Half Marathon Race Recap

I’m going to spoil the ending by jumping ahead and saying right at the start that today was probably one of the best runs of my entire life.

The day started at 4:55 AM when I woke up a half hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. I slept like a rock and felt great when I woke up. I called Shawn at 5:30 to make sure he was awake and moving around.

Shawn and I went over our strategy last night, but I was still feeling unsure about our approach this morning. Fast at the beginning? If so, how fast? Save it all for the end? How much do I hold back? Maintain a steady pace throughout?

I really wanted to finish in under 1:50 but I just didn’t know if I was going to happen. My dad, an avid runner, had called yesterday to predict a time of 1:48:15. My step dad, an avid cyclist, predicted a time around 1:45:00 when I saw him and my mom Saturday afternoon. I was touched they both had so much faith in my speed, but I was still wary.

This morning I remembered the McMillian calculator, a tool runners can play around with to predict times for various distances based on your best time for a given distance.

I entered my 22:56 5K PR from early August and it predicted a 1:46:00 half marathon time for me, meaning an 8:06/mile average pace. Given that’s about my average pace for a maintenance run, I decided I was just going to go out there and RUN and not give it too much thought.

I was also undecided about breakfast. I thumbed through Thrive for some guidance and decided on a smoothie. Brendan Brazier says (I feel like I start every sentence like that these days!) that whole foods in liquid form save your digestive system the work and basically provides you even more energy. I channeled Angela and decided it was a Green Monster for breakfast.

A Green Monster, and coffee for the road. Yup, it’s been two weeks but I definitely wanted the caffeine boost this morning.

These are a few of my favorite things!

There Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Given how long I’d be running today, I used the same approach to fueling this morning as I used for my last 10 mile training run – aiming for my pre-race breakfast to be 60% carbohydrate, 35% fat and 5% protein.  My Green Monster contained two bananas, a couple handfuls of spinach, a good pour of unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, ground flax seed, and a scoop of almond butter.

Green Monster

This was the best combination of flavors! I’ve been so busy drinking green juice these days that it’s been a while since I’ve had a green smoothie!

While I waited for Shawn to arrive I made a breakfast picnic basket for the family, knowing that they would have little time to get out the door by the time they were awake and dressed… this way they could eat breakfast on the road or once they got there.

Picnic Basket for the Fam

Shawn showed up and we were on our way. The race started at 7:45 and we got there at 7:00.

Alison, Before the Race Shawn, Before the Race

With a big travel cup of a coffee on the ride I definitely had to use the restroom before the race started. We grabbed our timing chips and used the restrooms at the stadium near the finish and then began the 1/2 mile walk to the start.

A 1/2 mile later I felt the urge to pee again. Nothing urgent, but I would have liked to have a completely empty bladder! I guess my cup of coffee was just a little too big.

We got in line for the porta-potties and it was probably 200 people long! We had 10 minutes until the start. I kept looking at my watch. Looking at the line. My watch. The line. My watch. Eventually we had two minutes until the start and with 20 people ahead of me I realized I was out of time. We jumped out of line made our way to the start.  I figured that when I had to go bad enough I would just use a porta-potty at a water stop.

The timer sounded and we were on our way.  We were among a sea of 1800 people. I started my watch when we finally crossed the start line about a minute behind the official start.

The Start

Shawn very generously offered to carry my camera since the pocket of his shorts were so big. I thought it could be fun so I agreed.

We weaved through the masses and after the first couple miles it thinned out.  Thanks to Shawn’s garmin we knew our average pace was at about 7:30/mile. We both felt great so we held on to the pace, calling it “money in the bank” for the end if we needed to slow down.

Shawn kept running ahead and then stopping to turn around and take my picture.


At least he entertained me!


I remember around mile 5 he asked how I was feeling. I told him I felt like I could cry – I was just feeling so good I had a hard time believing it. I honestly felt incredible. I felt fast and strong and from the pace we were holding I started to believe we just might come in under 1:50.

At mile 6 I snagged a Gatorade at a water stop. I didn’t want to stop running – since I wasn’t feeling very thirsty I managed a few small sips and tossed the rest.

Around the half way mark we passed this guy with crazy hair and a funny shirt.  Shawn told this guy he was going to take his picture and fortunately the dude laughed and didn’t care. His hair was in the upswing in this picture!

Zoom Zoom Sucka

We were still feeling great around the mile 7 mark. Our average pace had dropped to 7:50/mile. I decided it was time to whip out the sport beans.  Shawn and I each had two. I didn’t need them yet but I thought it would be better to have a little cushion – because if you wait until you really NEED to refuel you’ve gone too long!

At 8 miles the urge to pee reared it’s ugly head again and I told Shawn I had to stop at the next water stop to hit a porta-potty. I really did not want to stop but I knew I would be more comfortable if I did.

The next water stop came at 9 miles and the urge had lessened some and I thought “ok – 4 miles to go. 4 miles is like a morning run. I can hold it for 4 miles”. Our average pace was now at 8:00/mile and I had my heart set on finishing in under 1:50 at this point. I knew that as long as our pace stayed under 8:23/mile we’d be good, but I just didn’t want to waste a single second in the stupid porta-potty! I could pee after we finished!

Around mile 11 I began to notice how tired I was starting to feel. I could feel my pace slowing too.  I decided to look on the bright side and told myself that if I was feeling really fantastic at mile 11 then that meant I could have pushed myself harder earlier on. Shawn said he wanted to push the pace for the last couple miles so we picked it up, easing off if necessary and then picking it up again.

Just before mile 12 we came off the park path we had been on for the past 5 miles and were back on the city streets. It was at this point I told Shawn that there was a good possibility I was going to pee my pants when we crossed the finish line. I was half joking, half serious.

We saw the the balloon archway for the start of the last mile to the finish and we picked up the pace and held on to it.  It was not easy but we did it.  We decided right about then that we were going to sprint hard as we rounded the last corner for the last .1 mile to the finish line.

I was tired, no doubt, but I had enough in me to finish hard. We saw the finish line and went balls to wall.  (Please note that my step dad took this picture earlier in the race – we did not spot the finish line at 1:35!)

The Finish

I heard my mom and step dad cheering us on as we blew by, their support meant so much! We probably passed 15 people on that last stretch. I’m sure they all cursed us as we ran by. Shawn kept saying “keep going! We’re almost there!” and I needed those words so much, I’m positive that’s what kept my feet moving fast! From Shawn’s Garmin stats that he emailed me this afternoon I can see now that our pace for that last stretch got down to 5:00/mile!  I totally believe we were running that fast, it certainly felt like it!


We crossed the finish line and somehow I had enough wherewithal to hit the stop button on my watch. I hadn’t even looked at the clock because I knew the time would be off given we were about a minute behind the official start.

My Watch Says 1:47!

YAHOOOOO! And I didn’t even pee my pants!!  Shawn’s watch had the same time and said our overall average pace was 8:06/mile.

They took off our timing chips, hung metals around our necks. We walked through the tents and scored some post race food! I bypassed bagels, chocolate milk and pizza and went straight for the boxes of bananas and oranges.  Playing “Brendan Says” yet again, I took his post-exercise nutrition advice to heart and went with simple carbohydrates.  Protein comes later.

We found my mom and step dad in the crowd and they took our picture while we regaled our tale. Having Shawn as my running partner was amazing – everything fell perfectly into place and unfolded beautifully. He could have ran faster but stayed with me and pushed me along – but without pushing me too hard either. It was exactly what I needed and was a huge part of what made today’s race so fantastic.


I devoured my second orange while we waited for the results.

Second Orange

My jaw almost dropped when I saw the clock time on paper. My dad’s prediction was 3 seconds off!


Shawn’s time is on the top and mine is on the bottom. That bastard finished 2/10 of a second ahead of me!  We were 298 and 299 of out of 1800+.  I’m still unsure of my official chip time or age group results and won’t know until later tonight or tomorrow when the official times are posted on the race website.

UPDATE: My official time was 1:47:15. 19th in my age group out of 146. 297 out of 1716 finishers. 77th of 967 females.

We met up with Zak and the girls and the 4 of us we’re on our way home. I was tired but not nearly as tired as I was last year after the marathon. Besides some mildly sore quads I was feeling fabulous. And HUNGRY!

I got home and immediately whipped up a huge salad and some of my mom’s gazpacho that I demanded she share with me she gave me yesterday afternoon.

Post Race Meal Mom's Gazpacho

Although delicious, I knew I needed some protein too and had a little dried fruit and nut combo for dessert.

Dried Fruit Dessert

A shower and food – what came next? A NAP!

I could not be happier with every aspect of today’s race. The weather was picture perfect. I went into this race feeling well trained, well rested and well fueled. I’ve spent the last two weeks following the principles in the Thrive Diet diet as closely as possible. I fully believe that a largely raw food and mainly vegan diet had a huge impact on how fabulous I felt today. Vegetables are where it’s at baby!!

I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for your encouragement and support, both on and off the blog!  I swear to god that I brought to mind all the fabulous, sweet, supportive comments from yesterday when I was hurting at mile 12. Thanks to everyone for cheering me on! And a huge thanks to Shawn for being the best running partner a girl could ask for.

We’ve just finished an unphotographed dinner (any more pictures in this post and I think it just might burst!) and now we’re off to get ice cream.  Shhhhh don’t tell Brendan!


47 Responses

  1. YAY!!!! Way to go! Sounds like the perfect race day! Thanks for the great recap. I absolutely love reading peoples race stories. I have no idea how you ran for that long with having to pee. What’s your secret? No doubt, I would have peed my pants.

    • I think my secret is having two little kids that keep me from using the bathroom at exactly the moment I want to! Maybe this has helped me develop strong sphincter muscles! OK that sounds like a little too much TMI for a comment.

  2. Ha, I guess I should have waited a couple more minutes to comment on the other entry and I would have seen this.

    Congrats on the run! That’s an awesome time. I skipped everything but the fruit at the end as well, I had a bite of bagel and it made me nauseous. Damn that, Brendan, he really gets in your head 😉

  3. Congrats to you! That picture of you in the final stretch looks awesome. Nice muscles! What’s next?!

  4. Wow you certainly look like you were going 5:00/mile in that last picture! You were flying! You are amazingly fast girlfriend, and congrats on the best run of your life (so far).
    What else have you done for recovery? Are your muscles sore?

  5. wow, congrats, such an awesome feeling that the training and great eating come to play when you need it!
    love the pictures taken during the race, there are some crazy/funny people out there!
    Ice cream sounds amazing!

  6. Sooo proud of you! You are AMAZING!

  7. congrats!!!! Sounds like a good race and a all your hard prep work paid off!

    (so.. uh… when did you pee?? 😉 )

  8. Hi there! Your blog showed up in my ‘tag surfer’ today on the WordPress Dashboard, and I’m so glad it did! I read “The Thrive Diet” 3 weeks ago and feel like I do the “Brendan Says” game too! 🙂

    Great job on your run and I’ll be back to read through more of your past posts! Have a great week!

  9. Huge congrats! You are amazing!!!!

  10. That is awesome!!! It always feels great to accomplish something you set your heart to. I can’t wait for the Thrive review. It sounds so interesting since you keep bringing it up in your posts, I may have to buy it!

  11. I know I already commented off the blog but here’s another CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! 🙂 That is so freaky that your dad predicted your time almost to the exact second! Wow!!! I’m glad the race went so well for you. 🙂

  12. I TOLD YOU!! I totally said 1:50, didn’t I!!?! You are so freakin’ awesome!! I second Jess – I totally would have peed myself. You get double freakin’s awesomes for that!

    Congrats on your time, the race, and most/best of all, there is pure JOY that you can see on your face while running this race! You’re a serious inspiration – especially with those legs muscles. Damn girl!

    I think I may need to go out and read Thrive now 🙂

  13. OMG CONGRATS on your race…and as you say one of your best runs of your life!!!!! I did that about 7 yrs ago at a Disney half marathon with my husband at my side (pre-kiddo) so it was just the two of us and it was like the greatest thing. We both had amazing runs and the stars just aligned and I still remember it soooo well.

    Your green monster looks perfect. Nervous pees and portapotty lines from hell are the story of my pre race days. Fa sure.

    And yep, a vegan, high raw, veggie-licious diet is what propels me as an athlete and yogi and mother thru my days. I feel better this way than any other way. It only took me 30 yrs to finally fine tune my eating. I need to start Brendan’s book, I have it, just havent read it yet…


  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so excited for you! May this be the first of many more PRs to come for you!

  15. Well done Alison. Sounds like everything went as you planned and hoped it would. I tell you reading about your running so makes me wish I could do it – but with two heal spurs it’s not something I’m going to try (walking at a fast pace is enough of a challenge). And you definitely deserve that ice-cream :-).


  16. yay! great job!!! i’m glad you got a nap in too!

  17. Alison CONGRATS! 🙂
    OMG, seriously i couldn’t be more proud of you!!!!! I feel like i was right there with you the entire time i was reading. From beginning to end i’ve never been more happy for you! Your pre-race fuel seemed to do its job, and your sport beans really did it!!!! I bet you it was hard knowing you had to go to the bathroom, but girl you pushed right through! I’m so happy that you came in under the time that you wanted, Daddies always know best right? hahah!!!! You are a total inspiration to me, and you’ve given me so much courage for my race in october! Thank you soo so soo much!!!!!! And again Congrats! 🙂 You deserve a HUGE hug (errrr virtual hug, since i’m not there with you 🙂 Goodnight girl!


  18. ALISON – THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I feel like a proud mama right now – you rocked that 1/2 and i am going to channel you for my full marathon! i think a green smoothie also sounds like a perfect pre-marathon morning meal – i might have to steal that idea and stay at somebody’s house who has a blender. soooo glad you had a good weekend!

  19. […] Ps. I personally wanted to CONGRATULATE my girl Alison for her spectacular run today!!!! Girl did amazing!!! I’m so proud of her!!! Check out here race re-cap!!!!! […]

  20. Great job on the race!

  21. WOW! Congrats on a great run!

  22. Great Job on the race!!

    That guy with the crazy hair looks so much like my boyfriend’s brother! It even looks like a shirt he’d wear! I saved the picture and posted it on his facebook with the comment “I didn’t know you ran marathons” HAHA

  23. You go girl! 😀 You are such an inspiration, and I can guarentee you that if I ever run a half marathon that I’ll be loading you up with questions. 😉

    All the pictures are awesome and you just made me incredibly excited for my 10k coming up next week. 😀

    A big, huge shout of CONGRATS!!!!!!

  24. WAY TO GO!

    Ok, now I am totally convinced that that Brendan kid knows his shiz.

    Pass the veggies please!

  25. Ahhhhhhhh amazing recap – I absolutely loved it 🙂 Made me feel like I was running right along. Congrats on your time!!! Eeee so exciting 😀 It seemed amazing, and what a race to feel fantastic the entire time. Bask in the glow!

  26. I can’t even imagine! REALLY, no words! Congratulations!!!

    I was jogging this morning…thinking about you and your marathon…as my side ached for some reason, wondering if I would ever get past this point…and I smiled SO SO BIG, knowing you were out there, running yoru arse off…

    thanks for the inspiration and friendship!

    Girlie, you’ve got some MUSCLES!
    I’m jealous!

    big big hugs to you!

  27. HOLY CRAP LADY! You are a machine!!!! CONGRATS to you – a million times over.

    When I read about how great you felt at mile 5, it literally warmed my heart because I remember that feeling when I was a runner 🙂 It’s pretty priceless, isn’t it? (second to our children)

    Very happy for you!

  28. […] Half Marathon Race Recap « Mama's Weeds mamasweeds.wordpress.com/2009/09/13/half-marathon-race-recap – view page – cached I’m going to spoil the ending by jumping ahead and saying right at the start that today was probably one of the best runs of my entire life. — From the page […]

  29. Woohoo!!! Great recap of your most perfect race yet. Loved reading every bit of it. I’ll definitely be thinking of your experience when I run my first race in November. 😉


  30. Wow!!! Congratulations! I’m so glad that you you had such a great run!!!! Now I really have to read Thrive… 😉

  31. dang, mama can RUN! good job, i am super proud of you and i am sure you are SO proud of yourself! haha love that homie’s shirt.

  32. Congrats on the time!! Oh and also on not peeing your pants 😉 Seriously though, I can’t believe your dad predicted your time so closely!

  33. I was so proud watching you close in on that finish line. You are one strong and healthy woman.

  34. congrats to you two!!!! What an amazing race experience 🙂

  35. Is there anybody in the world prouder of you than me? As I said yesterday, with us sharing the bond of running, as it is in sailing when we win, we just kind of shrug and look at each other…we expect and strive to do well. Anything else is unacceptable. Let’s just get on with it! Can’t wait for you to beat my geezer hiney in a 5K soon. LOVE YOU Daddy-O

  36. Hey kiddo. Just wanted to say again you did a great job on the race. I know because I was right there beside you “mostly” the whole way. You worked very hard and deserve to be very proud of your accomplishment (even though you did get my damn tec shirt and half my goodies 🙂 from the goodie bag). Well now we have to plan for the next big race. I believe you said a marathon, correct? That one I won’t hold back though because it is in my bucket list. Doesn’t mean we can’t train together though 🙂 Looking forward to the next one.

  37. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y-O-U R-O-C-K!!!!! Great time, great pictures, great re-cap!!



  38. What a great race recap! I LOVE that you did so well! And LOOK AT THOSE LEG MUSCLES IN THAT LAST PHOTO!!!!

    Congratulations on a wonderful and fulfilling accomplishment!

  39. You rock…you should be so proud…what an example for your girls!!!

  40. OK, I’m totally late to this post, but CONGRATS!!! That is huge… and that you had so much fun and had such a great running partner….. Do you think I could borrow him the next time I try one of these things….

    How Exciting, you are truly awesome not only to run it but to go past your goal and run it and still have a smile.

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