A Juice Refresher

I belly flopped into bed last night as soon as Zak walked through the door. When I woke a little while later as he was getting the girls ready for bed I realized it probably wasn’t just lack of sleep that had me feeling puny. I think I was probably fighting off that odd 12 hour bug Ava seemed to have on Wednesday too.

A 12 hour bug indeed I woke up this morning after 10 hours of sleep feeling almost normal. Nothing a run and some green juice couldn’t fix to get me all the way there. Although who am I kidding? I don’t think any amount of green juice is going to take me all the way to “normal”. Green juice in and of itself has me shooting well past the normal mark.

Instead of a usual Saturday long run I opted for a very nice and easy jaunt around the neighborhood. I did my 4.2 mile loop in 36 minutes. I heard the juicer already whirring as I ascended the porch steps and walked into the house to find my mind reading husband not only making juice but taking pictures too!

He was fully embracing the juicing process, taking an approach I’ve yet to take – a scientific one.

Juice from a large head of romaine:

Romaine Juice

1 1/2 cups.

Still left to be juiced at that point; two apples, two carrots, a lemon, a beet, a cucumber and some ginger.

His Spread

Juice from two apples:

Juice of Two Apples and One Carrot

1 cup.

Juice from all fruits and vegetables combined:

4 Cups

A grand total of 4 cups!

The pulp left behind.

What Comes Out

My glass held some ice and about 1 cup of vegetable juice this morning – I went back for a refill after this was polished off and we each enjoyed 2 cups of juice this morning.

Saturday Juice

Natalia Rose talks about vegetable juicing in her Raw Food Detox Diet book, which thus far has been my only juicing reference with the exception of some blogs and a few online resources. Natalia’s book is where I’ve learned most everything I know about juicing at this point. On the days I drink green juice I try to follow her advice and have it be the first thing I consume that day or at the very least on an empty stomach if it’s later in the day. I aim to give it a half hour or so before moving on to something more solid.

Homemade Cereal

And by something more solid I of course mean something like 2% Fage, homemade cereal, 1/2 a sliced banana and a scoop of almond butter topped off with a splash of hemp milk.

Close Up Cereal

If yesterday was Friday Funk I’ve since turned it around to Saturday Sass! Sleep, run, green juice? A perfect recipe for sassiness.

24 Responses

  1. Saturday Sass – LOVE it! 😀 I’m needing some of that myself right about now. LOL

    I adore how you’re so creative and fun. Homemade cereal? Pure awesomeness!


  2. SATURDAY SASS!!!! i’m lovin that. can i totally steal that from you someday! hahahhahah

    so glad that your feelin your usual Alison self! 🙂


  3. Yay for Saturday Sass. 😀

    I think I’m going to drool every time I see your homemade cereal. It looks absolutely wonderful.

    Have a great weekend! 😀

  4. Can you send Zak to my house to make my juice for me? If you tell me that he cleaned it as well, I think you have the perfect husband.

    Heck yeah, Saturday Sass! Except I got about 4 hours of sleep. And I had a cup of coffee before my vegetable juice, then some toast with hummus. Sorry, Natalia, but I let you down.

    Glad the bug didn’t last too long. Sometimes our bodies just need rest, so I am glad you listened to yours.

  5. you sassy lass you. i love that you turned that funk around – i turned it around too (a night at tarjay seems to do that). and now i am about to run 18 miles…goooo i am going to channel you on my run.

    happy saturday 🙂


  6. glad to see that we both destressed and defunked! A nice run and green juice (for you) will do that. It’s oatmeal for me!

  7. i agree..bring on the SASS!

    FORGET the funk!
    I love that Zak brought a scientific edge to juicing!

  8. glad u are feeling better! Nice looking juice!

  9. Love that you found your recipe for sass!

    This may be a dumb question, but is it recommended to drink green juice on an empty stomach?

    • Did you mean why is it a recommended to drink green juice on an empty stomach? The idea is that you want the fresh juice to move through your system quickly. If you have food in your stomach (Natalia says in book to wait at least 3 hours after your last meal) you’ll slow down the absorption of the live enzymes, etc. I no longer have the book because it’s since been returned to the library, but that’s the general idea if I remember correctly.

  10. Glad you slept off your crappy feeling! That homemade cereal looks so bomb diggity – I’m defo making my homemade muesli next week now!!

  11. Glad you’re feeling better today!!

  12. Good to see that you feel better! I don’t even remember the last time I got 10 hours of sleep. It was before Snuffy was born that’s for sure 😉

  13. I hope the rest of your Saturday was just as sassy as your morning! 🙂

  14. Hello there! I am soooo sorry, I meant to stop by and say hello earlier (after you left the post for me about having so many similarities :-)) and then I realized your blog wasn’t on my reader! I fixed that and here I am.

    I am excited to follow you! Hope you have a great Sunday!

  15. What a thoughtful husband you have! My boyfriend will make me tea and sometimes he’ll whip up dinner if I’ve had a long day of classes. Aren’t we lucky? 🙂 So Saturday was sassy… I wonder what Sunday will hold!!

  16. i’m glad you’re feeling better…or almost better….

  17. just out of pure curiosity…how many calories do you think a typical “green lemonade” has?

    • I googled once and found one site that said 180 calories for about 8 oz. I can’t seem to find that link but I found another one here that says 197 calories. It will vary on vegetables and volume but it looks like 200 calories is about par?

  18. i am a big alliteration fan, but i gotta say saturday sass trumps friday funk 100 to 1! xo!

  19. What do you do with the pulp (if anything??)

    • They say you can make crackers with it in the food dehydrator, but I’ve yet to try it. I will though, probably this winter. (I’ve got an old food dehydrator that I posted about a few weeks ago but it was a hot day and I haven’t tried it since!)

  20. hello my beloved I’m here!!!!!!!!!!

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