit.

Thoughtfulness from a morning run aside, I’m suddenly excited that the half marathon is so close! I’ve got to go pick up my race packet tomorrow and start thinking about how I’m going to fuel up for the big day.

If the sky were the limit, what would you reach for? Be it big or small – what would it be? What’s your first step?

I want to be tidier! I want tidiness to come naturally and just be a part of my day to day life like running now is. I believe that with tidiness comes order and with order comes peace. My first step? I need to get rid of STUFF! Clutter! Papers! Magazines! Books! Can’t I just go run and forget about this mess I call a desk?

Oh yeah. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Interesting. I guess running and a clean desk aren’t compatible. Awww crap there I go with the definitions again.


24 Responses

  1. I would love a clean desk, too, but no matter how many times I clean it, it always ends up a big fat mess. And I just tell DH, the neat-freak, that I’m a creative person who needs chaos to be successful. And then he asks why the rest of the house is a mess.

  2. Good luck on the run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was that person who doctors said I couldn’t RUN…but I am a sorta Jogger now… so this is a huge deal to me …. a half marathon seems like such an accomplishment to me… I would be STOKED to do a 5K.

    I have a work friend that ran a marathon in NY a couple years ago…I was so so AMAZED…

    hmmmmm what would I want to accomplish…skating in some fashion again…like Roller Derby…HA

    and I really want to be a painter…and write children’s books…and get an education….

    I have a huge list of goals…so I just plug away day by day a little at a time.

    we work on tidy-ness every day. it feels good when life is organized. ahhhhhh


  4. my biggest dream would be to go to the olympics…some smaller goals would probably be getting a doctorate in exercise physiology, running a marathon(which i plan on doing next year!) and maybe keeping my room clean haha…anyway good luck with your race this weekend!! i’m sure you will do great!

  5. i am one of those people who can’t run real far 😛 but i can’t wait to hear about your race! that will be so fun to read about. the oats look good, i agree i love drinking coffee with oats.. definitely just because it is something warm. nice improv there. i want to travel more. travel travel travel. i just need to do it.

  6. Wow, 3 days away?? You must be so excited! I’m excited for you! Whoo-hoo! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  7. Good luck on the half marathon, I’m thinking about finally doing one next spring/summer!
    That tea looks really good!

  8. YAY for the halfie coming up!!! i’m so happy for you girl! 🙂 i’m really interested in how your “fuel” meal for the halfie..let me know what your ideas are cause i need some ideas for mine in october 🙂


  9. very nice combo! ill give that a try one day! did u see how i tried the fruit cereal?

  10. Thank you for this reminder!! I realized last night – I have to stop telling myself that I can’t and start saying I can!! It’s all in the positive messages 🙂

    I cannot wait to read about your half marathon. Please make sure you post in all of it’s sweaty, muscle straining, kick arse running glory!! You will do fab!

    I suggest a trade. I am very neat and tidy – You are an awesome runner/weight loss loser. Let us trade motivational techniques!!

  11. you are fabulous – with that 20-miler looming this saturday, i needed to read this. i can do it. i never ever thought i would be a runner, and now look at me!

    hmmmm…i wish i could live more in the present. i always have fancy ideas of things i want to do, places i want to see and exotic experiences i yearn to have. sometimes i forget life is passing right before me!

    have a good day with the girls 😉

  12. I’m the same way with running. I would be disappointed in myself, or think of 8 & 9 milers as “no big deal”, but then I’d be like “woooah there Tay”. Who are you?! When did you start thinking this? I used to DIE after running 2 minutes. It’s crazy how far we can come 🙂

    Good luck on your half!!

  13. Good luck this weekend! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Thank you for all your encouragement on my blog lately. I definitely will be thinking of all my blog friends when I am tired and running. It is great motivation to know that someone is thinking about me while I am out there. I will be thinking about you this weekend….You are going to do great!

  14. […] That’s what. Alison will. Do on Sunday. […]

  15. I would love to be able to run a 5k soon without walking

  16. Beautiful post!

    Good luck on Sunday! I know you’ll do great! 🙂

    I want to finally let go of the past… It’s so time. And I think, actually I know, I’ll need some help to do so. That’s what I’ll do. Finally get some help… [Sorry about the cryptic comment, but I had to write this down… Now I’m accountable! :)]

  17. Good luck on the run my friend…I bet you’ll do great!

    If the sky is the limit…hmm…I was I could give myself 100% every single day to every single thing. Sometimes I feel like I spread myself to thin and as a result, all of my effort isn’t always exerted.

    I love your posts. You write beautifully.

  18. unfortunately i ran indoors 😦 but i was indeed running at the exact moment you submitted that comment! haha if you have a whole foods around you that is where the new larabars are hiding out!

  19. How is that coffee? (I like that I ask that as I am having a google chat convo with you!) I like the Caramel Chocolate Chai or something, it’s great with a splash of almond milk and a little agave. Mmm, dessert in a cup!

    Really struggling with coffee. Why is it SO GOOD? I’m not addicted (really) but I just can’t quit. I also haven’t picked up Thrive in a week – need to get back on that.

    I had the most intense craving for oats this morning and went to get some at Starbucks and they were out. SAD.

  20. i can usually drink tea w/o sweetener but NEVER chai. must be sweetened!!!

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