Tomato Currency

Ava loves to ask what she’ll be able to do when she’s X years old. What can she do when she’s 7? How old does she have to be to drive a car? How old will Maxine be when she’s 9? How old does Mommy think she is eating all those prunes?

Today in the car on the way to the grocery store (where else would we be going?) she asked what she can do when she’s 13.

Me: *thoughtful for a moment* Ummm, you can babysit.

Ava: BABY SIT?!? Naw, that’s boring.

Me: You get paid money to baby sit.

Ava: *Absolutely incredulous* Are you kidding me?! Granny gets paid money to baby sit us?!

No, I’m not kidding you – and NO I definitely do NOT pay Granny to baby sit you. In fact, I make Granny pay ME with gazpacho when she baby sits you!

My mom has been singing the praises of gazpacho all summer and I’m finally just catching on to this gazpacho business.

In typical Alison fashion – just in time for the first frost and for tomato season to be officially over. Way to go me! But then again it’s not unusual for me to be running late, returning library books a couple days after their due date, keeping fetuses locked up inside beyond 40 weeks. That’s just how I roll. I guess this should come as no surprise that I found a new favorite dish at the end of tomato season.

Last Saturday I practically had to pry a dish of gazpacho from Granny’s white knuckled clutches before I left her house with my children. In fact I threatened not to take them home with me unless she handed over the goods. I ate it after the half marathon on Sunday and it was so good I settled out of the court for the recipe so I could recreate it at home.

This is my mom’s recipe, inspired from the gazpacho recipe in The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose.

4 or 5 medium tomatoes, seeded & stem removed
½ large red bell pepper, seeded
½ English cucumber, peeled (or ½ regular cuke, peeled and seeded)
½ to 1 clove garlic, chopped
½ cup vegetable juice Vegetable juice? Yeah, there’s none of that laying around here. Cause I DRANK it all!
¼ cup (or more) olive oil
1 t salt, or to taste
1 t cayenne pepper, or to taste

Put all ingredients in food processor and puree until smooth.

Refrigerate several hours & stir again before eating.

She also notes not to omit the olive oil because it imparts a great flavor, and for raw tomatoes, it’s the only way that your body can access the lycopenes. I did NOT know that. Is that in the Raw Food Detox Diet? I got from the library and returned it (late) long ago so I don’t have the book anymore to go back and look. Good thing that question didn’t show up on the Raw Food Final Exam.

So here we go, the start of my seven course dinner.

Veggies, into the food processor bowl. Enter Course 1: the other half of the red sweet pepper that wasn’t required for the recipe of course.

Gazpacho - Before

I wanted to stream the olive oil into the food processor as it was doing it’s thing, but trying to do that and hold the camera steady to take a picture at the same time? Not so much.

Take 1 and Take 2.

Olive Oil Stream - Take 1 Olive Oil Stream - Take 2

There were no more “Takes” after Take 2 lest my gazpacho have more lycopene’s than you can shake a fist at.

My very first gazpacho. Also, my Course 2.

My Gazpacho

This is SO good I did NOT refrigerate it for even one moment before I tossed that spoon into the corner of the dining room and slurped it straight from the bowl. OK I guess I did use the spoon for a little while but there was definitely bowl slurp-age at the end. My breakfast tomorrow is refrigerating as I type.

Next I did what any sane person would do and made a batch of sun dried tomato hummus since I already had the food processor out.

Make Hummus

I swear to God, give me a jar of sun dried tomatoes and I’m putting them in anything and everything until the jar is empty.

Enter: Course 3

Course 3

Toasted sesame Ezekiel bread, mustard, fresh sun dried tomato hummus, spinach and sprouts.

And HALLELUJAH Medjool dates are back at Wegmans! They’ve been out for at least two weeks and I’ve been suffering the symptoms of date withdrawal, having to tape prunes to my upper arm like a nicotine patch for crying out loud. But oh yes, that was me tonight leaving the store with the 8 lb box of medjool dates, escorted by security whilst snarling and snapping at anyone who raised an eye brow or asked if they could have just one.

Course 4.

Almond Butter Stuffed Dates

And Course 5 and 6 and 7 too.

Course 5 Course 6 Course 7

That’s right. FOUR. Don’t judge me.

I almost hyperventilated when I realized that tonight is the season premiere of 30 Rock and The Office! I haven’t watched TV all summer but you can bet your butt I’m clicking Publish and am off to dig out the Bendryl to make sure Thing 1 and Thing 2 go down without a fight!

Alright, alright just kidding – settle down! The Bendryl is here on my desk I don’t have to dig anything out.

ANOTHER JOKE – geez man don’t call CPS on me, the neighbors call enough as it is.

OK I’m stopping now. Really.


23 Responses

  1. I would never judge you on the medjool love. In fact, I love around midnite to slather a few up with Sunbutter and inhale them. And then I dip the knife in the sunbutter and inhale that alone. I dont usually use nuts inside the medjools, but dark chocolate or carob chips work well 🙂

    Sorry I didnt get to comment on your 1st post before you had this one up..I had a marathon day in the kitch. Fun, great food, but totally away from my ‘puter. But sometimes that’s ok too 🙂

    love to you mama 🙂

  2. I had 3 medjool dates with AB today, so you aren’t alone!

    I haven’t finished the last few episodes of The Office from last season (FOR SHAME!) so I have to catch up tomorrow. So excited, though!

  3. That black and white bowl is the perfect showcase for your red gazpacho goodness!! nice pic and happy you love making/eating the stuff…..It’s GOOOOD

  4. No! 30 Rock isn’t back till October 15th! Bummer 😦
    But I still need to catch up on last season, so I can wait another month. I guess. I’m pumped for the Office and Community!

    I need to try that date/ab combo. I want to see what all the hype is about.


    I needed it!

    I threaten Bendryl ALL the time, but have yet to use it… on the baby!

    and date “patch”


    girl you are NUTZ
    love it!

  6. login logout…again last commenter was MOI

    have a great night!

  7. My daughter asks those questions all the time! And she is also quick to tell me she will get married but not have babies – she is 6. I just take a few dee breaths and ask her to slow down because she is getting to big too fast as it is!

  8. Ava is so dang cute!!!!

    Mama’s gazpacho recipe sounds so delish. i’m not sure i’ve ever had? hmmmm

    hope TV tonight is amazing! 🙂

  9. i’m very pumped about the office and 30 rock too….tv’s back!

  10. I’m really tempted to try out that fruit cereal tomorrow! I think it’s such an interesting idea! And can I come over for dinner sometime? My boyfriend hates tomatoes! I love them. I could go for some of that gazpacho right about now! Mmm…

  11. I have always wanted to try Gazpacho, looks great!
    Medjool dates are amazing,especially with the AB!

  12. Yeah, gazpacho is awesome! Oh well, tomato season is almost over, but there is always next year… 😉

    Love the tomato hummus… I have been staying away from hummus as I suspect it irritates my gallstones. But I think I’ll have to try it again… a tiny bit at a time… but it’s so hard to control myself around it….

  13. My 6yo asks me those “age” questions too. And then she has to figure out how old her sisters will be too …

    Medjool dates! Yum! Love them w/ PB or cream cheese 🙂

  14. Bridget is excited that when she is 6, she can get her own soda (juice) when we go out to eat. She has repeated it more than once this week.

    That gazpacho looks great.

    I have never watched The Office but loved it. Glad I stumbled across it last night.

  15. This post had me totally cracking up!

    Your gazpacho looks so good, but I don’t know if I’d like it. Hmmm, should I try it?

    I need to make a new batch of hummus this weekend. Maybe I’ll add some sun-dried tomatoes to the list. It looks deeeeeelish!

    • The gazpacho is awesome, totally worth a try! Maybe you can find it at health food restaurant first to see if it’s something you’d eat like to make at home.

  16. that looks so good and looks like it would be perfect for the fall…once again I will be trying this recipe soon! p.s. wohoo we are facebook friends! haha

  17. oh hahahahahahahhaa. I love you. And I love dates. I have been known to eat more than four. Don’t tell anyone, and I won’t call CPS.

  18. Woohoo for the medjools! An 8 pound box of heavenly sweetness sounds lovely. 😀

    I still can’t seem to find any cheaper dates other then the $9 a pound at whole foods. Oh my…which explains why I buy it in small batches. I need to check some other spots so I can fully stock up on them. 😉

    Oh gazpacho, how I love thee… 😀

    • OK I didn’t really buy the 8 lb box of dates! That was just my little date joke! I only bought a small 1/2 lb bag or so… they are definitely cheaper at Wegmans (5.99/lb I think) than at the natural food co-op (8.99/lb), but they aren’t organic either. I do buy the organic ones when they have them.

  19. haha….love Ava’s questions. “How old will Maxine be when she’s 9?”( haha) She’s so smart!

    I’ve never had gazpacho before. I always thought it was a cold soup and that always sounded weird to me but I need to try it. 🙂

  20. Ha ha ha… I seriously laugh out loud when I read your posts! You are too funny!
    Oh and I’m a HUGE Office fan! We watched The British Office on DVD way before it came on here. We were fans then. We have religiously watch every episode of the American version since!! Good stuff (TWSS).

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