Fruit Cereal. Yummy Yummy.

Unless you’ve watched The Wiggles before, today’s title will be a little less meaningful for you. Go ahead click that link. You can come back and curse me later when you can’t get that song out of your head.

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow will be too. I’m resting my legs in preparation for 13 big ones on Sunday and I would be lying if I said I’m not grateful for the extra time two rest days will afford me.

I would also be lying if I said today’s fruit cereal didn’t make me drop to my knees and weep tears of unabashed joy.

It all started innocently enough. Out of hemp milk, all that was in the cupboard was a box of unsweetened chocolate almond milk. OK, let’s work it out. I typically use the chocolate almond milk with some chocolaty oat concoction that includes the use of unsweetened cocoa powder.

I diced up two bananas. Yes two. I figure if I’m swapping out oats for fruit and all I’m eating for breakfast is banana (with a few extras that would be in a bowl of oats anyway) then I get two.

So today instead of just flax for coating my bananas with, I added a heaping teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and breaded my chopped up bananas with cocoa powder and flax.

Topped with a few sliced almonds for crunch and a rounded, generous teaspoon of almond butter, I found my self in fruit cereal euphoria.

Chocolate Banana Cereal

Holy goodness in a glass bowl this was so chocolaty and perfectly sweet. I worry about using unsweetened cocoa powder always fearing that it’s going to taste like chocolate ass – but combined with banana it tastes like whatever the opposite of chocolate ass might be.

Fruit Cereal and Tea

With tea again this morning!

I’m foot loose and child free until this evening. Off to kick up my heels.


30 Responses

  1. Oh. My. Gosh…… that cereal looks like pure bliss!!! 😀

  2. Now that looks good!! Chocolate for breakfast is the best. haha

    How good is that tea? I’m trying to find a warm tea I’ll enjoy this winter because I have a hard time drinking warm tea. Tastes funky to me. I’m drinking my tea iced now but when it is winter time, it will be tooo cold!!

  3. Hi Fallon! The tea is great, I love the chai and vanilla flavor. It’s one of a few I rotate through. And I totally agree – warm tea time nearly upon us!

  4. Is Aunt Ellen paying you a visit again!
    can she stop by my house tomorrow? I am in desparate need of eyebrow waxing!

    rest rest rest girlie!

    Chocolate ass…i can’t even imagine… I eat unsweetened cocoa powder all the time and the term chocolate ass never came up!

    thanks for the visual!


    you’re a nut!

    and I REFUSE to click the wiggles link… all I said earlier (to you ) was Ni Hao Kai Lan and now I am humming along….GAH

    i guess it’s better than Miffy, or Blue’s Clues or heaven forbid…spongebob (thanks to my teen I will never recover from that phase)

  5. Haha, chocolate ass.. that’s hilarious! But so true.. sometimes if I add unsweetened cocoa to something that is not particularly sweet it takes horrible!

  6. ENJOY YOUR SOLO MAMA DAY! i got your e-mail…i will get back to you tonight 🙂

    love that chocolatey mess!

  7. Great breakfast and I’m thinking about tea too!
    Enjoy the afternoon of rest!

  8. Wow – I would’ve wept tears of joy had I eaten that breakfast, too. It looks incredible!!!! Glad it didn’t taste like chocolate ass 😉

    Enjoy your footloose-and-child-free day!!! What are you gonna do?

  9. Yummy cereal and childless until tonight, I am SOOOO jealous! That cereal looks way too good, I think I go through way too many bananas in this house.

  10. So amazing I really have to try this fruit cereal creation! I love cocoa powder – I can sometimes eat it by the (mini) spoonful.

  11. i just ate lunch. and now this post has me CRAVING dessert. chocolate. sigh.

  12. yumm fruit cereal combo 🙂
    hahah i loved how you asked the questions about the quarter trick and then asnwered them yourself…but you were correct in your answers…you have to make sure that you push down on the quarter very hard so that (a) it sticks to the forehead and (b) when you sneakily take the quarter off, it still feels like it is on your face!!!

  13. THAT LOOKS SO GOOD!!! I’m definitely trying it! I just added the chocolate almond milk to my shopping list. I bet it would be good to have for a dessert-type thing too.

  14. I laughed pretty hard when you said Chocolate Ass….O Alison!!! 🙂

    Way to rest those legs for sunday, def a good idea!!!! i’m so anxious to hear about the run once your finished, i’m starting to become nervous about mine come a few weeks from now! What are your fueling pre and post for the race? Any ideas?

    Hope your enjoying “free of litle kids” time for a while! 🙂

  15. Wow, that looks like an amazing breakfast. Hmm…what is the opposite of chocolate ass? I’m going to ponder that for a while 😉

  16. I have to say the same……..amazing looking breakfast! I want some! =) Laura

  17. What an interesting take on cereal! That is such a great idea, because I personally don’t eat oats often, or really any cereals. I love that you described unsweet cocoa as chocolate ass, because I really can’t think of better words for that awful taste haha

  18. Nice looking breakfast! Enjoy the kid free day!

  19. Hope you had a great rest day! 🙂

  20. I had unsweetened chocolate almond milk in my bowl of fruit cereal yesterday, which I thought was pure bliss. But adding cocoa powder on *top* of all that goodness must have been heaven. Oh my…must. buy. cocoa. powder. soon.

    You’re a genius. End of story.

  21. That looks absolutely delicious! I can’t get over how much I loooovve your square bowls. Too cute! Good luck with your 13 miles in a couple of days!! You’ll rock it 🙂

  22. *clicked Wiggles link, kicking own ass right now*

  23. Good god, your homemade cereal looks so bloody good! I’ve just been back-reading since going MIA in blogland and now I definitely have to make Holly’s g-ma’s banana bread. You guys made it look to good to be true!!

  24. The opposite of chocolate ass is looking mighty awesome! I’ve been adding unsweetened cocoa powder + cinnamon to sliced frozen bananas. Adding nut butters would be lovely as I can imagine.

  25. Boy do I know The Wiggles (I have a secret crush on Anthony … shhhhh!)

    Your cereal looks divine. When you said “taste like chocolate ass” I laughed out loud (literally!)

  26. Your cereal looks awesome. You just made me want a banana!

  27. Enjoy your dayy!! Yummie cereal!

  28. […] have to say Alison’s technique of coating the fresh fruit with Chia meal, or flax, or unsweetened cocoa powder is a […]

  29. Just saw Sparkle A Day’s link to you here…and I have such a surplus of chia seeds right now, this is perfect for me. I can sub out the ground flax for ground chia. Did I mention, I am giving away 6 lbs of chia seeds on my bloggie right now ?! 🙂

    I have cruised over to your bloggie before but I am putting you in my Google reader so I can keep up with all your great eats!


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