Tofu Cakes I Did Make

After lunch today we were off to run some errands and explored a brave new frontier. OK really it was just a playground we’d never been to before. Brave new frontier sounds much more interesting though if you ask me.

A dino? Or a rhino? You decide.

Dino?  Or Rhino?

This was my second attempt to take this picture…

Swinging Things

My first attempt was thwarted by this… this… THING!


Through my sunglasses this looked like a bumpy slide. Kind of like an incline with traction that you can walk up. But as I quickly discovered when I LEAPT on to this thing and my feet slid out from underneath me – that no, this not a bumpy slide at all. Those would in fact be ROLLERS.

And I fell. HARD. Totally confused, camera flying, feet, legs and ass in the air. Somehow I jammed my pinkie finger and it still freaking hurts right this very second. Is it possible to sprain just the tip your pinkie finger? Well if it is, I did. Every time I hit the enter key I’m reminded of what an idiot I am.

I swear my first thought was: can I still run on Sunday?? Shut up you dork it’s just your pinkie.

Uh oh, the pink shoes have already been replaced. We found tap shoes today on sale after we dropped off some things at Goodwill.

Tap Shoes

Did you know that the floor of a grocery store is the perfect tapping surface? I do. So does Maxine. So do all the people we passed in the grocery store today after we left the playground.

But before we left the playground, we had a packed snack!

Packed Snacks

And some packed dinner inspiration too.

Shriveled fruit and nuts (don’t say it) for me. Dried apples, raisins, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

Snack Pack

Ava discusses playground decorum while Maxine listens thoughtfully. Or maybe she just smells something.

Ava Muses, Maxine Doubts

For dinner tonight I picked the Tasty Tofu Patties from the October issues Vegetarian Times that arrived yesterday!

Tasty Tofu

I followed the recipe but had to sub a couple of the ingredients based on what I had.

First, I subbed vegan mayonnaise for coconut oil. Brendan Brazier sings the praises of coconut oil in Thrive. I was a little worried about how it was going to work out but considering a ton of the recipes in Thrive contain coconut oil, I went for it.

I was little surprised at the consistency of coconut oil, it reminded me of margarine I’d say? I was expecting something more like Crisco based on how it looked, but it was much softer.

Coconut Oil

Read the label if you like.

Read the Label Why Dontcha?

My tofu patties contained:

1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tsp yellow mustard
A couple shakes of paprika
A couple shakes of dried parsley
1 14 oz package of extra firm tofu, drained
1 small onion, diced
1 medium carrot, shredded
1/4 cup of sun dried tomatoes, chopped
1 cup of flour

I mixed the coconut oil, mustard, onion and spices together, then mashed in the block of tofu with a fork. Stirred in carrots and sun dried tomatoes. The original recipe called for bread crumbs but I didn’t have any. I would have used whole wheat flour but I just used up the last of it to make banana bread yesterday. So white flour it was.

Mixed and spooned into a pan sprayed little with olive oil.

Smashed Cookin

Cooked on each side for about 5 – 7 minutes. Served on a bed of steamed spinach.

Thursday Dinner

These turned out great! When I make these again I will add more mustard and more sun dried tomatoes too – the flavor was good but could have been beefed up a little. Beefed up. Appropriate adjective for a vegetarian recipe, wouldn’t you say? These were easy and yummy. Different too, they were very cake like!

Now I must go get these kids out of the tub. Here’s the conversation that just went down.

Ava: Mom! Maxine is splashing!
Me: Maxine? Are you ready to get out?
Ava: Yes! She’s ready to get out!
Me: Ava, I wasn’t talking to you.
Ava: Who were you talking to?
Me: Maxine.
Ava: Oh.


22 Responses

  1. Oh goodness…sorry about those rollers at the playground! They really do look like a bumpy slide. Who would have guessed? Don’t feel too badly, I probalby would have done the same exact thing. πŸ˜‰

    The tofu patties look awesome! I have everything to make them except the coconut oil, but considering I’ve seen a few other recipes where they use it, I’m thinking it might be time to purchase some. πŸ˜€

  2. i love those girls soooo adorable!

    silly girl hurting your pinky! ouchie tho if you ask me. hope it feels better girl.

    o and A+ on the wrap today for lunch…..Thanks for the advice, or else i would still be eating soggy wraps!

  3. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself! I’m excited for your race this weekend! Your gonna rock that 1/2!

  4. New playgrounds are always fun! πŸ™‚ Sorry about the little accident… But didn’t your mom teach you to be careful on the play structures?!!!??? πŸ˜‰

    The tofu patties look awesome! I’m realizing that a little piece of cheese is really not enough of a dinner…

  5. Okay, now Maxine is my hero…I LIVED in tap shoes as a child…LOVE LOVE the noise taps make…. lucky duck.

    rolling down the roller slide at a brisk pace can render your bum numb for an hour….

    just thought you should know.

    fun as it might be…

    poor pinky…pinky pain, is a pain.

    I once almost broke one of mine off when pretending to dive like a frog off a diving board and smacked my pinky on Kyle…. to this day he talks about it…Mom does it still hurt? cuz it took months for the ligament to heal.


    well, now you have my curiosity up about those cakes…and coconut oil could create world peace… it’s that good.

  6. I just read the previous post: Underwater Basket Weaving – you are hilarious!!!
    And the SHOEEESSS! I totally gushed when I saw that pic. 100% agree that grocery floors are great tapping surfaces. I shamelessly tap danced while grocery shopping a couple years ago just because. My sister was embarrassed to death but I didn’t give a damn! πŸ˜›

  7. I say it’s a rhino…yup, definitly a rhino πŸ˜‰

  8. Cute bath tub convo, your household always sounds like so much fun!
    MMM tofu patties….sounds delish!

  9. That park looks awesome, I have park-envy! Apart from the death slide!

    Yesterday my sister was taking her 4 year old daughter and a friend to the park and she totally fell flat on her face. Blood was pouring from one side of her cheek and she had the start of a black eye. The little girl she was minding looked up at her and her lip started to quiver . My poor sister just had to laugh it off before the girl started to cry. “oh dear silly me, so clumsy, ha ha ha!” Inside my sister really wanted to blub like a baby.

    I feel your pain x

  10. ahhahahahahahhahahahaha. I think that says it all.

  11. Gabbie would have been so excited to find tap shoes. Bridget started tap class on Tuesday and they have been tapping around the house in princess shoes.

    That conversation in the tub….lol. I swear we have the same girls.

    The tofu cakes look delicious!

  12. LOL! The tap shoes ROCK! I love it!

    Next time try some oat flour – just grind up a bunch of oats in your blender and store them in a container. <– you may already know this. I find that I reach for this a lot in place of a little bit of white flour. It's great for breading things too. Hmm, I wonder how those tofu patties would be breaded?

    I hope you have a great race day, and I hope the rain stays away. Not sure where you are, but here in MA we're getting rain all weekend.

    • Oh man I have heard about making my own oat flour before but didn’t even think about this last night! That would have been a much better choice than white flour. I definitely have to remember that.

      We’re expecting rain today and tomorrow but last I checked Sunday looks clear. Fingers crossed!

  13. I love your day including the basket with the apples and magazine!

  14. when you fell, i laughed out loud. don’t hate me. but as soon as i saw that slide, i knew where that story was going πŸ™‚

    love the tofu cakes – i need to experiment more with tofu since my first experience cooking it was NOT so hot ~

  15. TWSS!!! Sorry! Couldn’t help myself!

    Cakes-like burgers?!?!? Interesting. The recipe sounds good though! I love coconut oil! I use it to stir fry veggies (but I have to make sure the heat is low. I’ve caused a smokey kitchen before) πŸ˜€

    • Well, not sweet, just a cake like consistency – because of the white flour. And I wouldn’t call these burgers, but who knows, maybe on bun it would have worked. They definitely reminded me of crab cakes, but now that I type that I’m not completely sure I’ve ever had a crab cake.

      I definitely need to experiment more with coconut oil! I would totally stir fry veggies in them, good idea!

  16. I’m glad you didn’t hurt your pinky “toe” and not to be mean but I cracked up just picturing you leaping onto that roller slide. (hahaha) OMG! Too funny.

    I love the bathtub conversation. I think I’ve heard that before.

    Did Ava and Maxine eat that for dinner, too, or do you usually cook separately for them? I’ve probably already asked that question before but I’m curious because my kids would just look at that and refuse to eat it.

    Maxine is so cute with her shoe choices. I bet you had a lot of people commenting and smiling at her in the grocery store.

    • No, no way on earth would the kids eat these. Not yet. At least I’ve got Ava saying “No thank you” when I (always) offer, instead of YUCK!

      I make them their own meals, usually Annie’s mac and cheese, PB&J, tofu, frozen veggies, fake chicken patties… it’s the same stuff for them but they like it that way.

      And yes, we definitely got a lot of comments at Wegmans yesterday!

  17. i just started using coconut oil! this recipe looks really good!

  18. haha your girls are so dang cute! love the one of ava talking and max sniffing. but the roller fiasco sounds like it was horrible, yikes. the more recipes i see with coconut oil the more i want to buy it. but then i never can justify spending 10 bones on a jar of stuff. i hear it is real, real good for you though, maybe one day i will cave!

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