Tears in My Throw Pillow

Thank you all for your warm, sweet comments on my post this morning. I was feeling pretty groovy about it after I posted it but as the day wore on I started feeling less and less groovy and more and more stupid.

Have you ever gone to a party and had too much to drink and then danced around like you thought you were God’s gift to dancing, only to wake up the next morning with a banging headache wondering what on earth you were thinking and where did these weird ass blisters on my feet come from?

Yeah, me either.

Except instead of wine my drug of choice this morning was apparently an exercise induced endorphin rush and a memorable sunrise. My morning-after began here.

Toys R Us

Yes, she’s wearing those pants again. I promise they have been washed since she wore them on Monday.

We had a bunch of plans today that were flushed down the toilet when Ava woke up complaining of a sore throat. Homeschooly art thing? Cancelled. Swimming this afternoon? Cancelled. Enter: errands that ended with a quick trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Oh wait. I think that’s Disney World. OK, scratch that. The Second Happiest Place on Earth.

Wondering about lunch? Did I skip a meal? hahahah not quite. Lunch consisted of rummaging the fridge for all of my favorite side dishes before we danced our way to the car.

Salsa and carrots? Check.

Dates and Almond Butter? Check and check.

Green and Black 70% Dark Chocolate? Triple check.

So back to Adventures at Toys R Us.

We got lost in a sea of pink.

Holy Pink

Maxine got so excited she laid down right in the middle of the floor to make dirt angels. I made her get up but not before taking a few pictures.

Dirt Angel Dirt Angel
Dirt Angel Dirt Angel


After groceries (I think I grocery shop just about every day. I need an intervention.) and a couple other stops we were home and was having a big case of blogger remorse. I was in desperate need of tall frosty one. Tall frosty green lemonade that is. And then I cried tears into my throw pillow.

Tears in My Throw Pillow

OK, I didn’t really cry. I’m just picking on myself a little bit. I make it so easy.

That was dinner. Well, that and some banana whip to round out a day of randomness.

Banana Whip

I’m very eager to hit publish and move this morning’s post away from the top of the page. Backing away… slowly… slowly…


18 Responses

  1. Girl, embrace that lovely story you wrote today! totes lovin it!!!!!!

    Toys ‘R’ Us is still my favorite place. don’t expect the girlies to get over that soon! hahaha. Lovin it! πŸ™‚

    I’m comin over for some banana goodness, watch out! πŸ™‚ have an awesome night love! πŸ™‚


  2. That is so funny, because that is exactly how I feel about the video I decided to post late late last night. I actually couldn’t sleep thinking about the fact that I had actually posted it on my blog for all the world to see. Just like you, I was eager to get another post on top. So, If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t go there. πŸ˜‰

    P.S. – there is absolutely no reason to have remorse about that post.

  3. I loved that story, but I hear you on the blogger’s remorse. I have felt it many, many times. No wonder, because honestly, stuff just jumps in my head and is on the screen before I even think sometimes. Of course since you were so serious and lovely with the story earlier, I had to throw in a bit of humor involving death. Oh my.

  4. i haven’t been to toys r us since i was a kid! question – who took that pic of you on the couch? you husband or one of your daughters?!

  5. I loved your post this morning!! Don’t feel weird about it!

  6. Oh Alison, don’t you dare be embarrased of your writings from this morning, really, it was a beautiful piece. You wrote from your heart, the best writings come from the heart. You are a truely happy person, that I know…with lots to be joyful about.

    Toys r us, memories memories. Can’t wait till my Kylie gets a little bigger to appreciate that monster of a place….LOL! This time around, I’ll be wearing my different hat of GRAmmy πŸ˜‰

    Whatch got in store for us in tomorrow’s postings girlfriend? Gonna be hard to beat that one… πŸ˜€

  7. haha i hate that- when you say or do something totally embarassing and everytime you think about it you just cringe and think what the hell was i doing!?

  8. Why in the world would you remove it? It was so, so, so beautiful. You are SO TALENTED. Be proud of yourself my friend.

    Love your kiddo pictures, as always.

  9. You are an inspiration! Believe it.

  10. Homegirl, that post was great. Honestly, No remorse necessary. Do you think Maxine has remorse when she wears those pants 2+ times per week? I think not.

  11. I have to go to Toys R Us today for some birthday party shopping. I am not excited.

  12. Your post was absolutely brilliant…I loved it, and I’m so glad you posted it!! Seriously. And I think I might even be inspired enough by it to take out my bike again. Because you’re right…there will be plenty of cold days ahead to do yoga…time to enjoy some *biking*! πŸ˜€

    I’m actually living at home this semester, which is going to be both weird but great all at the same time. πŸ˜€ It’s not too far of a commute, and it’s much cheaper then living on campus or in an apartment. Plus I’ll get free reign of the kitchen…always a good thing! ha… πŸ˜€

  13. hahaha i love you. this made me laugh, which was much needed this morning πŸ™‚

  14. Random eats are the best.

    I love the dirt angel pictures!

  15. That pic of you on the couch? I remember seeing you do that same thing somewhere in the neighborhood of 27+/- yrs ago…..only you weren’t kidding then.
    You’re still real cute, even when you’re (fake) crying.

  16. hey i loved that last post! and i am clearly behind since this was all from yesterday. but it looks as though yesterday was a full on success! the face-in-the-pillow photo makes me tired… and i love your couch. and i will say it again, cutest kiddos ever!

  17. you’re a goof! your last post was wonderful!
    It’s okay to break out of your comfort zone once in a while!

    don’t feel embarrassed or anything! it was what you were feeling and it was lovely and inspiring!

    and yeah, trips to Toys’ R Us cures the blues!


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