Saturday Madness

A Saturday full of non-stop action!

I woke up this morning to a balmy 47 degrees (I hope you picked up on my sarcasm there) and decided to post pone my bike ride for this afternoon when it was a bit warmer.

Instead I warmed my hands with a pot of green tea.

Pot of Green Tea

And warmed my soul with a bowl of banana chocolate fruit cereal.

Banana Cereal at Desk

Zak had plans this morning so I schlepped the girls into the car and we ran off to run some errands late morning into the early afternoon.

I hit the Thrive jackpot at the natural food store today!

First, a new foodie toy that I’m totally freaking excited about. Gonna sprout my own beans and seeds! Brendan would definitely approve.

Aww yeah gonna grow my own sprouts

Who wants to do the Bean Sprouting Dance with me? You’ve got to ball one arm up into your arm pit (like a seed) and hold the other arm up in the air (like a sprout) and then you jack the lower half of your body around like a you’re working hard to keep a hoola hoop circling your hips and you can’t let it fall to the ground lest it burst into flames and kill 100 small children in South Africa.

Got it? Good. Now let’s dance!

Next up, I’m excited about “Raw Cacao Nibs” as I’ve read about them in recipe after recipe in Thrive. (I feel like I’m very proper saying “Cacao Nibs”.) I also scored a smallish bag from bulk of raw hemp seeds to try baby! Yes, I’m totally doing this to please and impress my new boyfriend Brendan. I’m That Girl.

Raw Cacao Nibs Hemp Seeds

I also got some amaranth seeds (used in quite a few Thrive recipes) and a bag of alfalfa seeds too. I practically did the Bean Sprouting Dance out of the store to the car.

Post Thrive shopping success, we came home to unload groceries and I threw together a fast veggie sandwich.

Veggie Sandwich

Toasted Ezekiel bread, mustard, tomatoes, green leaf, pickles and sprouts. You might also call this a salad between two slices of sprouted grain bread.

Passing the child-watch torch to Zak, I left on my bike for a 50 minute, 13 mile ride – home just in time to get started on a birthday feast!

Did you know that Ava was born 4 days after my dad’s birthday and Maxine was born 6 days before my mom’s birthday? It’s a fact. I planned it that way. Or at least that’s what I like to pretend.

If you couldn’t tell, that would be my segue into a birthday dinner here tonight for my mom.

She requested vegetarian lasagna for her birthday meal. I’m on it! Veggie lasagna made to order – her vegetables of choice would be zucchini, green pepper, spinach and portobello mushrooms.

I decided to let the portobello mushrooms steal the show and have a layer all to themselves. I peeled two portobellos and sliced them about a 1/2 – 1/4″ thick and sauteed them in extra virgin olive oil until they released their water.


Mmmm mushroom water.

The spinach got promoted from the sauce as well and was transferred to the cheese layer. Congrats spinach! You’ve worked hard and totally deserve that promotion. I used about 4 oz of frozen, thawed spinach in stirred it in with the ricotta (15 oz container), 1 egg and some shredded mozzarella.

Cheese and Spinach Layer

Garlic, diced green pepper and shredded zucchini sauteed in extra virgin olive oil. Once soft I added a 4oz can of tomato paste, a 15 oz can of diced tomatoes and about a cup of water. A little S&P, dried oregano and basil to taste.

Sauteed Veggies Sauce

A sauce layer, a lasagna noodle layer and a cheese layer, per usual. Then I added my layer of prepped portobello mushrooms.

Portobello Layer

Back to the standard layering of sauce, noodle, cheese, sauce, noodle, sauce, parm, done.

The birthday girl and my step dad came bearing WINE! My mom asked if I was going to be a party joiner or a party pooper. i.e., was I going to embibe or not. I opted for what was behind door number 1. Someone get mama (and granny) a glass!

Cupcake! How perfect for a birthday party.


And my mom made and brought her own birthday cake! Doesn’t that rock? She just finished reading A Day Late and a Dollar Short by Terry McMillan and a Sock it To Me cake is not only part of the story but the recipe for it is included in the book too, and she was inspired to make it. I was inspired to eat it!

We admired the cake while waiting for the lasagna to finish.

Her own Birthday Cake

Time to eat! Our birthday dinner spread.

Birthday Dinner Spread

A heaping salad with a square of veggie lasagna.

My Dinner

Post-dinner and presents, it was time to sing to Granny!

Sing to Granny

The cake was cut and served and it was then time to sing to Ava and Maxine too. This has become a tradition in our house – at every birthday dinner, we end up singing happy birthday to the girls too. They understand that it’s not their birthday, they just love blowing out candles. Why not?

Sing to Ava Sing to Max

I know what you’re thinking: it’s cute now, but what’s going to happen when they are 80? What kind of precedent am I setting? A non-screamy precedent, that’s what.

Now I’m off choreograph a Bean Sprouting Dance routine so you can all do it awith me. In fact, I think I smell a new work out DVD in the making. Move over 30 Day Shred, there’s a new bean in town.


18 Responses

  1. You are the sweetest daughter who ever walked the planet!

    I had such a good time tonight and thank you for the made to order lasagna….it was the bomb! I plan to have it again (thx for the leftovers) for breakfast or lunch. Who ever said that you have to eat traditional breakfast foods in the morning?!….not me

  2. I’ve been craving lasagna like crazy! Your post made my mouth water. That cake looks delicious, too! It looks like you all had a good time!! 🙂

  3. Your momma is so lucky to have a daughter like you, especially one that knows how to whip up the most amazing meal EVER! the layer of portabella mushrooms has got to be my favorite! i love mushrooms! Your mom’s cake also looks AMAZING, a family full of talented peeps!

    I laughed to myself when i read that at every bday celebration you sing to the girls, we still do that with my 2 little boy cousins, so dont worry! teheheh

    have an awesome night love! 🙂

  4. I think you should do a dancing vlog so we can see you do it first!
    Love that your mom requested veggie lasanga!

  5. Yes to dancing vlog! 😀
    The shrooms looked so pretty all cut up. An order of veggie lasagna for me, please! And your mom’s cake is stunning! 😀 Also, love your plate designs!

  6. I’ve got the ingredients to make your veggie lasange this coming week.
    I’ve just started sprouting my own seeds about 2 weeks ago – would love to find some lids like you did (doubt it in Australia) as I’m using a mesh cloth – oh,well, I guess it does the job. You’ll love you’re homegrown spouts – SOOOOO much better than the ones you buy. Today I had some with cheese & hummus on homemade bread :-).



    I missed the party! DANG
    the food, the singing….and SPROUTS are way fun and your gals are gonna LOVE to watch then grow!

    I wanna see you do a dance video!


    nice day

  8. I totally want to do the bean sprouting dance with you. Love your salad sandwich and your veggie lasagna!

  9. What a great b-day dinner!

    I totally know what you mean about the kids wanting to blow out the candles. Sometimes we have to light and re-light and re-light and ….

    Looking forward to seeing your sprouts “sprout” and I think Brendan would be very impressed!

  10. lasagna looked like it turned out great! and wow thats a nice chain of birthdays! At least you can bang that out right in a row ahha

  11. I’m excited about your bean sprouting!! If I wasn’t eating lasagna right now I would so be busting out the moves to that dance 😉

  12. What an absolutely spectack looking feast! The veggie lasanga looks really awesome. The porto mushrooms just looked so perfect sauteeing in your pan. Makes me wanna eat just porto ‘shrooms! And that cake…was it fat free and calorie free, too? Just kidding!!! But can I have a piece? 🙂 And bean sprouting….girl, you’re really becoming Brendan’s new girl, arent ya! Glad you were able to get a bike ride in too. Gotta keep the mommy sanity thing goin’. And the vino helps too 🙂

    Tell me what you think of the cocoa nibs. I have those exact ones. I am not sure. Maybe I’m crazy, they are soo bitter?! Maybe it’s an acquired taste that I need to acquire. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

    Have a good one Miss Weeds!


  13. If it makes you feel any better, my parents bought my brother and I both gifts are both of our birthdays until we were around 10. Because we were spoiled brats, probably. And couldn’t understand that since it wasn’t our birthday we didn’t get a gift. HAAHAHAHAA. It could be worse.

  14. Looks like a great b-day dinner!!!

    I love your veggie lasagna!

    Congrats on your “sprouter”! Can’t wait to see the dance 🙂

  15. Aww, great party! The lasagna and cake look delicious!

    I’ll join you on the sprouting adventure. I did some sprouting in early spring and really liked it, but then the materials got put under the counter and never used all summer. I keep wanting sprouts every time I see your sandwiches, so I might as well get sprouting.

  16. I was wondering when you would start sprouting things? 😉 I remember sprouting various things when I was little in the 70s… And I always thought I would do it again! 🙂 I guess all I was waiting for was for you to lead the way… 😉

    Oh, and hubby is in charge of the juicer by the way. I know it’s not ideal, but I plan to have my first juice for dinner tonight. Hubby supposedly knows how to work the juicer, and I (think I) bought all the ingredients to make a nice green lemonade… We’ll see… And if I don’t get any juice today, it’s all hubby’s fault. Just so you know… Can you hear all the excuses I’ll come up with tomorrow…. 😉

  17. I’m so out of breath! I just finished doing th Bean Sprouting Dance!! Ha! Beautiful Lasagna and cake!!!

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