Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right

Immediately after I hit Publish this morning we were off for a homeschooling meet up with some friends at a playground.

Tube Crawlin'

Do you remember being a kid and running without wondering when it was time to stop? Running to try and catch a bird or running like you were being chased by a monster in the basement that was going to pull you back down if you didn’t get to the top of the basement stairs before the door closed at the bottom of the stairs behind you?

Run Ava Run!

(See her out there running like it’s nobody’s business?)

No?  I guess that last one was only me.

Watching Ava run like she was being chased by a swarm of bees after her honey reminded that kids don’t worry about their form, their stride, their pace or their heart rate. They run just to RUN.  Too bad she won’t appreciate it until she’s 30.

Despite a chilly and windy day, we managed to spend the whole afternoon at the playground.  This was the perfect set up for another soupy dinner, so it was worth it.

Tonight I made Black Bean and Salsa Soup, one of my all time favorites. Not only is this soup fast and easy but it’s delicious too.

I made some changes tonight to my usual recipe for Black Bean and Salsa Soup, but the changes made even it easier.

I sauteed a little garlic in extra virgin olive oil and added two 15 oz cans of rinsed and drained black beans with a couple cups of water, a cup of vegetable broth and a 16 oz container of medium salsa.

I brought everything to a boil and reduced it to a simmer. I ladled out about half into the food processor (instead of the blender, which is harder to scrape out) and pureed it until smooth.  I poured the pureed beans, broth and salsa it back into the pot with the unpureed soup. This is my absolutely FAVORITE way to make a base for soup!

Black Bean and Salsa Soup

With the base ready to go, I added about 8oz of frozen corn. I took a cue from my new best friend Brendan and decided to replace white rice with quinoa. I love to add rice because it makes it feel more like a meal. But the addition of rice means I have to cook the rice in a separate pot, dirtying another pan (BOO!) and more time too. To add quinoa I just rinsed it and then added it to the pot with everything else.  it cooks up in 15 minutes or so and VOILA. Ready to go, extra protein to boot. (YAY!)

The quinoa was perfect and honestly seemed no different than it does when I make with rice.

I added a couple shakes of cilantro, cumin and a smidgen of roasted red pepper for a little spice.

Why does soup taste better out of a mug? And why does soup taste better with big chunks of avocado on top? Why does anything taste better with big chunks of avocado on top?

Soup in a Mug

I’m going to leave you tonight with a special post from the first runner I ever knew. My dad. But a little background first.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has run on his lunch hour at work. He runs every day, with out fail. Like a mailman, he braves all kinds of weather. People say “You’re not going out TODAY?!” and look at him incredulously as he heads out to run on a 100 degree day with 99% humidity or 30 below and it’s snowing so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

He runs Every. Day.

The other day he calls to tell me a story.  A story that gives new meaning to the word dedication.  A story that had me wiping tears from my eyes.  I asked him to write it down so I could share it on the blog. This was too good not to share.

Like most runners, I have a closet with more than a few pairs of running shoes in it. Some still in service, some awaiting the end of the road as lawn mowers or painters. We feel good about squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of ’em.

So a couple of dark Monday mornings ago, I was too rushed to simply hit the light and see what I was grabbing. After all, I know where my bag and trusty Nike summer trainers are. Feeling around, I grab my shoes, shove ’em in the bag, load in the togs and towel, out the door.

Now, I run at lunch. Have for 30-plus years. You can forget a thing here or there but you are not getting it done without shorts or shoes. Open the locker, start getting ready, shorts on, shirt on, pull out the shoes. You idiot. Two different shoes. Two different LEFT shoes. One Nike summer, one Asics trail. Both lefts.


But wait, I can always just go to the weight room, shoeless, but at least I can get that in anyway.

Hold on here, I muse. How bad can it be? I mean, what if I were getting my shoes out of a dumpster?  It could be worse.

OK, let’s see. I try the left Asics trail shoe on the right foot. My foot looks like it was caught in an elevator door. It feels like walking in a brick. But now the left Nike on the right foot…hmmm, kind of unstructured, a little softer. I unlace the whole thing, slap it on. It actually looks believable, feels a tick weird, but OK. I figure to hit the weight room for twenty minutes and see where I come out with this idea. Oh, the idea? Why running in two lefts, of course.

Nobody has noticed at this point. Maybe it’s just that we are all so used to each other. Maybe it’s because they wouldn’t DARE say anything. Well, I assure you that I have running companions who live to torture, deride and insult each other, me included. But they are nowhere in sight.

By now I’m actually comfy! I decide not to look down. If I can get even a paltry three miles in, I’ll be happy. Off I go. Past the bank, out the front door. State Street. Noon. Nobody notices that I look like I play in Green Day.

Two miles. OK, I’m a little crampy. I look down. Even I have to start laughing. What am I DOING? Should I turn back, heck it’s going to be four miles!  No way. Point of no return straight ahead. I vow for six. I mean hey, there’s this guy who runs mega in bare feet.

At mile five, I’m almost home free – well on the way back. No. Can’t be. The King of Insults, Mikey with Paul and John in tow. I decide to just act natural as we pass on the venerable river trail. Mikey spots the two misfit shoes immediately and starts to heckle…then I stop, hands on hips, posed like black and white TV Superman. Then they realize that it’s two lefties.

After they get Mikey back on his feet and stop him from convulsing in laughter we are off on our separate ways, echoes of “idiot! moron!…” fading.

I can’t wait to tell my daughter, I call her right away…basically repeating the story you have so kindly indulged me in telling. She is such a good sport, and nothing is as sweet to me as the sound of her giggles or uncontrollable, stomach holding laughter…which I assure you, she provided.

I told her that NEVER again will I tell my granddaughters that they have their shoes on the wrong feet.

Two Left Feet

I don’t know about you, but if I showed up at the gym with two left shoes, that would totally would have been my sign that it was a day to go out to lunch – not my sign to figure out which left shoe was a better fit on my right foot! Chipotle here I come!


24 Responses

  1. Haha…too funny about the running as fast as you can up the stairs before the monster pulls you back. Because, no, you were not alone. I used to think the same exact thing…ha. 😀

    Guess what magazine came in the mail today? I’m always excited for Runners World, but was especially excited to read the article you were in. Loved it!! And i couldn’t agree more that seeing marathon runners of all shapes and sizes is so inspirational and motivating. 😀

  2. That story told by your father brought such a smile to my face. What a winner, goin out for his usual run with 2 left shoes…thats dedication at its finest 🙂 i adore him! On another note, your soup reciepe sounds delish. its about that time of the year where soups and stews will be making their appearance, and i think i should make this! thanks girl! 🙂

  3. I LOVE your dad’s story! So so weird because my dad is exactly the same. He literally never misses a run, and he would do something outrageous like this. I’m emailing him the story now! The dedication to run with 2 left shoes is what makes runners such a different breed than everyone else.

  4. Soup recipe sounds soooo good and loved your dad’s story.

    I have two pairs of the same exact running shoes and they are both on the shoe rack – I could easily do the same thing LOL

  5. Thats a great story, one to tell forever to your daughters and such!
    Soup looks amazing!

  6. Love your dad’s story! Amazing. I would have totally gone out to lunch…

    And I love the quinoa in the soup! I have some quinoa sitting in my cupboard, and now you got me thinking! 🙂 (Actually, I think it would have been a nice addition to the tomato soup I made yesterday; but there is always room for more soup!)

  7. Your dad’s story was very funny! 🙂

    And the title of this post reminds me of the Relient K so… I definitely wanted to add, “But three do!”


  8. WOW! Now that is dedication!!! Thanks for sharing, so funny yet inspiring.
    Oh, your cake looks amazing! No crab, no fish – LOL. 😀
    Soup with avocado chunks? Genius!

  9. Wow! I see where you get your perserverance. That is a great runner’s story.

  10. Nice story from dear old dad.

    Quinoa in the black bean soup…never tried but good idea to not dirty another pot. Woo hoo for that! I have a question though…am I the only one who gets GI distress (aka gas) just from looking at your pot of black bean soup? I dont even need to eat it, just look at it and my gut is doin’ a number. I really can’t hang with beans….at all. Even though I want to 🙂

    • Beans don’t upset my stomach – you sort of get use to them. We’ve been eating beans regularly for years now and it’s no big deal. Everyone always makes fart jokes but I swear that our house is not the gassiest house on the street! hehehe 😉

  11. I can only dream of being that dedicated! That is CLASSIC! I admire your dad’s commitment to his daily exercise!

    The soup sounds AMAZING!

  12. What a great story!!! Your dad sounds like a character (in a good way!).

    That soup looks so yummy! I’m trying to decide if I should make that or the butternut squash one…or both. It’s freezing here today, so I’m all about the soup.

  13. i still need to go to chipotle and give a real shot! and yes, I remember chasing things but no i do not remember knowing when it was time to stop haha… i remember i thought I saw the leprechaun on st. patty’s day (last year haha kidding) and got on my bike and road like the wind to catch up and make him take me to the end of the rainbow. needless to say, I did not find him haha

  14. ahahahahaha! I love your dad’s story! That is too funny!

  15. hahahha your dad’s story is GREAT! what a dedicated runner. Love it. hahahaha

  16. it just goes to show you – it’s mind over matter! we freak out about such inane things that don’t matter. it’s a good reminder that things could be a lot worse, and you can do a lot more than you think!

  17. aw, thank you for sharing that story! What a great message, and so funny.

  18. hahah…now that is dedication!!! I was cracking up reading that and just imaging what that looked like and then you ended it with a picture and that did it. (haha) Too funny!!!

    I’m putting quinoa on my “to try” list. 🙂 I’m looking for any substitutions I can find for white rice.

  19. I have grabbed the wrong “this or that” so many times when I was “lunchtime jogging” … no sports bra…no socks….shirt but no shorts…

    you pops is DEDICATED.

    love that he did a guest post!
    I wanna be that “runs 4 miles a day” kinda person…I am trying to get there.

  20. That is hilarious! Good thing I prefer walking and that I only have one pair of tennis shoes at a time. 😉

  21. OMG…. how did I miss this post?!?! That is SO FUNNY!!! You’re Dad is very dedicated!

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