Let’s Play Brendan Says

I’m still smiling after yesterday’s half marathon – even waking up with sore back muscles and quads, I think this smile is permanently affixed to my face for the next few days. Thanks for all the heart warming comments and congrats yesterday!

I got up early this morning to tend to things around the house. I’m loving this new routine, it’s working so well. I’m raring to go first thing in the morning and have been very productive in the early mornings recently.

Ready for my “Brendan Says” for today?

Wait, before I get there, let me back up for a moment. From a broad perspective I must say Thrive and the Raw Foods Detox Diet are pretty evenly matched in my mind. They both describe the benefits that can be reaped from a largely raw, vegan diet.

I became more interested in a raw food lifestyle in the spring after reading the Raw Foods Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. At the end of May I started incorporating some of the principles from Natalia’s book into my life. I dove in a little too fast and made too many changes at once – it became overwhelming and I had to ease up a bit. Not completely though, and of course I’ve always eaten raw fruits and vegetables – but I wasn’t (and am still not) ready to go “high raw”.

Thrive renewed my interest in eating more raw meals and snacks, cutting out processed foods – even the seemingly innocent Kashi crackers and organic, whole grain boxed cereals. I found it easier to incorporate his ideas into my life thanks to reading and trying out the concepts in the The Raw Food Detox Diet a few months earlier. While I’ve only playing “Brendan Says” for the last couple of weeks, I’ve really been moving in this direction for the past 4 months.

So today’s Brendan Says has to do with sleep. Brendan Brazier says that one of the benefits of the Thrive diet is improved sleep – and therefore you need less. Eating a diet consisting largely of whole foods takes stress off your body. Processed foods put a stress on your body, and when you remove that stress you are in essence saving energy.

I have always felt that I need 8 solid hours of sleep to feel good. I could squeak by on 7 hours, 6 hours left me pretty cranky and tired without coffee. 5 hours? Forget it.

Recently I’ve been going to bed between 10 – 10:30pm and I bound out of bed at 5:00 – 5:30am raring to go. 7 hours and I feel like a new woman ready to take on the day. Whether you read Thrive, The Raw Foods Detox Diet or any other book or blog *cough cough* that discusses these concepts, chances are you can benefit from these ideas! Whole foods are our friends, processed foods are not. Maybe it’s all in my mind, but I think there’s something to this and I’m sticking with it.

After I spent an hour and half working around the house and spent a little time getting caught up on my virtual life, I decided to take a short bike ride to loosen up my sore legs and get some of the lactic acid flushed out of my muscles. 30 some odd minutes and 8 miles later I was home to see Zak off to work and then get breakfast going.

Last week I received a sample Chia seeds to try from Greens+. Thanks Diane for hooking me up!

Bloggie gal pal Heather thought she was the last blogger in the blogosphere to have yet to try them, but I’m afraid I just stripped her of her title. (Sorry Heather!)

If you haven’t heard about Chia seeds – well, let’s just say they are the new black. Or better yet, the new flax! They are an excellent source of unprocessed Omega 3 as well as other essential fatty acids. You can read all about the benefits of chia seeds here.

Greens+ My Chia Tube

A close up look at these little buggers.

Chia Seeds

Thanks to my girl Cindy and her love of tweaking recipes, I was inspired to toss my fruit cereal in my sample of chia seeds this morning!

Monday Fruit Cereal

I diced up a banana, a pear, some prunes and sprinkled on the chia seeds and mixed until everything was well coated.

Fruit Cereal with Chia Seeds

Topped with some hand crushed walnuts and unsweetened vanilla hemp milk – I’m calling it another fruit cereal success story. The chia seeds gave today’s cereal the perfect crunch and the ones toward the bottom of the bowl at the end had a chance to develop that strange yet interesting-but-not-gross gel coating that people take advantage of to make chia pudding.

So now before I sign off I’m dusting off the old Magic 8 Ball and when I asked “Will I eat chia seeds again soon?” it said

It is certain

Will I win my new friend Averie’s chia seed giveaway?

Cannot predict now

Grrr… this Magic 8 ball, I tell ya!

I’m not usually a blog-about-a-giveaway kind of girl but this one seemed relevant today. Plus it gives me an extra entry into her giveaway and I want to win these!Β  BONUS! Now that I’m a Chia Seed Society inductee I want them again! You can enter Averie’s chia seed giveaway too if you want a chance to try some for FREE because they are not exactly cheap.Β  Clickety click click here. Now you can’t say I never told you anything useful.


27 Responses

  1. Wow…I’ve never heard of Chia before. Do you have to grind them like flaxseeds or do you leave them whole?

    • Nope you just leave them whole! They develop into this weird gel after they’ve been wet for a while, you can do some neat things with chia seeds. You can mix them with water or a thin juice, put on yogurt, cereal, lots of possibilities with this little seed!

  2. I still need to try my chia seeds sample from Diane, I like your idea!
    LIke his ideas on sleep, I’ve always thought I needed at least 8 too, but when I eat good and exericise I always bound out of bed earlier than usual!

  3. I just want to say congrats on your half mary!! So proud of you!!!!!!!!!! Now on with this post…. I’m loving your fruit “cereal” and I’m totally interested in the Chia seeds!

  4. I bought my first bucket of Chia, a few months ago…when I did my green smoothie cleanse…. I have Chia Meal…and I adore it…it’s either that or flax each day.

    Thanks for the shout! I LOVE TO TWEAK. I never have everything on hand that I need, so I either leave out, or substitute…it has never failed. (well, except the time I left our flour when making cookies years ago..but that was an accident)

    I think I entered the chia seed give a way…but I forget.
    can you ask 8 ball for me?

    and I love your “brendan says”

    very helpful as I drink my coffee on my drive to work…

  5. Loving the Brendan says, still. Not that I am overly implementing it in my diet. I did have a salad for lunch.

  6. been on the lookout for some cheap chia seeds- they are expsensive…way to go with your half marathon alison!!! awesome awesome time !

  7. I have been meaning to get to the health market by my house to buy some chia seeds. So here’s another blogger who hasn’t tried it, but really wants to.

  8. I love reading your blog. I am a veggie and try to eat as un-processed as possible. Inspired by your blog, I recently read the Raw Foods Detox Diet book and came away “wow-ed” and scared. I want to do it but I am worried that I wont be able to keep up with it. So along that line…can I give you your next blog-title: How I changed my life-style to eating raw foods. πŸ™‚ easy step by step so that I dont have to dig through all your old posts πŸ™‚ yeah yeah..I am being totally lazy.


    • Hi Sam! And thanks. I should write something up – maybe others will find it helpful too! At the very least I can say that jumping in fast was not the way to do it – I definitely had to ease in. I was already eating big salads but I started eating one almost every day. Swapped out sides of sweet potato fries for steamed veggies. More recently I’m eating less grains – at least on a regular basis. It takes a little while but eventually you get use to it and stop missing these sorts of foods and you don’t have room left for them!

  9. YUM!!! I love chia seeds, especially chia pudding made with unsweetened hemp milk. I haven’t had that in a while, and may need to have it again very soon.

    I just requested Thrive from the library so I can get more info on this Brendan guy πŸ™‚

    I tried doing full raw days earlier this year. My main issues were: no oats in the morning (except raw) and snacks besides fruits and veggies. I was constantly eating snacks with nuts in them…or just nuts…and I was eating way too many of them. So I gained weight :/

    • I still was doing oats in the morning for a while too – and I don’t want to say I’m never going to eat oats again, I just love them so much. But now I’m finding that I can get around it with fruit cereal – it’s really the banana and nut butters that I love! The oats are just vehicle for almond butter I swear. πŸ˜‰

  10. i got the same chia seed sample and now i want s’more. they add a cool gel like texture when they’re soaked…

  11. i got that same sample! now if i could only win averie’s giveaway….

  12. Hi Alison…OMG we were separated at birth, again I feel so in tune.

    First, thank you so much for linking my blog and my giveaway, you’re the best!!!!!! I hope everyone can get in on the chia action!

    Next up, the less sleep phenomenon. I always, always felt like I needed 8 hours of sleep, could squeak by on 6.5 or 7 once a week but felt like arse the next day, or two. About 3 yrs ago when I finally eliminated my food intolerances, dairy, soy and gluten, and went vegan and within the last 6 mos made a conscientious effort to go high raw (but I dont stress or obsess whatesoever!), I swear, I need less sleep than ever. I thought it was motherhood, that necessity is the mother of the less sleep invention. But now I am thinking that what Brendan says is true.

    Darnit, I have the book, I need to crack it. I signed up for the 30 day free email blast program and yesterday’s email was regarding food intolerances and avoiding the Top 8 allergens, even if you dont think you’re “allergic”. And that once you do that, you will function better, including less sleep.

    I swear, for the last 4-6 mos I have been running on 5.5.-6 hrs per nite. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it hasnt. I have not once been sick, of course I have draggin days, but that’s life. We need to chat more about the lack of sleep thingey πŸ™‚

    Sorry bout the epic comment πŸ™‚

    thanks again for the GiveAway link!


    • Averie, thanks for sharing you experienced the same thing with sleep and needing less, now I know I’m not imagining things!! And I agree – I’m eating less dairy, soy and gluten and am feeling better than I ever have. Beans, nuts, vegetables and fruit. A plant based diet is where it’s at! I’m so glad to have found my blog-mama equivalent!

  13. Hey Alison, my Thrive Dieting, running, blogging new budster!

    I’m in the start of the 4th week of making changes after reading Thrive. We must have read it around the same time. I have lost about 6 lbs during the first 3 weeks but without feeling hungry or deprived in any way. (and I thought I was at my maintenance weight at that time.) It’s so awesome! I’m not 100% Thrive style, maybe like 80%? If that. In the past, I had to count calories and really restrict to get to the weight that I am now.

    As far as sleep goes, I have been waking up about an hour earlier than I used to since adopting some of his plan (about an hour before my alarm clock). I’m fine with less sleep, just wish I could move that hour to BEFORE bedtime instead of waking up at 4:00 AM πŸ˜‰

    have a great day!

    • Shari – I’m so glad to know you’ve experienced the same thing too! I’ve lost a few pounds too without even “trying”. I guess I’m trying but I haven’t felt deprived or hungry which is what I wanted. I got down to 128 last summer and then over the winter gained back 5 lbs. I secretly want to get back into the 120’s – even though I know I shouldn’t care what the scale says as long as I feel good – and I do – but I do care! I’ll post more about this later. So glad you commented so I could find your blog!

  14. I love chia seeds! Great substitute for eggs or oil in baking!

  15. Chia Seeds girl? You have sparked my interest! πŸ™‚ I always love a little added crunch to my cereal! Where do you think we can get chia’s? reminds me of the Cha Cha Cha Chia pets! hahahaha….I’m also thinking of picking up myself a copy of the “Raw Foods Detox Diet” book. i want to continue my observations, because everything you write about the book intrigues me more! πŸ™‚ Thanks girl!!! hope your havin an awesome day πŸ™‚


  16. Interesting info regarding needing less sleep… Love it when you play “Brendan says”…. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

  17. i believe i will have stripped you of the title – i have never tried chia seeds (minus some in some granola, but i don’t think that counts), does it?

    have a fab monday!

  18. I’m pretttty sure I’m the only blogger left not to try Chia seeds so I may be jumping on the band wagon as well!!

    Also, you’ve really got me thinking about my over consumption of baked goods due to your Brendan Says posts and your commitment to real food. I realized this morning that it has become a substitute in my life for emotional eating. I’m an emotional baker!! I never eat all the food at once (thank god), and even though they are better than white products that I’m putting into my goods, they are still not a substitute for what could be real, whole snacks. So thank you for helping me recognize that!!

    Thanks for the comment about my rappy rap. I swear, I was an MC in a former life. Songs just sort of come to me πŸ˜‰

    I totally knew you’ve be thinking of the LaraBar motivator at mile 12! Gotta give the great visuals to my blog sister 4 life!

  19. […] a lot. And it hit me this morning after breakfast, and later on in the day (thanks in large part to Allison’s posts about Brendan Brazier and raw foods.) that I’ve been substituting baking for emotional […]

  20. Wow thanks for the great info. keep up the good work

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