It’s Juice Day

When I first started to consider vegetable juicing, Zak was skeptical. He didn’t understand what the point was or what was so great about it.

“Why not just eat a salad?” he asked.

Well sure, you could just eat a salad, but you’d have to eat A LOT of salad to reap all the benefits from the live enzymes and chlorophyll you get from a small glass of green juice. Or a big glass for that matter.

I was holding off buying a juicer because I felt some resistance and was not yet prepared to shell out big bucks on an experiment, but thank the heavens the juice gods smiled at us and the rest is history.

This same man that was so skeptical is now a green juice addict. He said yesterday he needs to know what the juice schedule is. I don’t think he cares so much about the health benefits of fresh vegetable juice as he does about the taste. And I’ll admit, it is way tastier and refreshing than I ever expected – thus we are still drinking it regularly nearly two months later.

How about every other day, does that work? We had juice on Wednesday, so that means today is juice day. I think we’ve got ourselves a schedule.

Zak left early to swim laps while I puttered around the quiet house and lugged the juicer out around 6:30.

It's Juice Day

Oh how I love the grinding sounds of a juicer in the morning.

My usual: a head of romaine, 1 cucumber, 2 apples, 2 lemons and a couple inches of ginger. Enough juice for two.

It's Juice Day

I’m a lean green juice drinking machine!

Lean Green Juice Drinking Machine

The girls are with Ellen today per our usual Friday routine. I’ve got a laundry list of things to do and am hoping for an uber productive child free day.

I waited to go for my run, it’s so chilly in the mornings I decided to work through my usual AM run time and hold off until this afternoon when it’s a bit warmer. I love my early morning runs but with a good 6 months of cold mornings in front of me, I’m going to take advantage of the warmer running while I can.

This morning’s fuel was delivered via a bowl of chocolate banana fruit cereal goodness.

Friday Fruit Cereal

2 diced small-ish bananas, tossed in ground flax seed and unsweetened cocoa powder. Topped with sliced almonds and a spoonful of almond butter and a pour of unsweetened chocolate almond milk. Talk about dessert for breakfast. This my favorite fruit cereal combo yet, thus why I’ve eaten this exact combo over and over again.

The skies are looking kind of dark, looks like I better get my sneaks on and head out the door before my warm afternoon run turns into a wet one!


18 Responses

  1. GAWD the weather changes fast!

    I was considering a “juice schedule ” too. HA
    ZAK cracks me up… don’t you love it when the men get on board! woo hoo for sure!

    I had a hard time with green lemonade at first but I am going to give it another try.

    perhaps tonight…cuz my juicer wakes the dead (aka sleeping JJ)
    Happy child free productive FRIDAY

  2. I am so loving the idea of your juice routine! My mom loves to juice things, her favorite being carrot juice! have you tried that?

    I have a mile long list of things to do today to, but frankly i haven’t moved yet. hopefully you’ll get me motivated! ah!

    have an awesome day Alison! 🙂

  3. Glad you converted him. 🙂

    Do you just plop your fruits/veggies in the machine or do you have to peel them first? That sounds so easy to make.

    Hope you got your run in and enjoy your childfree day! They are the best!

  4. You are so lucky to have someone who just had a juicer in their home for you!
    I was looking into one recently but might ask around family members first!

  5. love the mason jars as glasses – very chic of you 🙂

  6. It looks like you really did get lucky with the juicer!!! I asked for a dehydrator for my b-day. I think I’m getting it! Yay! Maybe I’ll ask for a juicer next year! Ha! Hey I mentioned you on my blog today! Have a good weekend!

  7. Ok mamma you have to tell me about juicing and fitting it in your life. I have two issues. This is on the heels of 6-8 weeks ago buying a brand new stainless macked out Breville juicer, but I digress 🙂 Anyway, I find that juicing is a bit expensive…like it’s about $4 worth of produce to get what I want, one for me and one for hubs. Because as long as I have the juicer out, I am gonna make 2. Which is my 2nd point….the freakin’ cleanup! The Breville I have is similar to the one Gena (choosing raw recommonds) and also I think some of the other bloggers have it…and I guess they dont bitch about the cleanup but for me, the filter and the pulp and the pieces and parts…umm, it’s like 10x worse than cleaning a breastpump with all the pieces and parts 🙂

    How do you budget in the cleanup? Between the act of juicing and then the cleanup, it’s like a 25-30 min deal. And I just don’t enjoy it….I love the juice, but not enough to sacrifice a half hour a day. Thoughts?

    Love ya mamma, have a good one, ok! 🙂

    • My juicer has 6 parts – not including the base. The worst part of the clean up is the part that holds the pulp and getting the bits of pulp out of the screen. I scrape the majority of it out with my hand into the compost and then use my dish brush to get more of the bits of pulp that get caught in the metal screen. The dishwasher takes care of the rest. Mine was probably manufactured in 1970 but I still put the parts straight into dishwasher and so far so good.

      It does take about 30 minutes from start to finish, which is why I don’t do it every day, or sometimes every 2 days. I haven’t broken down the cost of it but organic romaine runs me 1.99/lb here right now and I can get a huge bag that lasts me 2 or 3 juices for about $4. Cukes are .75 each, a big bag of apples, lemons and ginger, probably another $5 or so? $4 seems like a high estimate for me but I’ll have to sit down and figure out what the cost per glass is. You get A LOT of liquid from a cucumber, and they are pretty cheap so that’s one way to bring down the cost per fluid oz! Same thing with celery but I don’t like the way celery tastes in juice. Carrots and apples have a lot of liquid too.

      The way I look at it $$ wise – we don’t buy soda or fruit juice, I don’t drink wine anymore (or at least I don’t buy bottles of it like I use to), I’ve stopped drinking (organic = expensive!) coffee, I rarely buy treats, cookies, ice cream, crackers, boxed cereal like I use to – so that’s how I justify the cost in my mind!

      • Thanks for the thoughtful reply MamaW. When I was juicing I was using cukes. I guess San Diego prices were like $1 each and I needed 2. And the romaine and the apples and carrots are all reasonable but I dont know…I guess I am using money when it’s actually really just the cleanup that I cannot freakin get my head wrapped around so I just ummm…haven’t been. If anyone wants to come over and clean my juicer, I’ll buy all the organic ingredients forever, but I need a pulp maid. Any takers ? LOL

        We dont buy juice, soda, or liquor either. It’s amazing what food intolerances, nursing/pregnancy, and a more holistic mindset will do for beverage selection. We’re an H2O family and have abandoned the rest. Except for coffee, still can’t give that up 🙂

  8. I have never juiced before (it’s a lot of money to get one!) but I’m very intrigued by the idea. Your juices always look so refreshing and yummy. I shall buy a of these days….

  9. Great post..
    I have been seriously thinking of getting the Jack lalanne Juicer. but I am worried (like Averie) if I will be able to keep up with the juicing..:)

  10. Such great juicing tid bits..I wanted to chime back in here

    I have a Jack LeLainne juicer (from Costco) and it was $89.00 which I thought was dirt CHEAP for a “throw away” and by that I mean…”I’m gonna drive it into the ground in a year or two becasue I use it more than I should” like my cameras…

    I am sure my next juicer will be an investment, like a Breville…but for now I love “jack”

    it’s pretty darn easy to clean…I put a veggie bag in the pulp collector for easy recycling (and composting, and cleaning) you unlock it and rinse out the top the middle and the screen…and the blade…like Alison I use a brush to get out the bits o pulp and that’s the biggest chore… I don’t dishwasher mine but I suppose I could (hmmmm should go check)

    it’s not the cost so much of the produce that is killing me but HOW much of it I have to buy and store….I was buying a CART O produce to have enough for a weeks juices, smoothies and salads….so I just gave juicing a break, but miss it

    OH ….the noise is the second biggest deterrent to mine…I would juice in the AM before work but I would wake up my sonar hearing baby… and at night, after he’s in bed….maybe but I am tired then.

    it’s an investment for sure…in time, cost and cleaning
    but Alison hit it on the head…it’s worth the effort.

    I think I am done now!


    • I am not saying it’s LOUD because it’s really not …my son’s hearing is just too darn sharp and EVERYTHING wakes him

      ok…done now
      for reals

  11. i have to say, I have tried other juice combos— and this one is a winner

  12. I have been talking to my hubby about a juicer, but he wants me to try out veggie juice before actually investing in a juicer, so one day.

  13. i wish it were getting chillier here so i could start hiking again but alas los angeles….it’s heating up again!

  14. Thanks for the very informational post (and comments). Since I live alone, I can’t justify the cost of buying a juicer right now but it would def be a good investment in the future.
    Also, I LOLed on your previous post – love pat and uterine tonic for the win! 😀

  15. Okay, I’ll admit it, I actually got a juicer for my birthday last month, but then three days later my life was changed forever, and I just haven’t had the energy to even begin to figure out how to use it… I feel so guilty because I asked for such an expensive birthday present, and now I’m not even using it.

    Every time I see juice on a blog, I feel guilty. So, my goal this weekend is to figure out how to use my juicer and to use it! Here, I wrote it down, so now I’m accountable. Check in with me on Monday, will you?!!! 😉

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

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