I Love the Smell of Hippie in the Morning

I’m not sure this photo really does the feeling of spilled green juice justice.

Liquid Bronze

That glass was FULL moments before that picture was taken.

The only thing I can compare spilling about 8 oz of fresh vegetable juice to would be spilling a 4 oz bottle of expressed breast milk all over your desk and work clothes. M@ther#F*ckr%! How quickly you understand why they call it liquid gold. Something you worked so damn hard for and is now gone, you’ve got a mess to clean up, a baby who’s going without lunch (kidding) or a husband who’s going without breakfast (talking about the other kind of juice now).

Lesson learned – although you think I would have learned this in 1st grade – dry your hands off before picking something up that is slippery when wet. What a concept.

The glass slipped out of my wet hand as I picked it up to transfer juice from the glass to the pitcher. Fortunately it was mainly cucumber, apple and lemon juice and all the gold (juice from the romaine) had already be transferred about 5 minutes earlier. So really I only spilled liquid bronze this morning. I’ve got a boat load of apples and lemons and cucumbers so I was able recover from early morning juice carnage without having to tell Zak that no, I didn’t make any juice this morning with one hand covering the green juice slopped onto my shirt while my other hand wiped off my green juice mustache.

In other hippie news – I got out the mung beans this morning and started soaking them to prepare for lift off. I mean sprouting.

Mung Beans There They Are

Why do I feel like I have a mouth full of pebbles every time I say the word “Mung”?

4 tablespoons of dried mung beans. Gonna let these little suckers soak for 6 hours and then let the sprouting fun begin. 3 – 4 days til complete sprout-age tells this impatient mama that it’s time to go find some more wide mouth jars.

I wanted to take a clever picture of my juice and my soaking beans, one in each hand, using my third hand to hold the camera. My third hand being comprised of the the timer on my camera and holding my camera between my chin and my chest. But what I wound up with was a camera that slipped from it’s position (stupid sweatshirt) and came crashing down on to the stove, MORE slopped juice that landed on my camera to top it all off. My camera seems no worse for wear but I don’t think it appreciates live enzymes and chlorophyll the same way I do. Yeah – not sure my sweatshirt is really the stupid one here.

Somewhere along my comedy of errors this picture was taken and you can bet my juice drinking bean sprouting ass it’s getting posted on the blog for everything I went through this morning to take it.

Talk to the Hand

So here’s my very non-clever, juice and camera friendly picture of what I did with myself this morning.

Oh how I love the smell of hippie in the morning.

I Love the Smell of Hippie in the Morning

That juice is now safely in my stomach and those beans are sitting on the window sill in my kitchen getting their soak on.

In other non-hippie news I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do this morning: run or ride. When I realized that neither idea appealed to me I counted backwards and realized I haven’t had a rest day since Tuesday of last week – so today’s the day. I “rested” today by cursing at myself while mopping up juice mixed with tears.

And a fun announcement: if you’re a blogger (or even if you aren’t!) head over to Matt the No Meat Athlete’s new(ish) blog Health Blog Helper to check out a guest post of mine today! Health Blog Helper is a site Matt designed to offer advice and tips for those who blog in the healthy living niche. I’m working on a new series for Health Blog Helper called Behind the Blog where I interview some of the rock star healthy living bloggers and give my fellow health bloggers (not to mention myself!) a peek at what makes some of the more prominent blogs tick. Be sure to check out my first interview featuring Caitlin from Health Tipping Point today! And be sure to poke around HBH while you’re there – Matt’s got a bunch of great posts and tips for bloggers of all shapes and sizes.


14 Responses

  1. So, your interview with Caitlin was really good! You are officially a hard hitting reporter now!

  2. Woohoo, awesome job on ALL accounts: juice spilling, HBH and the interview. Also, you should sprout quinoa! It’s the only thing I’ve successfully sprouted and it was soo delicious.

  3. awesome interview – what a cool opportunity! that is right up my journalistic alley!

    sorry about your tough morning – you just rest up and get ready to juice the hell out of that produce tomorrow. happy monday 🙂

  4. You are famous!! Great interview! I will definitely be checking out HBH stat.

    I am about to make me some green juice right now and will avoid the third arm debacle. Speaking of third arms – I used to be able to hid items, such as Bud Light cans and other contraband items in my bra in college. Needless to say I was very popular.

    I love your hippie mama ways!

  5. OH, I do crap like that all the time…
    my husband just shakes his head….

    I am the 9th wonder of the world when it comes to messes and clumsiness.
    I am so happy you were able to recover the juicing.

    I am giving blood tomorrow so tuesday will be MY rest day and hopefully I can keep up my cardio better than last.

    I am off to check out your interview!
    Happy Monday

    OH and mung beans are SO fun to spourt! IT’s so fast too.

  6. Thats sucks spilling your liquid gold everywhere, that would be me too. I spill everything, especially if I’m really looking forward to it:)
    Those mung beans look cool and an interesting idea!
    Interview sounds fun!

  7. I may be one of the only readers/bloggers who understands the breast milk analogy…but been there, and you are right on. Only difference is, you can always buy more lettuce to juice. When you are empty, you’re empty. Okay, gross.

  8. sniff sniff…. I swear I can smell hippie coming out of my screen!!! Ha ha! Sorry about the spilled juice… it IS a stupid sweatshirt! 😀

  9. Great job on the interview and guest post!

    I can relate to the spillage – I’m an accident waiting to happen!

  10. To Sarah and to you Alison, no I completely freakin understand the spilled liquid gold too….HOLy sh*t I have done it before and after being hooked up to a pump, trying to let down, then all the pump parts to wash and a hungry screaming baby who needs to eat…ummm yeah, spilling one nano ounce of the liquid gold is cause for heartbreak. BTDT and it freakin sucks.

    Although spilling juice is not as bad…dear god, after all that work it sucks. We all know my feelings on juicer cleanup (I hate it!) and after all that work, to spill the precious cargo…so sorry honey!

    As for your interviews and posts….wow, I’m impressed mama and I can’t wait to go read ’em!

  11. LOL I remember the “LIquid Gold” spillage back in the day and the profanities that would spew from my lips!

    Off to check out your guest post! How exciting!

  12. O snap lady, can’t wait to check out that interview! 🙂 I just got on the computer so i haven’t gotten over there yet, but i’m so excited!

    Every time i read Mung beans, for some reason it made me think of something straight from harry potter. i’m not sure why!? hehe….

    talk to ya later girl! 🙂


  13. I just found your blog through Mama Pea and you had me laughing at expressed breast milk being liquid gold. That is sooooo true. Getting that stuff is a pain!

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